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What Causes Heartburn and Acid Reflux? Thank Gut It’s Fixed Show Episode 4

hello hello everyone how are you
this is Nour Zibdeh.. the first few times we talked about the gut why it’s
important.. leaky gut and how do you know that you have it today is about acid
reflux heartburn and GERD so I wanna I’m gonna get started with this if you are
just joining this is Nour Zibdeh …I am a functional dietitian and nutritionist
and I help people fix their guts and I help them fix their bodies from the
inside out so that they have energy for the people that they care most about
to do the things that they love and to feel comfortable in their own bodies so
we’re gonna get started in today’s episode on acid reflux heartburn guard
in the show Thank Gut It’s Fixed so what I have I do have some notes that I am
just making sure that I am covering the topic this is a topic that I am super
passionate about and I promise you you’re going to learn something new and
there are some things that you know very different than the common
medical approach or to dealing with acid reflux and so you might be surprised
with some things … there will be some medical terms I will do my best to keep
things simple but it’s really hard to talk about it without including medical
terms so I’m gonna have some pictures for you…
so heartburn is having that burning sensation under the breastbone so just
right under your rib cage or on top of this stomach that burning that warm
feeling or sensation … acid reflux is when the acid or actually not just the acid
it’s the stomach content refluxes up or travels up from the stomach to the
esophagus … the esophagus think of it as the food tube that is connecting your throat
and mouth to the stomach and so reflux is when the content of the stomach wash
or reflux is back up or splashes up to the esophagus and that can cause the
pain irritation painful sensation maybe sour taste in
your mouth … but what people don’t know and this is very interesting that acid
reflux can be related to symptoms that are not just the burning on top of the
top part of the stomach acid reflux can be is actually there cause for things
like feeling a lump in your throat or that you cannot swallow, coughing… if you
are constantly coughing and it’s not an infection and it can’t you don’t seem to
have you know bacterial infection that can be reflux … hoarseness in your voice
that is acid reflux and acid can actually go to your lungs and cause
asthma or pneumonia so the acid reflux is the process by the content of the
stomach goes up heartburn is the warm sensation under the ribcage and GERD which is reflux disease this is what happens when acid
reflux happens more frequently so if it’s mild it happens two or more times a
week then you go to the doctor they give you that label that you have GERD or if
it’s severe and it happens once a week then you have that’s good now there’s
another condition that I want to mention it is called LPR what that means it’s
laryngopharyngeal reflux … so I just want to show you a little picture
here if you look at the back of your throat that’s your pharynx your larynx
is right here which is Adam’s apple so LPR is another condition that is caused
by the acid coming from the stomach all the way to here and these are the
symptoms with coughing hoarseness in the voice and inability to swallow like
you feel like food is getting stuck in here and typically this is something
that most people don’t connect to the stomach because some people have LPR
without having the the stomach pain or the heartburn so they don’t connect it
and you might go to your ENT or ear nose and throat and they would work
on this and your gastroenterologist will just work on the bottom even though it’s one
one system that is messed up that there’s a problem
system but this is how conventional medicine is different parts of the body
are managed by different kinds of doctors without really looking at their
root cause… why is treating acid reflux important you might think that you know
what look whatever I can just take Tom’s or recline after eating not lay down and
just be fine or the acid is not really that painful doesn’t really matter and
it is it’s it’s not just the discomfort the problem with acid reflux is that
there are long term side effects the irritation and discarding that can
happen to those Safa cos long term the lining if this is not treated the lining
of the esophagus starts to resemble the lining of your intestine because there
are enzymes and things in there that are not supposed to be there what that
causes precancerous cells from developing and causes them to develop
that’s called Barrett’s esophagus and then the doctor would know this through
an endoscopy and then that could lead to suffer GL cancer which is one of them
very difficult to deal with cancers so we want to do anything in our in our in
our hands that are controlled to prevent any type of cancer of course now even
though it’s a small risk but we want to prevent that if the acid is staying here
in your mouth now this the saliva will become acidic and your teeth are gonna
get eroded you’re gonna be more likely to develop for our dental disease I
don’t know about you but I like to keep my teeth without pain and looking good
and so the long-term damage of acid that’s not treated can be painful can
