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Was Bruce Lee Murdered?

On 26th July, 1973 martial arts legend Bruce
Lee and producer Raymond Chow were discussing the script of their new film, ‘Game of Death’.
Later that evening, Lee complained of a headache and Chow left to a dinner reservation. Lee
took a single pill, the painkiller Equagesic, and went to bed. It was a sleep that he would
never wake from. Only 3 films into a blockbusting film career
and six days before his Hollywood debut, Bruce Lee was pronounced dead aged just 32. Leading
British forensic scientist Donald Teare was flown to Hong Kong to complete the autopsy.
He found that something had caused Lee’s brain to swell by 13%, and concluded that
Lee had died “by misadventure”. The painkiller Equagesic was the only substance found in
his body. Donald Teare concluded that Lee’s brain swelling and subsequent death must have
been caused by an allergic reaction to the painkiller’s compounds. But this ruling proved to be controversial.
Reportedly Bruce Lee’s own private doctor, Donald Langford publicly refuted this conclusion,
stating ‘nobody dies from one tablet of Equagesic.’ An unsatisfying coroner’s report fuelled
rumours and doubt as to how it was possible for the ‘fittest man alive’ to die from
an everyday painkiller. Many were left to question, was Bruce Lee murdered? Conspiracy theorists on the site Xaviant Haze,
believe the most likely suspect to have orchestrated Bruce Lee’s murder was producer Raymond
Chow. He co-owned Concord Production with Bruce Lee, a subset of Chow’s already existing
Golden Harvest production company. Their working relationship was reportedly strained and rumours
circulated that Lee often had temper tantrums on set. In the months before his death Lee
had even halted filming ‘Game of Death’ in order to star in Concord Productions’
‘Enter The Dragon’, co-produced with Warner Brothers. With a division in Lee’s priorities,
could it be possible that Chow killed his biggest star, Bruce Lee, to prevent him from
swapping Hong Kong for Hollywood? Suspicion fell on Chow when it was revealed
that just two months earlier, Bruce Lee suddenly collapsed, vomiting and falling into a seizure.
Members of the crew ran and informed Chow that Lee was unconscious but instead of calling
an ambulance, Chow first rang his own doctor. When he was finally administered to hospital
a neurosurgeon found that Lee’s brain was swollen, the same symptoms he displayed the
day he died. When Lee died, it was Chow once again who chose not to call an ambulance,
instead trying to revive Lee himself. Could it be possible that Chow had poisoned Lee? With Lee dead, Chow was able to procure Lee’s
remaining half of Concord Productions and fully own the rights to the few films that
immortalised the martial arts legend. With a newly created insatiable appetite for Bruce
Lee films, his untimely death created a new market which Chow exploited, distributing
Lee’s films for the first time to an international market. Chow proved he didn’t even need
Lee alive to create films with the martial arts icon, when 5 years later he released
Bruce Lee’s final film attempt, ironically titled ‘Game of Death’, using only 11
minutes of footage of Bruce Lee and filling in the rest of the film with look-a-likes
and even real footage of Lee’s funeral. With no competition from Hollywood, Chow’s
production company Golden Harvest was able to dominate Hong Kong box office sales for
the next two decades. Another suspected group is the centuries old
criminal gang, the Chinese Triads. It was rumoured that the Triads had close ties with
the entertainment industry and when Bruce Lee refused to pay gang members for their
protection services, the Triads instead took an even higher offer to become his assassins.
The Mandarin film industry was under threat from Bruce Lee’s popularity and dominance.
Lee was single-handedly revolutionising the action genre and the studios that couldn’t
afford Lee risked making a loss. It is speculated that executives in the Mandarin film industry,
possibly with the help of Chow, paid the Triads to poison Bruce Lee. Even before Bruce Lee’s glittering film
career, he had made enemies within the martial arts community when he opened his own martial
arts schools in America, accepting students from all ethnicities. Lee was accused of dishonouring
ancient Chinese secrets by sharing them with foreigners. Challenged to a fight by martial
arts master, Wong Jack Man, if Lee lost he was to be forbidden from teaching Americans
Chinese martial arts. Although Lee won the match, his further exposure of martial arts
to a mass audience continued to anger many. A 1985 article in the martial arts magazine,
‘Black Belt’, theorised that Lee’s sudden death may have been the result of a delayed
reaction to Dim Mak, known as the touch of death. This is a martial arts technique that
attacks pressure points leading to the delayed death of an opponent. The ‘Black Belt’
article argues that Lee’s popularising of martial arts angered an unknown Kung Fu master
who months before Lee’s death had administered the unsuspected attack. However despite the
mythology, there is no proof that this technique actually exists. From conspiracy theorists to scientists dissatisfied
with the coroner’s report, new theories constantly arise concerning what caused Lee’s
death. As recently as 2006, American doctor Filkins proposed that Bruce Lee suffered from
an epileptic condition first recognised more than 20 years after his death. The condition,
known as SUDEP, sudden unexpected death in epilepsy, accounts for 5% to 30% of deaths
in patients with epilepsy and involves a seizure which stops the heart or lungs. It is most
common in men aged 20-40 and can be brought on by lack of sleep and stress. Whether Bruce Lee died of epilepsy or murder,
his shocking death did not remove from his brief but shining film career. To this day
he is admired for his strength, his skills and his philosophy; and for being a legend
who bridged the gap between East and West.

