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Your Power is in Your Mind: An Eye-Opening Interview with Grace Smith

Hello everyone, Danette May here and
welcome back to another episode. I love having you here and I’m so excited to
welcome the next guest on this show Grace Smith who’s going to take us
through a hypnosis session on this episode. Even if you’ve never done it
before, you think it’s crazy, this could be one way for you to step into more
healing in your life. She is taking hypnosis mainstream and really using it
as a tool for us to grow and to expand even more into our individual healing. Thank you guys so much for tuning in
with me today I’m really excited to bring Grace on today a hypnotherapist
and I know just watching that sizzle reel you’re getting really excited to
see what is this conversation gonna be about. But I have to be really honest
because it’s not in the sizzle reel, I’ve actually been working with Grace
one-on-one for a few sessions but I’m going to continue to do more and my
curiosity of working with her was really trying to find a way for me to fly, and
what I mean by that is really can I unshackle anything that’s holding me
back from my truest fullest expression. And I’ve been really fascinated in this
art of healing that’s called hypnotherapy. In any type of healing
around the world there can be forms that are unhealthy and they’re gonna be
healers that are actually doing more harm in the name of healing, and I find
Grace to be so pure in heart in her messaging and what she’s trying to bring
the world and actually is really helping me discover parts of myself that are
coming through in my subconscious and it’s been really really powerful. So I
just wanted to give you guys a little backstory to that, so I’m not necessarily
new to Grace, but I am somewhat new to the idea of hypnotherapy and I think
it’s really important for me to talk about it because you never know what
your medicine is in your healing. And so Grace, I just want to ask thank you for
being on the show so excited to have you here I want to ask, because I actually
kind of know the story but I think it’s really important. What got you into this,
this form of healing? Absolutely, I never in a million years thought that I would
grow up and be someone who would speak to people while their eyes were closed
in dimly lit rooms. This was not a career aspiration for me this fell into my lap
and when I realized how incredibly powerful it is I couldn’t look away. In
the beginning, in fact, I tried to look away and say this will just be part of
my life it won’t be my entire life and again, day after day, watching people
transform in such comprehensive ways I was just called to it and I’ve been
wanting to make it mainstream ever since and working towards that. So what
happened was very simple I wanted to quit smoking.
I was 24 years old. I was living in the Lower East Side in New York City. I had a
very stressful career in corporate America. I had no healthy coping
mechanisms. So I made some up and that looks like partying for me. I was so
lucky that it got out of control really young, really fast. So you were into
drinking? You were into smoking? Were you into anything else?
Yeah. Drugs? Doing all the things? All the things. Okay. Partying hardcore and I say
it’s a blessing and I that is not an exaggeration. It got me on my path. So at
the time everything was a disaster but I’m so grateful it happened. I’m so happy
it happened. So now when I first got sober I was 24 years old. Everything
had gotten out of control, I said I don’t have all the answers maybe somebody else
does. I started asking people for help six months into my sobriety, I said I am
sick of smoking and this is not who I am anymore. I had started becoming more
spiritual. I was starting to learn about the properties of what happens to your
body when you’re in meditation and these were all brand new concepts to me, truly
which is so interesting now to look back and realize there was a time that this
wasn’t everything. If you’re new to this I get it, I get what the feeling is like.
