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WATCH: Joe Biden’s Bleeding Eye During CNN Town Hall

YouTube Joe Biden’s bleeding eye is visible in this screenshot.  Joe Biden’s eye appeared to be bleeding during a CNN town hall on climate change Eagle-eyed viewers took to Twitter to express concern about the bloody eye. While others questioned whether photos on Twitter of Biden’s bloody eye were photoshopped, here’s video that shows that Joe Biden’s eye does appear to be bleeding or bloody during the CNN town hall Washington Examiner reported that Biden’s eye appeared to have a burst blood vessel during the CNN town hall on September 4, 2019 You can watch the video and judge for yourself. People took to Twitter to comment “@JoeBiden What happened to your eye?” wrote one Twitter user. “Can’t turn a blind eye but Joe sure can turn a bloody one,” wrote another Another wrote: “remember when lebron james in his final season with the cavs played the entirety of the finals with a broken finger and a bloody eye? this is how i’m choosing to view the joe biden campaign in this moment ”  After the town hall, Biden tweeted, “We can’t turn a blind eye to the way in which environmental burdens are distributed unevenly along racial and socioeconomic lines Biden will right these wrongs and stand up to fossil fuel companies who disproportionately harm communities of color and low-income communities ”   Here’s what you need to know:The Bleeding Eye May Raise Concerns About Joe Biden’s Health But Bloody Eyes Can Be Caused by Mundane Reasons   Joe Biden’s age could become an issue on the campaign trail The former vice president is 76-years-old. He was born on November 20, 1942. However, President Donald Trump is no spring chicken, either Donald Trump is 73-years-old. Rounding out the geriatric presidential contenders, one must not forget Bernie Sanders He’s older than Biden actually; he’s 77. Elizabeth Warren is 70. What can cause a bleeding or bloody eye? Of course, one shouldn’t try to diagnose a person, including Biden, over the Internet However, WebMD does report that a broken blood vessel in the eye is sometimes called a “Subconjunctival Hemorrhage ”   According to WebMD, “Most subconjunctival hemorrhages are spontaneous without an obvious cause Often, a person may discover a subconjunctival hemorrhage on awakening and looking in the mirror ” In fact, there are some mundane causes for such bleedings. WebMD reports that these can include sneezing, coughing, straining, eye rubbing, trauma from injury, high blood pressure or a bleeding disorder The site recommends people see a doctor when the bloody eye persists, when it’s accompanied by other symptoms like bleeding gums, and when it’s accompanied by vision changes, among other things  A journal article called Subconjunctival hemorrhage: risk factors and potential indicators on such hemorrhages explains, “Subconjunctival hemorrhage is a benign disorder that is a common cause of acute ocular redness The major risk factors include trauma and contact lens usage in younger patients, whereas among the elderly, systemic vascular diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and arteriosclerosis are more common ” The article was published in the Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology. It’s not clear what caused Joe Biden’s eye to bleed  That’s not the only possible cause though. The American Academy of Ophthalmology lists a number of other ailments that bloody eyes can be associated with, ranging from glaucoma to corneal ulcer You can see the list here.   Joe Biden has had some health issues over the years According to Delaware Online, Biden suffered “two life-threatening brain aneurysms” in 1988 He only had a 50 percent chance of surviving one of those surgeries, the newspaper reported, quoting him as saying of that surgery, “In fact, I felt becalmed, like I was floating gently in the wide-open sea It surprised me, but I had no real fear of dying. I’d long since accepted the fact that life’s guarantees don’t include a fair shake ” A Biden Presidency Would Set Age Records  GettyJoe Biden leads in a 2020 Democratic primary poll  Biden’s age means that he would be 78-years-old on inauguration day if he were to win the presidency in November 2020 He would be 82 if he sought re-election. According to Forbes, Biden would be significantly above the average age for a president, which is just over 55  If Joe Biden is elected president, he will take Trump’s place as the oldest president ever elected If Biden wins the Democratic nomination, he might be teamed with a younger vice president to neutralize the age issue, according to Bloomberg  Here are the oldest presidents at the time of their inauguration, along with their ages at the time they took office:  1 President Donald Trump: Age 70 2. Ronald Reagan: Age 69 3. William H. Harrison: Age 68 4 James Buchanan: Age 65 5. George H.W. Bush: Age 64 Who were the youngest presidents at the time of their inauguration? They were: 1 Theodore Roosevelt: Age 42 2. John F. Kennedy: Age 43 3. Bill Clinton: Age 46 years, 5 months 4 Ulysses S. Grant: Age 46 years, 10 months 5. Barack Obama: Age 47 years, 5 months Of course, you can look at the age question two ways: Who was the oldest president at the time of taking office, and who was the oldest living president – ever – former or current  George H.W. Bush, when he died on November 30, 2018, was 94-years-old. That put him into the record books when it comes to the oldest president in U S. history, but it was for long.  Bush held two distinctions at the time he died; he was the United States’ oldest living president, but he was also the oldest president in the history of the United States He officially set the record as the nation’s oldest living president ever when he reached 93 years and 166 days  However, George H.W. Bush did not hold that record for long. That’s because Jimmy Carter, who is still alive, is also 94-years-old Carter was born a couple months after Bush. On March 22, 2019, he also became the nation’s longest living president – ever  READ NEXT: Joe Biden’s Age Vs. Bernie Sanders’ Age.

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