100 thoughts on “Was Bruce Lee Murdered?

  1. Yes he was fucking murdered… the fact that he had become too great and there is someone out there who is jealous of him fearing that he would become too great… the same thing happen for his son Brandon lee… and the murderers seems satisfied cause they have every power to shut people's mouth…. And here as a fan…. I shall wait for the eleventh hour when we all shall stand before God on the judgement day…. and I'll make sure I'll drag them to hell along with me… idc how many numbers in large they are…. I'm still grieving…. fuck you all who still roams…. murderers… say whatever you want idc

  2. Bruce Lee was not killed until after Ip Man died. Why? Cuz of tradition & respect. You don't assassinate a student without laying blame on the teacher. Ip man was given a pass due to age & other factors

  3. whoever killed bruce lee he will get his ass kicked in heaven oh sorry bruce have to go to hell to give that person ONE INCH PUNCH

  4. I have never believed in the official medical explanation for Lee’s death.

    Bruce Lee lived at a time when racism was rampant and common. Even Lee himself was never taught Wing Chun publicly by Yip man because he wasn’t 100% Chinese (his mother was part German making Lee himself only 3 quarters Chinese/1 quarter German)

    The rule of the Chinese-Americans in San Francisco in the 1960s was that they were forbidden from teaching their martial secrets to the American whites and blacks.

    Lee protested this, quite passionately, and they didn’t like that. That alone gives me reason to believe he was murdered.

    We can’t imagine Lee as being disliked because most Americans have only been aware of him after he died. Lee was famous in Hong Kong through Golden Harvest film studios for quite some time before he ever gained international popularity through his movie ‘Enter the Dragon’ by Warner Brothers which was released earlier in 1973.

    I absolutely refuse to accept or believe the official reports about how he died that have been circulated for the past 45 years.

  5. can you please do a show on why does CIA kill every rock star at the age of 27 and are all mass shootings in America result from MK ultra victims yes are victims of CIA program called MK ultra mind control by acid

  6. Oh please – you fake white-washers.
    Lee was killed by the American establishment because he was a Chinese guy beating the crap out of white guys in his movies. And some ego's in America just can't handle that. As Jack Johnson demonstrated decades before. Black guy wins a boxing match and white racists go around beating up black people.
    Also – The war in Vietnam was happening at the same time – and the establishment didn't like Lee humanizing and popularising Asian people to the American public, whilst they were trying to do the opposite.

  7. Medical evidence pointed to a mixture of analgesic medication and antibiotics causing a brain aneurysm. That's why you don't mix pain-relief prescriptions with antibiotics, clearly stated on their contraindications. And why do people always blame the triads, yakuza, illuminati, freemasons, Jesus, God, Satan, and just about everyone else for their own problems?

  8. The reason why Bruce lee was killed with these pain killers because if anyone came up to him face to face they would have got murdered their self haha

  9. this in my opinion was an illuminati hit. my former instructor george dillman who is the only man alive who was both a sparring partner and friend to both bruce and ali thinks it was death touch. it is science not magic, a certain point can be hit causing an aneurism that will cause a blood vessel to burst in brain a few days later. interesting how in, i believe it was game of death where his character billy is almost killed while filming a movie in the movie from a prop-gun with a real bullet, and that is basically how brandon is later killed in real life. way too many coincidences.

  10. REELZ did a special on his death. 3 years before he died he ruptured a disk in his back. doctors told him he'd never do martial arts again. he started using heavy doses of cortisone which has a ton of side effects. it was not regulated so he used it for 3 years. Being hot, severe sweating, headaches, dehydration; all signs of adrenyl failure was seen with Bruce. He sweated so much 9 months before his death he had some of his sweat glands removed. He also started getting a red/ruddy color in his face. His memory was failing and he had huge emotional swings.

  11. I grew up poor. Seen fists of fury at my uncle's one night when I was 10 along with Rambo. Cut my mom's broom handle up to make numb chucks. Don't know what hurt worse…whacking myself with the homemade numb chucks or getting my ass beat for the cost of the broom handle. Wouldn't trade my numb chucks for anything. Tks Bruce…luv ya

  12. Who his murderer ..Film producer..
    His sons also murder by who..?
    Bruce all family murdered by anyone who hated Bruce lee..

  13. That's not what killed Bruce Lee, Chang Mai Kong had a bad case of gas and cut a fart in Bruce's face while they where sparring and it knocked him dead.