can be very serious acid reflux the name is misleading
because you think that it’s acid that’s the problem but it’s not really acid
it’s not hydrochloric acid so to give you a little bit of like background
about digestion so if you remember here’s your digestive system and here’s
your stomach and in your stomach you are going to produce enzymes to help break
down the food if you look at the esophagus the food tube and the stomach
they are connected by a muscle it’s actually not the one muscle it’s a group
of muscles that are called le s which is the lower
esophageal sphincter and so these muscles we’re supposed to do is they’re
supposed to open up when food is coming down so they let food into the stomach
and they closed so that the stomach will do its thing they just food and process
that and then actually there’s another muscle that’s connecting your stomach to
your intestine and that’s what’s gonna open up to let the food go now what
happens is it’s not it’s that the the muscles open up this muscle or group of
muscles down here they’re gonna open up and the content of the stomach is going
to go up cause the problem so the content of the stomach is not just as
most people think that it’s just hydrochloric acid what’s in the stomach
is actually there’s an enzyme called pepsin that is released by the lining of
the stomach and it’s released or secreted inactive and when the food
shows up the body will sense that and the cells will produce hydrochloric acid
and the hydrochloric acid will activate the pepsin so it starts to break down
the the chemical bonds between amino acids it to break down protein and then
in the stomach there also bile acids that are going to help with the
digestion so it’s not hydrochloric acid that’s by itself the problem it is all
of the stomach content and the medical the solution that or they’re the common
solution to acid reflux is this is the thought process you have heartburn or
acid reflux that means you have too much acid so we’re gonna treat it by reducing
the acids or acid or preventing it or stopping it and you know most people
what they do is you know if it’s something that’s new or if it’s not very
severe they pop tons which are calcium salts and they neutralize the acids so
if you remember from basic chemistry acid plus space equals water and carbon
dioxide so it neutralizes the acid and then you burp that’s the carbon dioxide
now if things get worse or if it happens too often and now you start to think oh
let me go grab over-the-counter nexium or pepcid or one of those
medications now this becomes scary and serious because even though this is a
smaller dose of a prescription medication people are overusing it and
for long period of times and they have serious side effects so so you’re not
and then you’re not really solving the problem if you go to your doctor there
are two types of medications that they would recommend something called h2
antagonists which suppresses acid or PPI which is a proton pump inhibitor and
it’s another medication that’s stronger that suppresses the acid so h2
antagonist something like zantac or pepcid PPI things like nexium prilosec
protonix on parasol pentaprism all kind of medications depending on if you go by
the generic or the brand name so here’s what I always tell people it’s not that
you have too much acid it’s not that you have too much hydrochloric acid
the problem is stomach content whether it’s too much or too little it doesn’t
matter with the acid it’s just the stomach content where it should say in
the stomach that is protected that there’s a mucous that the stomach self
can handle this acid now it’s going up to a place that doesn’t tolerate it
they’re not welcome in the esophagus and now we’re starting to have their
irritation or the problems why do doctors keep recommending PPIs or
medications is that they work they cover up the symptom they are a band-aid
solution some people go to their doctors asking for a medication like they’re
begging for a prescription so I know that you’re in pain but this doesn’t
solve the problem it’s a short-term solution and if you have been following
me for enough time you know that I’m not about quick fixes I want to get to the
root of the problem and we want to fix that so that you don’t have to deal with
this for the rest of your life I don’t know about you but I want to eat oranges
and pineapple and berries and strawberries and tomatoes because all
these foods are considered acidic if you look at the aesthetic value or like how
much acid in those it is considered acidic
and what that will do is that will cause the burning sensation now what I forgot
to say is that the pepcid which is an enzyme that’s supposed to be in the
stomach now they start to find it in the esophagus for people who have heartburn
and reflux and what happens with that is anytime you need an acidic food this
enzyme gets activated so as you’re swallowing it gets
activated and you feel the burning sensation if you’ve tried to have raw
apple cider vinegar because you hear it’s good for digestion people who have
acid reflux most of the time they say it burns it does not feel good so so we
want to not want to get rid of that pepcid in the esophagus where it’s not
there get rid of it so we can tolerate these foods and enjoy them because
they’re good for you and they’re delicious so the problem is that the
muscle that’s separating that asparagus and the stomach is opening up and when
