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Why Leaky Gut Patients Tend To Have Acid Reflux

Hi, It’s Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back to my channel. I love seeing new faces, and also, old familiar
faces, of course. I’m really pleased with this channel. It’s been going now for several years. I might not have 10 billion subscribers like
some crazy channels do, but I’ve got a few subscribers, so I’m happy. It’s a niche channel, but the niche is going
to get bigger and bigger, because I love this kind of work. Just a quick reminder to everybody, you see
this sign? It’s just about gone, okay? This is one of my first clinic signs, so I
believe this one’s probably about 27 years old, something like that. Lovely old sign. So, this’ll be a nice memento for me to hang
onto. I might put that in my bar area. Clinic, how’s that for an idea? And, it reminds me of all the many years that
I’ve seen so many patients, so many people who’ve taught me so many different things. Stuff that I’m going to show you today, okay? So, we’re going to talk about acid reflux. We’re going to talk about GERD, gastroesophageal
reflux disease. So, many, many people I’ve seen over the years
in many countries, particularly with Skype and FaceTime, I’ve seen people in so many
countries. As you know, probably over 60 countries. So many people I’ve seen get GERD. They get acid reflux. They’re sick of it. They’re sick of taking Nexium. They’re sick of taking acid blocking medication. I’ve had people say to me, “Eric, how the
hell did I get this? Why did I get GERD? Why am I getting this heartburn, this stuff
coming in my throat all the time? It’s driving me crazy. I want to get rid of it.” So, this is going to be a neat video. And, I want you to watch this video, maybe
once or twice, all the way through, because there’s going to be a lot of good information
in this video. Stuff that you probably know, stuff that you
don’t know. And, things that I’m going to speak from,
from my experience of seeing a lot of people with reflux disease. I had reflux disease when I was about 27,
and I’ll tell you why in a minute, all right? Now, here’s a page … in fact, this is page
257 out of Candida Crusher, out of my book. And, what does it say there? Your stomach is like a cement mixer. Let’s talk about that a little bit. Before we go into that, a key thing that you
need to know is, you chew food. You swallow it. It goes down the esophagus. There’s a small sphincter, or round sort of
circular muscle, I call the LES, lower esophageal sphincter. I call him, like, LES, as in a male. And, what the LES does is, it basically stops
food coming back out the stomach once it goes in. So, when you chew, chew, chew, and swallow,
it stimulates LES to open up. Food goes in there, LES closes up. Food sits in there nicely, a little bit like
a washing machine, gadong, gadong, gadong, gadong. So, the stomach starts moving around, and
it produces this stuff called chyme, like it’s a milky kind of a weird substance. As food goes in there, acids, okay, pepcid,
digestive enzymes are produced that help to break this mess of food down. Turns into a nice mixture, which then gets
squirted into the duodenum, or what we call the duodenum or the small intestine. So, most of the protein digestion, for example,
takes place in the stomach, finished off in the small intestine. Healthy people like me have no problem with
the stomach. Let me tell you why you get GERD, okay? Once you understand this principle, you’ll
probably be in a really good position to say, “Now, I know why, and I want to do something
about it.” All right? Now, this video is not like a cure all, like
everybody gets good because of these reasons. But, the vast majority of patients I’ve seen
get reflux disease because of the reasons I’m going to outline in a minute. And, I’m talking 90 percent plus, which is
a lot of people, right? So, let’s start off with this little article
here that I wrote. Your stomach is like a cement mixer. Would you like to read it out to me? It’s only a few paragraphs. I don’t think you’ll mind. All right, let’s go. I find it helpful to explain digestion in
simplistic ways. People tend to remember it a lot better that
way, and can picture these explanations in their own mind better than showing them complex
charts of digestive organs, and a bunch of fancy Latin names that mean nothing to you
at all. I can’t stand it when I’m talking to someone,
and they come with all this fantastic language and these beautiful words and sentences that
I haven’t got a clue what they’re on about. Just say it how it is. We don’t need all the fluff and crap that
goes with it, all right? So, a cement mixer, to me, is a lot like a
stomach. Now, you might find that a crazy kind of comparison,
but you won’t in a minute. I’ve never heard it put like this before,
but I’m a practical man, okay? I’m a working class boy. I’ve always driven trucks, you know, and I’ve
dug holes. And I even almost become a grave digger at
one stage. I love digging and gardening, as you probably
know. So, I’m a practical guy. Now, a cement mixer is like a stomach. You place gravel, sand, and cement, or cement
powder, into this thing, okay? Then, you put a bit of water in it. Sometimes, you like to have a drink with our
meals, too. Okay, so you could liken it a bit like carbs,
proteins, and fats that you’re throwing into your stomach, and then you add water and mix
it. Chewing food is like running a cement mixer. It needs to be on thoroughly and properly,
or the mix won’t be very good. So, meaning the stomach has to churn up this
food, break it down, produce sufficient enzymes, digestive enzymes. You know, acid, things like that, to break
this down. Many folks eat too quick, chewing foods once
or twice, then swallowing it. Imagine what kind of concrete that produces,
if you chucked everything in, and then quickly threw it all out again. That concrete wouldn’t last long, would it? A concrete truck, in fact, constantly agitates
