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Why Do I Have Cramps When I Ovulate?

Why do I have cramps when I ovulate? I get the question, since many more women
get cramps when they have their period than when they ovulate. I’d like to get an answer. I’d say the word for it is Mittelschmerz. Gesundheit. The word is German for middle pain, referring
to the pain maybe ten percent of women feel when the follicle ruptures and releases the
egg. It could be anything form a minor twinge to several hours of cramping. What I feel is more like the latter. If it really is that, you’ll probably only
feel it on one side because most women only ovulate from one ovary per month. What if it is more than that? Then you’re either darn near guaranteed
to have fraternal twins. Twins are cute until you get twice the bill
for one delivery. Or you’ve got polycystic ovarian syndrome
where the body has cysts on the ovaries, and you may have several cysts rupturing when
you ovulate. The pain would be from the blood and fluids released when it ruptures that
have no where to go. Yet it does go away. Sure, as the body reabsorbs the fluids. Sometimes I see minor bleeding and other issues. If you have endometriosis, you’ll have really
bad cramps, pain and bleeding during your period, but it won’t show up during ovulation.
If you have PCOS, you could see some spotting or discharge and even nausea. It almost sounds like pregnancy. If your period is late, and you’re having
stomach pain and spotting, it is not ovulation, it may be a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. I know I’ll rarely say this, but I’m glad
I had my period. What do I do about this? For the minor pain, treat it with over the
counter meds. For severe pain, talk to the doctor. Not sure there’s much that could be done. Technically, the treatment for really bad
periods and ovulation pain is the same – getting pregnant. Then you’re done for ten months
or more if you breastfeed. That’s like saving up the pain for one big
event at the end, and then getting an expensive little critter at the end. You could talk to the doctor about using birth
control methods that prevent ovulation. Depending on the option, you could pick one that stops
the period, too. At least I might have an end to this issue.

14 thoughts on “Why Do I Have Cramps When I Ovulate?

  1. I was watching this because I was having cramps this morning near my left abdominal it hurt so bad and lasted 1hour and 47min

  2. I started having ovulation pain when I was 14 years old and I stopped having it on September of last year. My ovulation pain was very predictable. It would only be there late at night and I would have cramping as bad as menstrual cramps but without a period and not in the same area as my uterus. I could sometimes feel a twinge of pain going down the fallopian tube and even in the uterus occasionally but most of the time, all the cramping was in the ovaries. Most of the ovulation pain was on the left side but when I had right sided ovulation pain, it was much worse. For years, all I had was pain. Then at sometime 2 years ago, I started getting ovulation related nausea at the same time that I had ovulation pain.

    But yeah, when I had ovulation pain, gas pains, and menstrual cramps, here is how I differentiated the 3:

    Does the pain resolve after a bowel movement?

    Yes: It absolutely was gas pains
    No: It could still be gas pains

    Do you smell or see any blood?

    Yes: It is most likely menstrual cramps
    No: It could still be menstrual but it is more likely gas

    Has it been 2 weeks since your last period?

    Yes: You are probably having ovulation pain
    No: It could be either gas or menstrual cramps depending on timing

  3. I'm in pain now in the middle slight right side feel like period cramps but today is ovulation day

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