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What happens if I have to have my esophagus removed?

So if a patient needs
their esophagus removed, generally, it’s for
esophageal cancer. Keep in mind that most
patients with esophageal cancer will not be surgical candidates
for a variety of reasons, whether they’re cancer is caught
too late, if treatment doesn’t downstage it enough
that they can have an operation performed. So it is a minority
of patients that are first diagnosed with
esophageal cancer that make it to surgery. Now the surgery is a big one. It’s one of the
biggest ones that I do and that we do here at the
Medical Center of Trinity. It is an esophagectomy. Anything with ectomy on
the end means removal. So removal of the
esophagus is done. Here, I do it with a
cardiothoracic surgeon. We partner up to
do this operation. And it’s a several
hour operation. And it’s a team approach. And it’s removal
of the esophagus. It’s turning the stomach into
a tube, which kind of serves as the new esophagus
or neo-esophagus We stretch the stomach
up into the neck so that patients can continue to
eat and drink, and enjoy that. But it’s quite an ordeal. Usually, if a patient, again,
has made it to surgery, they’ve already
had chemotherapy. They’ve already had radiation. And they’ve been rediagnosed
or restaged after that and deemed appropriate
for surgery.

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