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Why Do You Get Nose Bleeds While Pregnant?

Why do you get nose bleeds while pregnant?
I almost never got them before, but now they seem to be coming on all the time. You know you do have an increased blood volume
now that you are pregnant. Not to mention your blood vessels have opened up more and
became wider. My blood volume has increased so much that
it all cannot fit in my body anymore! It is oozing through my face! That’s not the only cause. The weather could
be making it worse by drying the mucous membranes in your nose out. This makes your poor little
nose more vulnerable to blood vessel breakage. Pregnancy has taken over every part of my
body, not just my torso it seems. What is the best way to stop them? I have heard everything
from blow your nose to tilt your head backwards. You shouldn’t do either one. Keep your face
looking forward. Don’t tilt it up or down. Do I just let the blood run all over everywhere? Of course not. Pinch it and don’t let go for
a good 10 minutes or so. I think I might pass out. Well, keep breathing through your mouth. If
you start feeling like your are going to pass out or are getting too faint, lay down. Do I lay down on my back? No, lay down on your side, with your head
slighly elevated. Try laying on the couch with your head on the arm rest. What if it is still bleeding after the 10
minutes are up? You may need to keep plugging it for up to
20 minutes. Holding it firmly will help it to clot up faster. Is there anything I can do to prevent all
these pregnancy nose bleeds? Yeah, stop picking your nose all the time. I don’t pick my nose! At least, not when anyone
is looking. Also, be sure not to blow your nose too hard. I’ll keep that in mind. Blowing my nose usually
sounds like a blow horn.

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