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Wound Care at OSU

Two percent of the population at any given
time has a chronic open wound. And many of those patients don’t know where to go to get
help. One of the things that I’m particularly proud of is the development of the Comprehensive
Wound Center at Ohio State University. If a patient comes to the Comprehensive Wound
Center at Ohio State, there is evidence based evaluation of the wound that includes a thorough
evaluation of their nutrition, if they’re diabetic, of their glucose control, evaluating
for perfusion to the wound, as well as possibility of infection of either the skin or underlying tissue. Ohio State has a really unique mix of both
high clinical volume and research resources and expertise. Because we’re all located on
the same campus that most universities in the country really don’t have, and it’s the ability to
bring all of those resources to bear on one patient’s chronic wound that gives them an
experience that they’re not going to get anywhere else in the United States.

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