But anyway, I asked somebody you know do you have suggestions for me about how I
can quit smoking? And someone suggested hypnosis because I’ve been so humbled by
my experience of getting sober I really was open to treating anything, but I that
doesn’t mean I wasn’t skeptical and it doesn’t mean I wasn’t cynical. I went to
my first session with my arms crossed over my chest basically expecting the
guy to scan me. Expecting swinging watches, clucking chickens, mind control,
like I think most people do, and what happened was I quit smoking in one
session. Which is not the norm, that’s an outlier experience but what I went into
that session thinking was that it would be creepy, it would be ineffective, it
would feel like I was lost or in a blackout or that I had amnesia and what
I found instead was one of the most relaxing, empowering, fascinating experiences I’ve ever had. But most importantly it was
effective. So when I left that session and I was no longer a smoker, I didn’t
even crave cigarettes anymore. I didn’t say, oh I’m so glad that I got
my money’s worth, let me go back to my life. My visceral reaction was why does
anybody have lung cancer? Why does anybody have emphysema? Why are people
smoking who don’t want to smoke? And why did I think this tool would be something
it isn’t? So I wanted to test it and I used it to overcome a fear of public
speaking, a lifelong debilitating fear of public speaking. You’re an amazing
speaker now. Thank you, it’s part of my career now! Yeah. So
that’s what got me on my path but it’s not what sold me yet on the fact that
the whole world needed to know that. Wow okay. I’m gonna back up cause I think she’s
gonna tell us what got her on the path because she actually impacts lots and
lots and lots of life ,she has a whole school around this. What do you think is
Grace’s like deeper fear growing up or this thing that’s part of her that has
like really led you to be the Grace today? So the drinking, the smoking, the
partying isn’t the cause… it’s the effect. The cause was misery. I hated my job. I
hated my career. I hated what I was doing in the world. It was out of alignment. It
wasn’t in integrity, but I think deeper than that, when I was a little girl there
was a tree in our town that was over a hundred years old called the butternut
tree and they wanted to knock it down and build a bank . And I went to Town Hall
and I lobbied and I said we have all the banks in the world here in this town but
we need this tree. How old were you? I think I was seven, seven years old. This
is like straight out of a movie. Yeah. The little girl that saves the tree. Wait a
minute, where does this go? So you’re in the Town Hall lobby… Lobbying saying we
don’t need another bank, we have banks, people can go to the ATM,
we need the banana tree. We need it for its history, for its culture, it was a
place where the Lenni Lenape Native American tribes would gather
underneath the tree. And they saved the tree and now it’s called Butternut Plaza
and they just built the bank next to it. And what did that teach you though?
There’s something very fundamental in that moment. I can’t rest if I sense
injustice. When there’s an injustice something is just incorrect, it’s just
wrong, and that’s what happened with hypnosis. I didn’t want to be a
hypnotherapist, it’s still considered weird. When I go to a party and I meet
brand-new people for the first time and I say I’m a hypnotherapist I’m sick of
people going “are you doing it now?” Oh, people do that? Yeah, all day
every day it’s embarrassing when people don’t get it. It’s embarrassing when they
think I’m controlling their mind, it’s embarrassing when they think it’s the
devil’s work. It’s hurtful but I can’t stop because people are suffering
needlessly and I know they don’t have to because if they could access their
subconscious, which is what hypnosis allows you to do, you can upgrade your
system, you can upgrade your beliefs. So that’s what makes me who I am today and
it’s always what’s made me who I am which is if I seen injustice I have to
go to town hall. Yeah, I think someone listening is like… okay I definitely have
some pain. Whether that’s a physical pain or an emotional pain, I believe even if
you’re dealing with pain like it’s very normal.
Can we talk to that person for a minute and take them through how do they start
to move out of that pain? Absolutely. It’s an exercise that I love is to think
about what do you want most in the world? If you had all the money, if you had all
the time, if you had all the confidence, and all the resources. What would you
want? State that to yourself and then notice the negative thoughts that come
up immediately after those are a pathway, those are bread crumbs to understand
core wounding in the subconscious mind. So it’s really interesting if your goal
is to say you know, I want to speak to a hundred thousand people this year on
social media, great. Now give it two minutes. Oh but you know I don’t really
understand the new algorithm, that seems like a lot of work, and you
talk yourself out of it and then you do something that numbs yourself and you
take yourself out of it. Maybe it’s food, maybe it’s scrolling, you know maybe it’s
cleaning the house. That’s a very insidious… Cleaning the house that gets you
every time. It’s like damn I gotta sweep that floor. Yeah, so that’s a really fun
exercise. If you already know like your fear of flying is debilitating and
you’re not able to go see the world that you want to see you or you’re yelling at
your spouse and your children because you can’t contain your anger and you
don’t know why but you hate that about yourself… you might know what it is but
if you don’t that’s a really great way to get to it. Okay, so let’s talk about
the woman or man who uses food to numb and we know that a lot of times people
are actually eating to just actually feel or to actually remove the feeling
that’s happening in the heart or the mind and gets so full that the attention
goes to the belly feeling full, and that’s just like a grounding feeling.
