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Why am I bleeding? Eve Adler

– Hi, I’m Eve. I am a blogger, freelancer, writer, altogether just dabbling in a little bit of everything at the moment. I was gonna do another first look, ’cause I quite enjoyed that. It was fun to look at the toy
for the first time with you. And to be honest, I am
going on to do that, because I got three toys sitting there and I can just bash them out. However, I’ve just been to
the loo and there’s blood. Now, as a woman, that’s
really not unusual. For someone with a uterus,
that’s really not unusual. There is blood usually every month or every month and a bit. But I am, according to
Clue, 12 days into my cycle, which is unusual for me. And it’s terrifying. (gentle music) I don’t why my body’s doing that. I am going to go and
get my body checked out, let’s do a uterus checkup anyway. But generally my body
bleeds when it wants to and then will go on to have
a host of hormonal symptoms. I’ve also been having
some rather odd symptoms for my body the past couple of days. And the first thing I got when I went to the
doctor’s the other day was, “You need to do a pregnancy test.” As someone who doesn’t want children, that is terrifying to hear the idea that I could be pregnant. I am careful, I use condoms only. I am thinking about going back
on hormonal birth control, something I need to
discuss with my doctor. My body is very temperamental. If you didn’t know, I have a number of chronic health issues that make me seemingly very susceptible to hormones, even my own fluctuation of my
cycle can impact my health. So, I’m very careful when
I put anything into my body or, you know, have an injection, the hormonal injection for birth control, or the implant, and I get migraines. So my option is limited as it is. But that’s not about that. That will be another video entirely. But the blood just shook me and it wasn’t a lot, but
I’ve never had that before. I’ve been off birth control
for a little over two years, two and a half years I think. It’s the first time it’s happened. Now my cycle’s never really been the most consist thing on earth. I once had a period of two,
three months, four months? Two, two, four months,
where I didn’t have a period and that was when my body
was under great stress and that was kind of expected around then. But I’m not as stressed now days. My body influences my period, my period influences my body, certainly. But it was terrifying. And naturally, you know, first thought, share it with the internet! But also, why not? Because I’m not the only
one this happens to. I know I’m not the only person that gets told to do a pregnancy test or is a little late for their period and then does nine pregnancy tests. That was me yesterday,
nine pregnancy tests over two different times peeing. Just doing all these strips. You can buy them on Amazon,
they’re really cheap. Don’t let people fool you into buying these really
fancy electronic ones. Unless you need it for accessibility, there’s really no other, you know, there’s no reason for them. You just get a bunch of 10 dipsticks and it gives you two
lines if you’re pregnant, one line if you’re not. Perfect, that’s all I need. And thankfully there
was just the one line. That’s all I needed, just the one line. But I’m gonna do another one tomorrow. Probably more than one
because I never take one test as a yes, you’re not pregnant. But I’m in a unknown
territory with my body and it happens a lot to be honest. My body is such that
something else will happen. It’s like, do we go to A&E for this? How on the scale of like disturbing body symptoms, where are we? Half the time we don’t go to A&E, it’s only a little bit of time where it’s like, “I can’t think straight. “I can’t advocate for
myself.”, that we do. Getting aside from the point. It’s scary when your body does something that you don’t understand
why it’s doing it. I’m scared and I can admit that, but my feeling of being scared
comes with the knowledge that my body isn’t, well, it doesn’t really run
at it’s best let’s say. We know that I might
potentially have endometriosis. We know that I might potentially have a whole host of other medical issues, but when it comes to my uterus, when it comes to my reproductive system, it gets pushed by the wayside. I’ve told so many doctors that
it’s because of my period, or that my symptoms fluctuate
in line with my cycle, that they just shrug it off. I guess, my main reason for sitting down and just talking to the
camera is that, like I said, I’m not the only person that’s had this. I’m not the only person
that’s gone to the loo and just before mid-cycle,
I’m not even mid-cycle, have been like, “There’s blood.” This is, I’m not starting
another period am I? Because, no then why am I bleeding? I’m fairly knowledgeable about the reasons why I could bleed. I’m pretty sure, to my knowledge, none of them are happening. So it’s scary and it’s
allowed to be scary. People think sometimes
that we know our own bodies and we do, but we also sometimes really do not know our bodies and our bodies do whatever they want to do and that’s fine, because that’s when we go to medical professionals and we keep going if they
don’t pay attention to us, but we go to them or we Google,
like I’ll be doing tonight at 2:00 a.m. when I can’t sleep. This is a jumble and I know this is jumble but what I’m saying is that shit happens. Shit happens and you can be scared and still get on with stuff. You can be scared and have to carry on. You can have a bazillion
and one chronic illnesses, think you know your body and then it will throw you for a loop. Your body can demand your attention in the most surprising of ways. My feet, as some of you know, don’t, you know, work the way they should. They go hot, they think
I have erythromelalgia. I probably pronounced that wrong. And that’s been my main
focus for the past years, but now my body, different
areas of my body is like, well, it’s our turn, it’s
our turn to play out. Why don’t you pay attention to us? And that’s scary, saying that. And as someone with, you know,
multiple chronic illnesses, that’s scary, that my body
just does these things and I’ve got no clue why. I can make assumptions, I can think, I can be like, oh we’re checking me out for this, this and this
and more medication, but medication doesn’t cause this and you run through so many reasons why, but the body is so unpredictable,
you think about it. The body is supposed to work
in this perfect harmony. There are so many things
that can go wrong. I mean, I lucked out and a
lot of things do go wrong. But when you think about the body, it’s fascinating and terrifying. This isn’t meant to terrify you. This is just meant as a,
sometimes bodies do shit that you don’t know what’s
going on and you can be scared. And I’m talking about loud. I’m processing out loud,
I’m not going to lie, because my body is scary. But I will stop filming this and then I will do three
first reviews of toys. I might film a few more clip,
’cause I’ve got makeup on and goddam it, I’m gonna use it. It’s 10:32 at night and I’ll go to bed. Then I’ll wait for a doctor’s appointment. I’ll probably have to show
someone else my vagina, and go from there, because in
these situations sometimes, it’s the only thing you can do. Keep calm and carry on is
a cheesy poster saying, but it’s also my life in a nutshell. It’s okay not to be calm sometimes, but for my mentality, I’m going
to have to live by that one. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m
gonna go look at some sex toys, because that’s just
what the doctor ordered. (lips smacking)

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