the mix, a bit like a camel constantly chewing food. A bit like some of my patients from the … You
know, Saudis I’ve seen over the years in Dubai, and some of the Arabs I’ve spoken to have
told me they can chew a date for four or five hours. One fresh date for four or five hours, whereas,
you and I would chew it and swallow it in two seconds. Probably chomp, chomp, gone, and then another
date, and then another date. Okay, that’s not really good for the stomach. Your stomach produces a fluid called chyme,
a liquid substances found in the stomach before passing through a small valve into the small
intestine. It results from a clinical and chemical breakdown,
and consists of partially digested foods, water, hydrochloric acid, and several enzymes. I was helping a friend last year build a raised
garden for his vegetables. We had to mix concrete as part of the job,
and he said to only ever fill the cement mixer now more than three-quarters, preferably under
that. So, and once you work with a cement mixer,
like I have over time, you’ll realize that if you put a little bit too much in, it starts
slopping around and flies out. It can come out here, like reflux, okay? Now, there’s no LES on the cement mixer. We can’t constrict the mouth of the cement
mixer down, so in this case, the LES is open all the time. So, a good person, or a person who knows concreting,
will understand the principle of the correct mix, the correct amount, the duration of the
mix, and all that kind of stuff. Now, once I tried to pour more in when I first
started making concrete, it didn’t work. And, I started to realize how the stomach
was quite similar. In fact, if you eat small meals and take the
time eating and chew properly, your digestion will be much more efficient because you break
down the food particles to a very small particle size. Also, it’ll mean you’re going to be fuller
quicker, okay? You’re going to feel more satisfied, the satiety
thing. We talked a lot about this in previous videos,
if you remember. Satiety is big. Take your time to eat. Don’t gobble food down. Why do you think people get reflux disease? I’ll tell you why, they eat too much food. They eat far too much food. Oh, jeez, there goes my water again. Oh, man. I get so excited, guys. Look at that. Sorry about that, okay? That’s the cement mixer. In this case, it’s the water I’ve spilled. I shouldn’t get too excited. They eat too much food, I was trying to say
to you, okay? So, I witness people a lot when I go out. And, when [Trace] and I went to Los Angeles
a few years ago, and we sat down in this food court … Oh, wow, I’m soaking … I could
not believe how much food people were eating. How large of portion sizes, how quickly people
were eating. It freaked me out. It was like being at a zoo, honestly. I believe, from where I’m sitting, one of
the major causes of GERD is too much food, eating too quick, large portion sizes, and
the wrong kind of foods, all right? And, the big thing we’re finding today is
technology, all these huge, big, older TV screens. You know, 80 inches. People sitting in front of that with pizzas
and beer and stuff like that, not concentrating on eating, and then getting esophageal reflux
disease. It’s not a good idea, right? So, let me talk about a couple of the causes,
which I’ve written down here. Typical causes we see. Eating large meals, as we said, or lying down
after a meal. Being overweight or obese. Having too much fat, okay, or things pushing
into your stomach. That can really constrict your stomach too,
in a big sense, and make it quite sort of spilly, if you know what I mean. All right? Very big people have got a big problem, because
often, they have a big appetite. Their stomach stretches, and this is why often,
if you look at certain types of operations to put a band around, you know, close to LES
there, shut that off or to make the stomach smaller, it can have a dramatic impact on
dropping weight from that person. So, but the big one from where I sit is too
much food. Eating a heavy meal and lying on your back
is a big one. Eating too much fat. Eating too much acid-forming foods. And then, I watched some stupid YouTube video
where a person said, “If you want to get rid of GERD, just stop eating all tomatoes.” What a load of crap. What about french fries? What about alcohol? What about so many other embalmed foods and
takeaway foods people eat? It’s not … Don’t point the finger at tomatoes. Please don’t do that. You get me really upset, all right? Snacking close to bedtime. Eating in bed. Eating potato chips in bed. I had a patient that was eating a big bag
of crisps every night in bed, watching TV. And then, complaining to me about GERD. I mean, I just laughed at this guy, or I felt
like laughing. It was almost laughable that this person could
not understand that the reflux was because of some crazy, ridiculous lifestyle habit. Eating certain types of foods. So, people will get triggers. Once a stomach gets too big, and LES gets
a bit lazy, okay? Because, LES does get lazy. Men get lazy, as you know. And, it relaxes a bit too much, it gets spilling. And, a person lies down, the next thing, they
start getting this, okay? So, it’s the esophageal reflux that really
annoys people is when the acid starts coming up into here. And, it can cause a lot of problems. In fact, if you have this going on and on
and on for years, you can even be more prone to certain types of cancers of the digestive
system by having this, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer. I had this disease when I was 26, I think
25, just before I started really getting into naturopathy. It was my own stupid fault. I was a truck driver, right, for many years,
like five years. I sort of tried to eat the right kind of foods
most of the times. But on occasion, I’d do something dumb, like
have something deep fried for breakfast or something like that. Stupid. I’d be tipping garbage cans at a shop, and
the guy would give me five or six packets of chips or something, or some crap, and I’d
