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What Happens When a Sith Bleeds a Lightsaber Crystal

In Star Wars Legends, red lightsaber blades were often created through synthetic lightsaber crystals. The new Star Wars canon has introduced the concept of bleeding lightsaber crystals as the new method of creating a red blade. This has been discussed since the Ahsoka book was released but the new Darth Vader comic has provided us with the first example of what actually happens when a Sith or Dark Side user bleeds a crystal. People have asked me in the past why Anakin’s blue lightsaber didn’t bleed in Revenge of the Sith. That’s because it’s not something that just happens. It has to be done with intent. It’s a process. Anakin would have had to sit down and pour the dark side into his blue crystal in order for it to change. Well, in the Darth Vader comic, after retrieving a new Jedi lightsaber crystal, we get to see this process occur. Palpatine sends Vader back to Mustafar to a nexus in the Dark Side that will help him in his quest. Kyber crystals are known to be alive in a sense, strong in the light side of the Force. Vader was called to the site of an ancient Sith sanctuary to draw upon its strength as he attempted to dominate the will of the crystal. This sanctuary would one day be the site of his fortress as seen in Rogue One. As he began to pour his anger, hatred and darkness into the crystal, something unexpected happened. The crystal fought back. It gave him a vision of the light side. In it, he defeated Palpatine, found Obi-Wan and began to make amends. He was tempted by the light side of the Force. But Vader rejected the possibility and devoted himself to the only path he believed he had left. He grasped the crystal and recalled his most painful memories. His defeat on Mustafar, the death of his mother, the loss of his wife. And in what seemed like an emotionally and physically painful experience, the lightsaber crystal turned red. And now we know a little more about the ways of the Sith. I know a lot of people have taken issue with the removal of synthetic kyber crystals, but I’m on board with the bleeding concept. This issue of Darth Vader especially sold me on it. Now I’m curious about other dark side users like the Inquisitors. Did they also have to bleed their crystals? Did Palpatine do it for them? I hope we get some answers, but that’s it for today. If you haven’t already please like this video, subscribe to the channel, follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and consider checking out my Patreon page. As always, thanks for watching and may the Force be with you.

100 thoughts on “What Happens When a Sith Bleeds a Lightsaber Crystal

  1. I wish instead of saying that you cannot create a synth crystal at all that they made both bleeding and synth both exsist with one being more powerful then the other. I mean these muther fckers can accelerate a damn asteroid to destroy a planet let alone the other tech so why are synth crystals now impossible

  2. Shouldn't the different crystals vary in power depending on who infuses them with the dark side? Vader's crystal should be the most powerful since he was born from the force, guess we will get to know more about it in TLJ.

  3. I noticed you mentioned that kyber crystals were strong in the light side. If they are a natural living crystal they would be completely neutral. I think that explains why a Sith has to go after a Jedi crystal top bleed it. Taking something that has be persuaded to the light and twisting it to the dark would actually make it more dark. If you look at people for instance the most evil people were once very good people but something twisted them and in turn made them more evil than they would originally would be.

  4. Why Vader had not any problems with getting strucked by Palpatine's force lightning in the first Darth Vader comic? There he was alright after the "lesson," but in episode 6 his suit was so heavy damaged, that he was about to die…

  5. i don't know…. i still prefer the legends version. This is to sofisticate. I prefer more linear theory and color scheme of legends.

  6. I admit I thought the idea of bleeding light saber crystals was a bit contrived (nature is lawful neutral, there's no reason that 100% of natural crystals would happen to be aligned to the side that most people cheer for) but this issue sold me on it because I've always found the idea of Sith being tempted to the light side of the force a fascinating and underexplored side of the Star Wars universe.

