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Why Obesity is a Chronic Disease

We’re still in an era where the medical profession
has very little knowledge about serious weight problems. They haven’t acknowledged that a serious weight
problem is a medical condition, a disease that needs to be treated like other diseases. Excess weight is really a medical problem,
and it can be tied to almost every chronic disease. There’s a ton of great medical evidence
to suggest that struggling with weight is a true genetically conferred complex, environmentally
influenced medical condition. Absolutely it’s a medical condition. There’s biology connected with it, there’s
pathophysiology connected with it, there’s hormones that are regulated, there’s epigenetic
phenomenons. As you are treating patients for weight, you
realize how much of a struggle it can be, it is a chronic disease. The way our bodies work is, they’ll do almost
anything to defend our body weight. So anytime anyone goes out and loses weight,
your body is trying to defend that body weight and is trying to put the weight back on. That’s why Canadian Medical Association, American
Medical Association and the World Obesity Federation all now consider obesity to be
a chronic disease .It is truly a value then to seek medical attention, whether it’s
your primary care physician or whether you get referred to a specialty clinic for weight
management there’s nothing wrong with getting that professional help.

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