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What to Do When Presented With a Bird With an Enlarged Stomach

So, one of the challenges that
practitioners are faced with is that it’s very common to be presented with
birds with enlarged bellies, because there is all manner of reproductive
tract disease and sometimes fluid accumulation within the body cavity. And
so, in order to determine whether a case may be managed with medical management
alone, or would require surgery, ideally. Basically what the clients
options are as far as how to best help that patient, they have to be able to
characterize and discern what manner of disease is in the belly as accurately as
possible, so, that they know whether it needs to be medical management, or
combinational medical and surgical management. And also, and very importantly,
what the prognosis may be for that individual patient so that the owner’s
expectations can be set appropriately. So in order to best characterize what’s
happening in that belly, using non-invasive methods, we rely on
diagnostic imaging of which probably the most key are ultrasound, but to
some extent contrast radiography or fluoroscopy can be helpful as well. But
probably the single most effective diagnostic tool to determine what manner
of pathology is present and therefore which intervention is most appropriate
is ultrasound.

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