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Would you rather part 1

hey guys I hope you’re well today’s
video is going to be something a little bit different I’m going to do a would
you rather video with certain IBD related situations I’ve got a jar here
and inside the jar I’ve got ten different well what I would consider
potentially negative IBD related situations I’m going to pick one out
against another one and tell you which one I would prefer to have so yeah let’s
get right into it so first up is would I rather live with a stoma forever or have
a stoma reversal operation so I didn’t really expect these two to be paired up
together but it’s a very interesting point the two of them
together this is a question that’s on a lot of people’s minds out there who are
left with the stoma and have the choice of a reversal technically I still do
have my rectum in so technically I still do have that choice I don’t necessarily
think of the life of how everything works like the bowel mechanics in terms of
will I rather live with the stoma or would I rather not live with it I think
about the fact that to have the reversal operation I think you need another two
operations and I just wouldn’t want to put myself in the low
you know that that brings with it I also know through research the stoma reversal
operation tends to bring with it a lot more problems something called pouchitis where your active colitis from your rectum might inflame the system cause
more problems than what happened when you just had a stoma by itself
so I understand that there’s a big chance of the pouch failing when you
have the reversal operation so it’s a tough well it’s a tough one for a lot
of people for me it’s fairly simple without a shadow of
doubt I would much rather live with a stoma forever so next up we’ve got have
a sigmoidoscopy every month or have an NG tube put in every month so those of
you who have been watching videos on my page for long enough now will know that
I absolutely despise ng tubes it’s just so unnatural the tube
going down the back of your throat in through your nose
sigmoidoscopies are another thing that’s very unnatural would I want to have one
of them in every single month of course I would I don’t think any of us would
want to and some of you out there who have had them or have to have
them routinely like yearly or something you’re not looking forward to it at all
by any means and you dread the time it comes around but for me it’s not too
bad of a procedure whereas the NG tube it’s just I almost fear it the
situation when it comes around and I would consider myself I can
tolerate a lot of pain but the ng for me was just I just wouldn’t want to go near
it at all so out of the two it’s gonna have to be have a sigmoidoscopy every month
so next up we’ve got live on infusion drugs forever or have a bowel
obstruction every week so this is probably the most difficult question I’ve
faced so far I didn’t really want to pull these two out together but I have
done so I’m gonna have to answer it infusion drugs are a very difficult one
for me to answer on because I’ve never been on them myself
I’ve only read about them and I’ve heard that they’ve been amazing things for
some people and they’ve done not so amazing things for other people but
knowing what I know and how the drugs work I can’t see them maintaining
somebody for life I can’t see it being a healthy alternative as well as for bowel
obstructions well I actually experience them most days which does put my life on
hold don’t get me wrong my life has massively been put on hold because of it
but if I changed my life from what it is now a bowel obstruction almost every
day to one a week it’d actually be improving my quality of life and they’re
horrible they are horrible bowel obstructions and infusion drugs I’m sure
a lot of you out there would probably think this is a crazy decision me going for this
but I can’t see it as a long term and when I say long term I’m talking decades and
decades of staying on them because you’re put on one and when your body becomes
immune to it you’re then put on the stronger one and the stronger one after
that and so on and it’s just it can’t be healthy and then
somewhere down the line you might need the operation but already your
immune system has been almost destroyed as a result of all these drugs for that
reason I’m going to have to say I would rather experience
a bowel obstruction every week then live on infusion drugs forever so the next
two we’ve got up are have a blood test done every single week or have to stay
in hospital for at least a month every single year well I think a lot of you
would agree with me on this one this one is fairly straightforward and
those of us with IBD we’ve all had to become immune to having blood
tests and things like that because it’s just second nature to a lot of us we’ve
had so many of them so often when we stay in hospital we’re used to having
them every day or some of us have them every two days blood tests for me have
never been a problem by any means hospital again it’s a month every year
which sounds like a lot for a lot of people but from the year I was diagnosed
I’ve actually spent at least a month in hospital every single year from that
point so I’m used to that so this actually is a slightly tougher one for
me than you might think a lot of you would probably think this one is fairly
straightforward and easy but for me if I could just have a spell of a month in
hospital every year and get on with the other 11 months I’d be more than happy
with that but I think for the reason of how simple is to go up and have a blood
test and how quick it is and then you’ve got the other well over
six days to not even think about it I’m gonna have to say have a blood test
every week so finally the last two situations left in the pot are never be
able to use the stoma bag I currently use again or have to go on a half-year
course of steroids yeah well this is a tough one for me six months after my
stoma operation I was trialling so many bags out there and so many of them just
didn’t stick at all and they kept peeling and you were waking up in
the early hours in the morning with all the leaks and you wouldn’t really want
to leave your house very much because you were worried about the bag leaking
and then I came across a bag that I could do everything with I could go
everywhere with I even went swimming with it and I had the confidence to do
that so having to give it up would be a massive thing for me but I am aware
there are lots of bags out there and a lot of ones that I’ve never
tried as well so that is always an option as for the half year course of
steroids yeah it’s half a year and then you’re done with it you don’t need to be
on them anymore but I’ve seen the effects steroids can give you in the
matter of a week or a couple of weeks not the most
attractive thing and also they make you put a lot of weight on mess up your diet mess
up your sleeping pattern who knows whether six months worth of steroids could
also have damaging long-term effects for that reason I think with the large array
of stoma bags out there I’m going to have to say that I’d be more than happy
to not use the stoma bag I use at the moment forever so I hope you guys
enjoyed the video it was something a little bit different next week I will
upload a video where I will be talking about ten different positive IBD related
situations that I will have to compare one against another to see which one I would go for it’s probably going to be even more difficult for me than
today’s video but let me know in the comments once again if you agree with
what I’ve said with these certain situations I know they’re a bit extreme
but that’s the fun of making the video so once again thank you so much for
watching everyone I will see very shortly in that video next week

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