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Hello welcome to Just Learn Civil. Please subscribe for more videos. Todday we will be learning about segregation and bleeding in concrete let’s begin with segregation in concrete Definition of segregation. Separation of
constituent materials in concrete Constituent materials in concrete are
cement, sand, coarse aggregate and water types of segregation Separation of coarse aggregate from concrete mixer separation of cement paste from concrete
during its plastic States. Separation of water from concrete mix-This is also
called Bleeding. Primary cause of segregation. Primary
cause of segregation is difference in specific gravity of
constituent. Different constituents of concrete have different specific gravity for example: specific gravity of
cement is 3.1 to 3.6 and that of aggregate is 2.6 to 2.7 and water is is 1. Lighter particle tends to move
upward and heavier particle tends to move downward due to the specific gravity and
hence segregation occurs, that is, separation occurs. Other causes of segregation are: dropping
concrete from more than one meter height vibrating in vibrator; mechanical
vibrator or others for very long time similarly, poorly proportioned mix may
also cause segregation. How to minimize segregation? By proportioning the mix. By handling that
concrete carefully; placing, transporting, compacting and finishing. This process
should be carried out carefully Air entraining agent, Admixtures and
pozzolanic materials can also be used to be minimize segregation This is a figure depicting segregation of
concrete. Now, bleeding. Generally it occurs in wet mix of concrete. It is also a form of segregation. Water present in concrete is
pushed upward due to settlement of cement and aggregates and bleeding occurs. Specific gravity of water is low so it tends to move. Cause of
bleeding. High water cement ratio: if water amount is more, that is, water
cement ratio is more then bleeding occurs in concrete Control of bleeding. Air entraining
admixtures can be used. Water cement ratio should be controlled, that is,
minimum amount of water. Bleeding is not harmful if the rate of evaporation is
equal to the rate of bleeding. Normal bleeding is quite good and it
enhances the workability, that is, it makes the concrete workable. By enhancing the
workability of concrete mean the concrete can be placed/laid easily.
Friction is less and there is not much problem in laying the concrete. This figure shows the Bleeding in concrete. You can see the water of mix paste at the surface of the concrete. This is how the
concrete looks after it has bled. Thank you for watching. Please leave
comment if you have any further questions. If you liked the video, please
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