Let’s have you share what can this person do that they know this is their
thing. So this is a really powerful one, certain foods will release neuro
chemicals that make us feel good, serotonin, dopamine and so we’re craving
them because we want to be happier. That’s a more simplistic view of what’s
happening, but it is happening chemically. An example of this that I think is
really powerful, I was on the DR. is the show on CBS, and we were helping a woman
overcome her addiction to sugar. So we took her back to the source of the
addiction of sugar and she was in her grandmother’s kitchen, baking cookies, and
she was so happy and she was so carefree and life was easy. There were no bills to
pay, it was just pure love. And so, what we did in the level of the subconscious is
we got very clear and we said sugar is not love, your grandma is love
and your grandma is not sugar. The subconscious doesn’t know this.
The subconscious only knows there was a time in my life where I felt love and
it connected it to sugar, and because sugar is available and grandma isn’t
every time she was feeling a lack of love, which wasn’t even a conscious
thought, she would grab for sugar. So when we got very clear in the subconscious
and I said sugar is sugar! Sugar is not helping you, sugar is hurting you. In her
case that was her belief, she wanted to stop. When you want to feel loved do X, Y,
Z instead. For her she would take 30 seconds and think one thing she loved
about her grandmother and it was enough to break the spell. She hasn’t had sugar
in two years. Wow, okay we know how you got started on this path but what was
the tipping point that made you want to make this like mainstream? So many
people need to hear this. Absolutely, so I got a call one day to work with a man named
Alessandre he was a United Nations peacekeeping officer in Syria. One of the
blue berets, he was an absolute warrior. He was chosen by the government of
Brazil to represent their nation there. He had biceps the size of tree trunks.
One day when his UN convoy was crossing the city of Damascus he looked outside
his convoy window, they were stopped at an uncharted blockade, and staring
straight back at him was a bazooka. In that moment he blacked out, he woke up
ten days later at a hospital in Lebanon to find that he had not lost his life in
that moment, as he thought he was going to but that he had lost his life as he’d
known it. He was now paralyzed on the left hand
side of his body. He had had a stress-induced stroke. This warrior could
not move a muscle. So three months later he was flown to
the Rusk Institute in New York City, a phenomenal rehabilitation hospital. And he,
because he was a warrior because of his military training, he just believed he
could will himself to move. He could will himself to move and after three months
of no movement you could imagine how bleak he felt. His depression was
all-encompassing, he had hit rock bottom. So he was willing to try anything and I
was called in. I was still only doing this part-time, still had my corporate
job and I was called in to see if I could help alleviate his depression. And
to be perfectly honest the answer to that was… I have no idea if I can. I’ve
been helping people lose weight and stop biting their nails and overcome fear of
public speaking, but I haven’t worked with someone with this much pain yet. But
I said what do we have to lose? So I remember going to the Rusk Institute and
the fluorescent lights were so intimidating, and surgeons, and white
coats… and here I am a part-time, new hypnotherapist working in corporate
America. I got there I looked at Alessandre in his hospital bed, he could barely meet my gaze, he could barely look at me.
We start this session halfway through the session I get this thought in my
head that said… Grace he’s military, be militant. And I said, you know hypnosis is
meditation with a goal I would never think to be militant during a
meditation but I’m gonna go with it. So he said Alessandre I want you to
imagine you’re flying over a city at night in a helicopter and that city at
night is a map of your brain and you can see where the electricity is on and you
can see where there’s a blackout flying out to where there’s a blackout and let
me know when you’re there… and he did. I said when I count down from three to one
and snap my fingers there’ll be an explosion where that blackout once was…
three, two, one. And now the electricity from that
explosion travels down the left hand side of your face, it travels down your
left shoulder, it travels through your left arm, it travels through your left
hand, and out your left finger and I hadn’t even finished the word and he was
moving his left finger. And his eyes shot open and he looked at me and he said…
what do I do now? And I just said keep moving your finger! This man went from
being paralyzed for months, a warrior to moving, breaking through his paralysis.