  7. "A lightsaber – any weapon – only achieves worth in how it is wielded – in the effort, the struggle of one who holds it. Such a weapon does not make a Jedi or a Sith. And at times, it makes them much, much less than they are." – Kreia

  8. The Dream/Vision Darth Vader Had in The New Comic was Amazing. The way he Dreams of Killing Palpatine and Reconciling with Obi-Wan

  9. Yeah ill admit it was a good scene, but this is one of the things from the new canon i just cant stand. Mood ring crystals are just dumb

  10. Wow this comic looks great! I definitely will pick up the first volume of this! Bleeding is si much cooler than synthetic crystals

  11. I have skipped a lot of the comics and books, choosing to rely on your comments and videos. However, this has me craving the entire Darth Vader comic arch now.

  12. It's a" better" concept in the sense that it requires more sacrifice and makes for better story telling than – And Vader walked down to Best Buy to get a synthetic red crystal. When he had to stand in line, he force choked the cashier and said :"I am most displeased with your apparent lack of progress". " But I assure you Lord Vader, my men are working as fast as they can", said the manager. Vader replied "Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them?" I mean, sure maybe with a few tweaks it could a decent ad for the Super Bowl, but movie material? Heck no!

  13. You bring it up but you don't really explain why Anakin/Vader didn't just "bleed" his own lightsaber crystal in RotS instead of going to the trouble of hunting down a new one. He would have had to pour the dark side into the crystal, as you say, regardless of whether it was his or another Jedi's.
    You guys should really start calling out the inconsistencies in StarWars for what they are or it'll never get better.

  14. I'm on board with the Crystal bleeding too.
    The whole concept of "bending the Crystal to the will of the dark side user," causing it to 'bleed' and turn red is WAY more intriguing and powerful, and I'm really glad that's the way the canon has taken it.
    "Synthetic" crystals, like in the legends material, was just sort of disappointing, almost too "plot-armory" (for lack of a better term)

  15. I like the concept of the kyber crystal bleeding process. if you don't spend your time assuming its just an edgy explanation, it reveals a lot about the nature of Dark Siders and the nature of the Sith, forcing their will over a Khyber crystal rather than the natural route of bonding with it.

    Plus it keeps something about the concept of kyber crystals a bit more force-connected imo, rather than making it something you can simply artificially create (yes, I know about Uprising, but I doubt that counts as the same as Legends synthetic crystals).

  16. Question, besides the color turning red, whats the point of bleeding the crystal? I mean it seems like alot of work and pain to do something like a color change?

  17. I am on board with this new way for the Sith but it still raises some questions. Can neutral crystals be taken away to be bled or does it have to be from one already a tuned to the light?

    What did the Sith in the old republic do in order to obtain their crystals when they made lightsabers?

  18. With how much of a spectacle Vader bleeding his lightsaber crystal was, it makes me kind of curious. How did the Jedi over the past thousand years not sense the occasional pulse of Dark Side energy whenever a new Sith had to bleed their crystal?

  19. Sounds more like sith alchemy than the synthetic method, and it makes sense when you consider that if the Empire could make synthetic crystals, why would they mine them to exhaustion? I also don't think that this new method and the old necessarily oppose each other. I do, however, think it's a cool reference to one of Lucas's original concepts for the lightsaber.

  20. hey star wars explained, I have some old NPR star wars radio show episodes. are they still canon, because there is some extra content on there. they're fun to listen to, but are they canon?

  21. "The Jedi carry lightsabers. They harvest their lightsaber crystals from a mine. The Sith, however, have long had a superior alternative. Raw elements cooked in a brood furnace will produce an artificial crystal โ€” one that can generate an energy blade that will burn with a bright crimson light. Because this artificial crystal is forged through dark side meditation, it carries the essence of your will. Know that your red blade is strong and can break the green and blue blades of a Jedi! Such results are proof that an individual can overcome anything found in nature." – Book of the Sith, pg. 79.

    By not using natural crystals as the Jedi, the Sith further disassociated themselves from their enemies. The ancient Sith also needed to find ways to stay hidden; they couldn't travel to worlds that had natural lightsaber crystals as the Jedi kept those places under guard for their own use. By making a synthetic crystal through a geological compressor while meditating on the Dark Side to guide its formation, it was a testament to their power and strength. The formation can take anywhere from a single to several days.