be eating that in the morning, and that’s why I went GERD. Once I stopped these stupid habits completely,
the GERD went away, all right? I got sick and tired of having this constant
burping and acid coming up day after day, for weeks. It only lasted about three or four weeks with
me, but I canned it, because I canned the dumb behavior that was a trigger for that
particular problem. I couldn’t stand it. It was an awful thing to have. So, alcohol can do it sometimes. So, you need to watch out for certain key
foods when you have GERD, all right? Garlic, onions, tomatoes can trigger it for
some people. Spicy foods, fatty foods. Once you get over the top of this problem
and you heal the esophagus, and LES gets a bit stronger and more compliant, the GERD
will go away. Smoking is a big one for many people. And, like being pregnant, because my wife
had quite bad reflux disease when she was pregnant with her four children. One pregnancy ended up, she ended up with
sciatica. Another one, she ended up with GERD. And, after the fourth one, she told me to
keep away because she didn’t want to end up in hospital with more disease. Well, not quite that bad, but you know what
I mean. Now, taking medications is a big, big trigger
for many people, especially non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs can do it, too. Okay, ibuprofen, aspirin, some blood pressure
medications, so as you can see, it’s a complex condition. There are many different causes, but from
where I’m sitting, and I’m wet, from where I’m sitting, most cases of GERD can be stopped
and reversed by changing the habit that underpins GERD. Think carefully, if you’ve got GERD right
now, now, look at me, and think carefully. Are you eating something that you shouldn’t
be eating? Are you eating at the wrong time of day? Are you eating in bed? Are you eating huge portion sizes? Do you go to buffets and stuff your face,
like a lot of people? Don’t do it. You’ll pay the price when you get older. There is nothing worse than having GERD when
you get to my age. You don’t want GERD, okay? It makes your life miserable. Now, you can get rid of this condition, but
it’s going to take time. Unfortunately, many people start taking medications
on a daily basis, and they continue them without stopping. It’s almost like they don’t pay off their
credit card, and in time, it bites them in the … Well, I’m not going to say it, but
you know what I mean, all right? So, you don’t need to be bitten there. You just need to understand cause and effect. If you’ve got GERD, okay, I appreciate it. Let’s try and get rid of it. Watch some more of my videos, because we’ve
got a few more coming up on GERD, and we’re going to talk more in detail about it. Yeah, we’re going to do a few videos on GERD,
because we’ve had a lot of questions regarding this, okay? Now, remember, the key thing also, when you’ve
got this condition and you’ve had it for awhile, it’ll slowly start affecting the small bowel,
the large bowel, everything will get affected. You’ll notice that you’ll get more tired,
more grumpy. You can’t sleep properly, you could have appetite
problems, and you know, you can’t really be effective. Once the stomach starts getting affected and
going down and really causing issues up here, and the sphincter starts pinging out on you,
it’s going to really affect the quality of your life. Many people, especially men, in my opinion,
make changes only when the symptoms get that unbearable that they don’t really want to
live like that anymore. But, unfortunately, a lot of them will continue
to take the medication. And, that is one of the worst things you can
do. Reflux medications in the U.S. are several
billions dollars a year because, mainly, people don’t want to make the changes in their lifestyle. And, time will catch up with those people,
unfortunately. So, but I can tell you now, I’ve helped hundreds
and hundreds of people get rid of GERD just by changing lifestyle habits. Simple, smaller portion sizes, take certain
aggravating foods out first, okay? Work more on exercise and walking, eating
properly, chewing properly, all those kinds of things. Careful about drinking with meals, identifying
the key trigger foods. Often, there’s one or two key triggers. Take them out. Just temporarily, okay? No alcohol, minimize medications, there are
lots of solutions for you to get rid of GERD. If you’re taking a kind of medication now,
that’s okay. You can come off that slowly over time. But, the longer you stay on these medications,
the more your entire health will become undermined, because you’ll start robbing your body of
the nutrients that it really needs, to build healthy tissue. You’re going to get a lot of problems, and
then eventually, get dysbiosis, and candida problems, C-bot. Everything goes with it, all right? So, I hope this has been a bit of an eye-opener
for you guys out there. And, that you understand the concept of the
cement mixer. Always keep the cement mixer a half to three-quarter
full. The first thing I’d like you to do once you’ve
seen this video, is to start looking at your dinner plate and buy a slightly smaller dinner
plate, all right? Because psychologically, if you’ve got a smaller
plate full, you think, “Oh, a lot of food here to eat.” And, if you got a large plate and you put
a portion on there, it still looks small. Tracy and I a long time ago, understood this
concept and eat smaller portion sizes. It’s much, much better for you in the long
run. I can tell you, there are many, many studies
that have shown that rats and mice and humans, and other animals that they’ve studied, when
these animals eat smaller portion sizes for a long, long period of time, they extend their
life spans by 10 years. The more you eat, the shorter your life span. Okay? So, if you don’t want to take advice here,
enjoy your food while you can, all right, because you’re gone a long time. I hope you enjoy the video. Click on the link if you want my free candida
report. Thanks for tuning in.

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