And that day walking home down Fifth Avenue I called my boss and I put in my
two weeks notice, and I said I will not stop until the entire world knows this
is not clucking chickens, this is not swinging watches, you can change your
entire life. I launched my business with a Groupon, sold a thousand sessions in 24
hours, did a thousand sessions my first year. The very best part of that though
is I ended up marrying a Alessandre’s son. That’s how I met who would become my
future father-in-law. So every day when the going gets tough,
it’s a business like any other business, to grow this… I look at my son who is a
Alessandre’s grandson and I just say back to work. People are suffering needlessly,
I shudder to think how much longer he would have been paralyzed. He’s walking
now without a cane. I was just gonna ask that so he’s moving? Yeah he is and he did keep doing some hypnosis to move through all this, so by the end of that
session he had range of motion in his hand, with his wrist. He did tons more
hypnosis, but he also did hundreds of hours of physical therapy. This isn’t the
only thing, and it’s not a miracle sometimes it looks that way, it feels
that way. It’s just scientifically proven when you’re deeply relaxed you create
neurological connections in the brain almost instantaneously, but he went from
being paralyzed to moving because of hypnotherapy and that’s why I’m on a
mission to make it mainstream and it’s why I can’t stop, just like I couldn’t
not protect that tree. Yeah. It’s a beautiful story.
Can we take viewers through a self-hypnosis, of
whatever, let’s use the example of sugar or not sugar but food? Yeah, any type of
food, because you know what it is it might be salty, it might be sweet, it
might be bread. And it doesn’t even matter if it’s food, it might be
scrolling! Like mine tends to be finding something on my phone, or it could be
maybe smoking, or drinking, or I don’t know. Stress, anxiety. Yeah, you can
use different words and you can do the exact same type of hypnosis. You want to
do – Absolutely! Hey you guys ready for this? So if you’re watching
right now I want you to just drop in. If you’re driving you can’t. Right ha-ha! If
you are able t,o or just come back to this, hit pause and come back. Let’s do
this together. Or click share if you’re watching live because that will save it
to your phone, so that you can actually go back and find this. Okay, so let’s
start. Perfect. So the first thing you want to do is notice your starting level
of stress. Zero is the most relaxed you can possibly be, 10 would be a full-blown
panic attack. So you wouldn’t be watching this if you were at a 10 right now, you
might have that experience outside of this viewing, but just know that 10 is
the most stressed you could possibly be. So for those of you watching live, it’d
be really great right now to write in the comments your starting stress level
and for those of you watching later on you can write it in the comments as well.
Go ahead and close your eyes. Take a nice deep, letting go, breath. Already beginning to relax both mind and
body. Relax the top of your head. Relax your forehead, smoothing out any creases. Relax the tiny muscles next to your eyes. Relax your jaw letting it hang loose and
slap. Relax your shoulders. Relax your arms all the way through to the fingertips. Relax your torso, breathing easily really
releasing your stomach, and relax your legs all the way out through the bottoms
of your feet. Begin to imagine a color you love forming at the top of your head
and think that color to yourself now. Now imagine that color flowing in
through the top of your head all the way through your body, out the bottoms of
your feet, down into the center of the earth. That color relaxing you. That color
releasing you. That color taking you all the way down. Repeating in your mind after me “I am
safe, I am calm,
I choose to be here.” Twice more. I am safe,
I am calm, I choose to be here. I am safe,
I am calm, I choose to be here. And think that color you love as it
flows into the top of your head, all the way through your body, out the bottoms of
your feet, down into the center of the earth. Now in your mind’s eye see, feel,
imagine or experience two tables in front of you. On the left side table are
foods which when they enter your body cause a reaction which feels yucky. Foods
that cause a feeling of tiredness, inflammation, cloudy thinking, just foods
you know are not right for your system. On the right hand table, you’ll see foods
which nourish you, lift you up, energize you, heal you, improve cognitive thinking
and positive thoughts. As you view both tables, turn to the one on the left
repeating out loud after me and speak directly to the table saying “I know
advertising companies have told me that there’s something good about you, but I’m
stronger than that. I know from experience you’re not helpful for me. I’m in control of what goes into my body.