    With this bleeding of a crystal, the Sith are forever tied to the Jedi. In order to build their lightsaber, they have to kill a Jedi to take their crystal and turn it red. How would they explain the millennium of when the Sith were in hiding? I don't think that the Jedi would allow a lightsaber to be taken off of the corpse of one of their brethren starting from the wars that they had with them. The weapon is their life after all and if someone were to use a dead Jedi's lightsaber it could be thought that they were slandering the Jedi's legacy. And what would happen to a Sith who failed to turn a crystal? Would they be killed for being weak? Or would they forever remain in place to turn the crystal? How did Luke make his new lightsaber? Did Obi-Wan have a spare kyber crystal in his box?

    I also have another question. All of the kyber crystals that we have seen are opaque and only achieve a color through the construction of a lightsaber somehow. We saw this in TCW. But later in the unfinished episodes, Anakin and Obi-Wan discover a massive green kyber crystal on Utapau. How did that get its color? Catalyst didn't provide an answer at least not that I can recall.

    The construction of synthetic lightsaber crystals was built out of necessity that eventually became a tradition. With this bleeding, it seems that this is only a tradition without any context behind it. It isn't explained why a Sith has to bleed a Jedi's crystal. Is it a superiority complex? The synthetic crystals were made with the aid of the Dark Side and could overpower a Jedi's blade. And as we've seen with Ahsoka, they aren't as powerful as it is thought since they can be turned again. Is it to show the rage and pain that is within a Sith? As we've seen from various other comics, books, games, and even the films that is not the only way to show it and there are better ways to do so. It seems to me that this change was only done to be different from the old EU. They used an old concept (the Kaiburr Crystal and later, the Kyber Memory Crystal [which also has its own problems]), combined it with the look from the Star Wars Visual Dictionary, and added in a mood ring. I don't know about you, but this doesn't appear to be very creative.

  22. Loving the new lightsaber and kyber crystal lore coming out ๐Ÿ˜Š not only can they be bled, they can be restored too, as we saw in the Ahsoka novel. Although it was a little vague, iirc…

  23. This hasn't sold me on bleeding crystals as a replacement over the Legends version, HOWEVER, it NOW feels like it has a point to it.

  24. Or, alternately, do pretty much the same thing but sitting in front of a blazing furnace for days until your hate, passion, and fear takes physical form and one cut it wrong, the crystal became useless.

  25. The bleeding ritual was such an enchanting scene to experience in the new Darth Vader comic. This concept has really caught my heart, adds up to the overall mysticism of the Force, and makes the user feel one with the dark side of the Force. At first, I thought Vader was going to redden the stolen kyber crystal using telekinesis while meditating for a long period of time, but there are other ways to show it. This is the most powerful moment of the comic I've been waiting to see and absolutely love.

    In addition, Ahsoka and the Darth Vader comics have become my favorite Canon reads. Vader transferring his grief into the crystal and experiencing Force visions of tragic memories has made him feel truly united. Thanks for the awesome video, it has absolutely inspired me.


  26. I always believed a form of this happened, before the merger, and I really love the details they put and how other sith will be reimagined

  27. This can explain why Vader says in ROJ "obi wan once thought as you do" vader is referring to his vision of hope. Also if a dark side user successful bleeds a Crystal the sith would then know they have rejeted the light side

  28. the crystal bleeding was epic, but i feel like it was a little too epic. did every single inquisitor and sith create storms and tornadoes and lightning around them when they bled their crystals?

  29. I'm guessing this was so difficult for Vader because of the conflict within him. If "bleeding" is basically forcing the crystal to align with the user, that processes would get muddled if said user isn't sure of where they stand deep down. Straight-up evil Dark Side users can probably just focus for a while and make it red no problem because they know exactly what they want.

  30. This new canon philosophy of bleeding is better. You have to journey to prove you can wield the saber, instead of "Hey, let's make some lightsaber crystals!"

  31. I mean if they were going to have the Death Star be powered by Kyber Crystals, they pretty much HAD to remove synthetic crystals from canon…
    This sounds like a really sad issue. Might have to pick it up. Great video, as always!