that is opening up it is causing the content of the stomach to go up now
there are claims that there are certain foods that make that muscle relax
something things like coffee in chocolate but another thought is that
wait why is this muscle relaxing it’s not supposed to relax and it’s not about
the acid because I’ve believed that we’re created in a way to be the human
body’s created in a way to be functioning perfectly so our Creator
wouldn’t have put acid in our bodies if it wasn’t useful and it’s actually very
important if you don’t have enough acid in the stomach you will not be able to
absorb iron or zinc or selenium or b12 so you’re gonna have mineral
deficiencies you’re going to have protein or amino acids you’re not going
to be able to break down protein properly you don’t have enough acid in
the stomach this will be a very lovely place for bacteria to grow because it’s
not acidic anymore it’s not sterile anymore and this bacteria is going to
ferment and eat up any food that you eat and as a bacteria ferments the food that
you eat is going to prep cause gases to produce and that fermentation the
pressure will cause the muscles to open up and release the stomach content so
the real true cause of acid reflux is not
too much acid it’s actually fermentation and the pressure from the stomach to up
and when we take PPI medications or h2 antagonist medications and we suppress
the acid then we suppress digestion and then we make fermentation worse and we
have things refluxing up to the esophagus but I had a question about
natural solutions and you might have seen recommendations for apple cider
vinegar to try but the problem even though it helps digestion it can
actually cause irritation if your stomach isn’t or hasn’t healed so apple
cider vinegar may not be the best solution
if you already have heartburn now the quick solution band-aid solution
food-wise is to avoid the food that are acidic so that is something I all I have
my patients do because we kind of have to cross that gap or bridge too so that
there’s no more reflux or that the content is not getting pushed up so and
then when we fix that that we can bring acidic foods back in so things like
berries and tomatoes and pineapple coffee sometimes chocolate mint these
are things that you want to avoid I want to talk about more about you know other
natural remedies but what really is before we try to fix and repair we have
to eliminate the root cause of the problem remove some of the foods that
cause fermentation in the stomach so things like garlic and onion and wheat
products so yeah some try taking out the breads actually all carbohydrates breads
and pastas and and even like beans and oats even though they’re some of them
are healthy have fiber that can cause more fermentation and that will make the
heartburn worse 30 grams of carbohydrates can make you produce 3
gallons of gas so think of 3 gallons of milk filled with gas and they are being
produced in your intestines in your stomach that’s enough gas to push the
stomach content up and create problems so I hope this gave you just some idea
of the root cause of acid reflux and how to
you know think about it most people or most doctors think of just of the
stomach where you really have to or the esophagus you really have to think down
in the digestion and deeper in the gut of all the fermentation that is
happening and what is really being digested properly and what’s not being
digested properly so your your your trial if you want to give something a
try is to take out garlic and onion for a week they tend to cause more
fermentation take out you know wheat and gluten but not just the wheat it’s only
it’s it’s in general cut back on your carbohydrates cut back on your sugars
that’s of course that’s obvious right like all of the the different kinds of
sugars in that that are in your food the sweets the baked goods these are all
like quick food for bacteria in your gut that is going to cause fermentation so
if you have any questions leave them in the comment section I will take a look
at them and I will answer them and if I have enough questions to do another
episode on acid reflux and heartburn I will so if you’re watching this and
you’re like ok I have heartburn what do I do and and it’s it’s not very easy to
give a general recommendation so try some of the tips that I have shared but
if you want more you can always reach out to me I’m in Virginia but I help
people all across the country so you can reach out to me schedule a free
consultation where you know I see what your problem is and if there’s some
things that I feel I can help you with I will definitely share that with you
what I really didn’t get into is all the infections and things that can be
happening down in the gut which can be causing heartburn which is gonna be a
lot longer than this in more detail so it’s something that we’ll definitely be
talking about next time I will be back next week and I will be checking your
messages or the comments on this thread have a great day
and I hope it wasn’t too complicated talk to you later bye

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  1. Excellent explanation. This is a serious problem. It could lead to an eroded esophagus. It happened to a family member and led to a host of health problems
    Thanks so much for this info

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