I choose to release you.” Now imagine taking all the foods on that
table there, all the ones that aren’t good for your body, and throw them away,
just toss them away, and feel yourself getting lighter, standing taller, already
feeling better now that they’re gone. Now turn to the foods on the right and
repeating out loud after me say “my body is a machine, I only put the highest
quality fuel into my machine, and you’re it.
Thank you for nourishing me, thank you for healing me, thank you for lifting me
up.” And then just imagine taking those foods and putting them into your fridge,
into your cupboard, since everything else had already been removed. And once you’re done just repeating in your mind “I am strong, I’m worthy of feeling good, I am in
control of what goes into my body.” Coming back now. One moving your feet and
your toes, two moving your hands and your fingers, three lots of energy returning
to the body, four getting ready to open your eyes,
five opening your eyes with a smile on your lips. Notice your new number on the
scale, remember zero is the most relaxed you can possibly be.
And what I’d love for you to do is write your starting number dash your final number. So if you went from an 8 to a 2 you’d write 8 – 2 if you went from a five to a
4 you’d write 5 – 4. So you see both you
relaxed and you begin to reprogram your mind at the level of the subconscious.
If you do this every day for a week your relationship to food will be entirely different. Wow,
wow, wow, wow. So whether this is food, or whether this
is alcohol, or smoking you can do the same thing, put it on the table, see the
same conversation, and you can start to play with this every day. And the best
way to do that is really to save this, click share, leave a comment, so that you
can find this so that you can go back and do this on a daily basis and with
whatever the thing is. So that is so brilliant, thank you for taking us
through that. Yeah, I’ll be really excited to see what gets swapped out. You could put
fear on the left and confidence on the right. Cigarettes on the left bottles of
water on the right. It’ll be really neat to see what people end up doing with
this and that’s what my whole book was written about is learning
self-hypnosis. So what’s the book called? Close your
Eyes, Get Free and it’s a guide to learning self-hypnosis. So we will
actually link that below but I want you to take a minute right now, before I ask
Grace the very last question, write in the comments – what were the two things on
the table? What was on the left hand table, what was on the right hand table?
And then also, your number like Grace said. Where did you start with your stress
level and where did you end? And by participating that actually
takes your growth to the next level as well. It lets all of us know we’re not
alone in this, that we all have stuff. Right? You might find your best friend in
this. Yeah. But Grace one question, the final
question. You have a million-plus people to say one thing to, really think about,
what is that message of one concept? I want you to look in the camera and say that. Who
are you without the layers of other people’s conditioning? Who your parents
told you you had to be, your teachers, advertising, friends. If you peeled all of
that away and you got back to the core of who you are, what you believe, what you
love, who are you? And if you’re not sure, just know that is
a worthy pursuit because your uniqueness is what makes you magnificent and you
can find out the answer to that in your subconscious. So I hope you’ll begin your
journey of delving into that space. Magic awaits you. Magic awaits, thank you so
much for being here for sharing your magic and for sharing your wisdom. Thank
you so much for taking time to tune in today. You are a truth-seeker, if you’re
listening. You’re wanting to grow, you’re wanting to stand your truest
fullest expression and I want to be on that journey with you. We’re a sister,
brother in this journey together. So thank you so much for joining us and
please leave a comment, click like or share if this is something that has
inspired you. We need to inspire more and your share could be the very thing that
hits and impacts someone else. So thank you so much and I will see you on
the next episode.

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