  32. I feel like Bleeding a crystal should, rather than being the singular method, be an option; that one could corrupt a crystal, or forge one synthetically.

  33. Do you think that the fact that Anakin didn't bleed his lightsaber crystal before fighting Obi-wan might have contributed to his loss? That the light side infused crystal might have been resisting his control?

  34. Regarding the crystal living, here is what the comic writer wrote on StarWars.com:

    "Charles Soule: I think the definition of โ€œlivingโ€ needs to be a little loose here. Weโ€™re still talking about a crystal, after all. Itโ€™s a piece of stone, not a sentient being. I view it as more of a feedback loop, if anything. The only mind there with any sense of will was Vader itself โ€” if that helps give you a little clarity on what I was suggesting with that scene."

  35. Personally, I enjoy the legends version of the lightsaber crystal from Kotor II much more than this bleeding concept. The canon concept fails in two big ways for me.

    The following paragraph is a summary for people who don't want to waste too much time on reading youtube comments:
    Legends: "This crystal empathizes with how you connect to the force, and as a result you share a special bond with it. By embracing this bond and attuning it, putting everything you are into it, you can make the crystal, and in turn yourself, more powerful than ever. In using it in a lightsaber, your weapon becomes a focus for your power, an extension of your very being."
    Canon: We're playing by Harry Potter rules. "The wand (crystal) chooses the wizard (Jedi)," and, "Aha, I beat you! That means that your wand (crystal) serves me now!""

    This paragraph is just for people who don't know how legend's crystals function. It's not a perfect summary, but nevertheless here it is.
    The naturally-formed crystals absorbed excess energy from beings who were attuned to the Force. Upon discovery by the a force adept, their crystal forms a bond with them, and as such, acquired its character (like color and brightness) and strength from the force wielder's own relationship with the Force. In turn, the crystal was capable of augmenting their owner's powers and physical finesse. Finding a crystal that is perfectly attuned, however, is very rare, but it makes for an incredibly powerful one (in its owner's hands). Alternatively, because (especially close to the end of the republic), Sith had lost access or memory as to where to retrieve natural crystals, they made forges for them to synthetically create new crystals, with their effect being slightly more powerful than your average natural crystal. The canon bleeding technique would be an appropriate stand-in for the niche served by synthetic crystals (when Sith don't really have their own supply of crystals), but it's not a solid concept as the only way for someone to get a crystal.

    In Regards to the oversimplification/antagonizing of the Sith

    The canon version only serves to further their strawman of the Sith as generically selfish, evil, tyrannical, sadistic, and narcissistic people, when (at least in legends) they were proactive people who favored the ideas of a meritocracy, individualism, and philosophical Darwinism. Unlike Jedi, Sith were not ones to wait for conflict to come upon them (or worse, avoid it), but ones to confront and resolve it. When in their code, they say "peace is a lie," it means that peace might be a noble goal, but not a means to an end.

    And while in general Sith serve as the villains, there have been numerous instances of Darths who have had a positive influence on the galaxy. For example, Darth Revan, Darth Malgus, and Darth Imperius were pro-alien, the latter being especially against slavery. Darth Traya and Darth Imperius favored a contrasted vision of the force, with their students being not only allowed, but encouraged them to study, use, and learn the philosophy of both sides of the force (as in their eyes, having that contrast painted a greater perception of their universe). Darth Traya in particular gets massive points, as when she saw her fellow Sith turning in too evil a direction, she orchestrated their defeat and subsequent deaths.

    In Regards to the Symbolism of the Crystal and the Lightsaber on an individual level

    In legends, crystals, like those that wielded them, were also not necessarily 100% naturally light sided. A quote from the crystal caves on Dantooine: "Yes, the crystals in this cave are unlike any I have seen. Some are warm to the touch, while others are freezing. They seem to contain energy of some sort." Just like there are places attuned to the light and dark, there are naturally crystals for every color of force users.

    Having the crystal "bleed" and be red universally among Sith is both limiting to both the Sith and Jedi's ability to represent their identity through their blades. Jedi, unlike in legends, can never have their blade be naturally red by this logic. Sith, if they turn their crystal to the dark side, can only have the uniform red as a color. This is especially ironic and contradictory, as it rips away individuality from the philosophy most dedicated to individualism. For those who don't know the general color spectrum for color crystals, while Jedi tend to have anywhere among blue, green, and yellow crystals (with the occasional outlier, such as purple or white), Sith had lightsabers that typically had colors like red, orange, fiery, and purple (and they too have outliers).

    While as a whole I am opposed to the concept of bleeding crystals being the ONLY explanation for how Sith get their red crystals, I would not be opposed to it being on alternative to discovering/attuning one's crystal. Still, in terms of the more simplistic canon universe, it does make it easy to distinguish the two groups.

    Sorry for making such a god damn long wall of text, but I felt that I needed to put this out there. As we're moving onto the new canon, I know that a lot of legends is getting left behind. I can deal with that, as much as I might not like it. What I cannot accept is that in cutting out or changing these details, we lose the depth and meaning legends had.

  36. What about a Kyber crystal that changes color through emotions?

    Red= angry,sadness
    Fire Red/orange =true hate and aggression
    White = peace and passion
    Yellow = determined
    Blue = calm and focused
    Green = true peace with the force
    Purple = controlled anger and happiness

    What do y'all think?

  37. I don't understand why they can't just allow both to exist. I really like the idea of the Sith forging their own synthetic crystals but I also like the idea of lightsaber crystals being sensitive to the force, able to be purified or corrupted.

  38. I prefer bleeding of the crystal….makes dark siders even more powerful, and kyber crystals more mystical and powerful

  39. #bullshit it makes no sense at all, as it would be WAY too difficult, whereas synthetic crystals are quick and easy

  40. Are inquisitor's crystals still synthetic being it takes a lot of dark side force energy to cause a Jedi crystals to bleed the only one I could see having enough power would haft to be the grand inquisitor

  41. Does one need to poor in anger and hatred? Couldn't you just poor in any emotion powerful enough? Like greed, compassion, love, ect?

  42. What I want to know is what is the point? In Legends the only reason they made synthetic red crystals was because the planet also had some Jedi on it and didn't want to risk confrontation so instead of finding one they took the easy way out. They say a bleeding crystal connects you more to the dark side, but how? A lightsaber is still a lightsaber and it wasn't shown that a red one was way more powerful than non red one. Seems pretty much the same as lightsabers can still cut no matter what color you give and it seems to be more of a rite of passage really? If anything you'd think it would expose them more. If the sith were hiding wouldn't it make more sense to use non red crystals, if they could get it, so they wouldn't stand out. With bleeding crystals I'd understand why Jedi wouldn't touch it, but it's not like you can't use it. They just can't make one but can still steal a red lightsaber from others and use it just fine. It's not like it won't turn on because they use the lightside of the force. I don't despise the idea, it's ok, but I like the legends explanation more. Plus back then you could see a sith with a non red lightsaber and you can also see a Jedi with a red lightsaber as red crystals could be found but were extremely rare. Even Luke and Leia used one and really a color shouldn't make you evil as the color red is nothing good or evil about it. If any saber would be used for evil intent, you would think something like the Darksaber which seems to be the opposite of a lightsaber, since it is dark and it is flat and has a sharp edge, but that's not an evil blade and it was made by a Jedi and passed down to other Jedi and Sith too.

    To me making synthetic crystals make sense because it symbolizes the sith take the quick and easy path. Instead of finding and mining crystals, they just make their own and back then you'd at least see some Jedi use a red blade and some sith use a non red blade.

  43. Since I am a procrastinator I could imagine being a sith in the old republic during the assault on the Jedi temple. All the sith ignite their lightsabers and so do I. They turn to look at me as I hold a green lightsaber in hand. " Oops nervous chuckle I forgot to bleed the crystal I will get to that tomorrow."

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