  14. He died by accidently taking a Drug that he was allergic to, But had no idea that he was Allergic to it that caused his Sudden Death etc. may he RIP & is sadly missed by all of his Fans etc.

  15. Bullshit. SPECTRE is what Bruce Lee is its main killer agent that rebelled like Malcolm X and was killed by
    the mystery schools or illuminati. with all is so called friends join in to drink is blood in a illuminati blood sacrifice to Lucifer to open portals for millions of Demons to assist to create the perfection of the New World Order.
    REPENT illuminati John 3:16.
    I am coming for you don't run.
    Captain Jesus son of Jesus Christ God of gods.

  16. doesn't make sense to kill your cash cow. nobody is that dumb…right??? 🤷‍♀️
    could be natural could also be at the hands of betty ting pei or even his own wife Linda Lee. wife killing husband (because he supposedly cheated with betty ting pei) isn't new.

  17. What they fail to tell you is that Lee's first collapse in golden harvest studio and rushed to the hospital showing signs of poisoning but he was saved as he was quickly given iv mannitol reducing the swelling. This first collapse had no pain killer pill involved. So why is it that the final collapse pain killer pill was said to be involved in the swelling of his brain. No doubt Lee was poisoned and many will tell you this. Lee was given a clean bill of health months before his death and the only significant finding was a high BUN test of which the doc thought was an error but was Lee's kidneys beginning failure as a result of the poisoning. 20 years later Brandon would die mysteriously and couple weeks before Brandon's death Brandon was approached and told to desist from investigating his father's death. It was noted that Brandon would stay up at his father's house going thru documents.

  18. Do a video on Brandon Lee as 20 years later Brandon would die mysteriously and couple weeks before Brandon's death Brandon was approached and told to desist from investigating his father's death. It was noted that Brandon would stay up at his father's house late going thru documents.

  19. Im betting the marijuana that they found in Lee's stomach was the culprit that was used to poison lee as he often chewed it to calm his nerves but It was kept in a vault and who else but Lee would have access to it? Remember access equal opportunity!

  20. i swear if someone is murdering these actors STOP UR KILLING ALL OUR GOOD ACTORS 4 years later RIP TOM CRUISE GRAAAAAAAH SCREW YOU MURDERER

  21. Temper tantrums?!? Considering how skilled and controller he is of his body! Temper tantrums?!? I spit on that

  22. Because they were both revealing knowledge that they weren't supposed to be exposing to Westerns. That's why Lee and Carradine were both killed!


  24. Bruce Lee was killed because western white men saw him as a threat to Hollywood because Hollywood has always emasculated Asian men. Bruce Lee was handsome, strong and would become a new Asian American sensation. Sadly white america wants to be in charge

  25. Raymond Chow + Triads&HK-movie-industry + US-jew-mobs-movie-industry want Bruce Lee to be dead. I knew a jew guy , a doctor who worked for police and make some thousand autopsies . He ask me for some photos with BL death , I provide him photos . That guy looks at the photos and examined very careful for 10 min than said very short : poison . I ask him to look again maybe some bruises , missing eyebrow , swollen lips , huge neck …but the guy said again : poison . In the end said : "I saw these characteristics too many time and every mortician will say the same" … . Think about mobs sending , another persons piece of liver to Australia , UK , for medical examination in the labs . At the time they don't know about DNA and other tests . Raymond Chow loose the golden egg producer (BL) , HK-mobs was pist off about BL and US make one movie and promises promotion of BL in US , but they don't want pain in the ass and they decide to kill him in HK not US cose if he was death in US then you can easy to imagine who the killer is .

  26. I bet yes! Murdered just like his son! But nobody cares but god the almighty since most humans are criminals! So why is god's fight 1 against 10 if he made this world to be beaten up or what?

  27. He wasn’t murdered , he was on drug addiction and then his producer took him to the hospital and they did a cat scan on his brain and saw something were wrong in his brain . They did a surgery on his stomach and Bruce admitted that he was on drug addicted and the doctor warned him not to do it again , or he can die . When Raymond chow made a appointment with Bruce to film the movie called “Game of death” after finishing the movie Bruce had a headache and when he went to sleep . Raymond chow , and other couldn’t wake Bruce up . So they took him to this hospital , and the doctor has say they couldn’t help . RIP LEGEND BRUCE LEE ! ❤️❤️

  28. He wasn't murdered. People die. It happens. It doesn't matter how old you are or how healthy you are, you can die from certain issues. He collapsed multiple times prior to his death so he wasn't exactly 100% healthy. He smoked and drank and did everything else that young people do too. He took drugs and partied. He wasn't exactly the face of health that everyone thinks he was. He also cheated on his wife a lot too, so who knows what he got himself into before he died.

  29. I just visited Pop Cult Master / Was BL Murdered.

    I've seen the autopsy photos, but in this site it's very clear. BL's left eyebrow is gone .. as if from hot iron. Also, his neck is extremely swollen.

    I had before didn't think Raymond Chow had anything to do with it, but now ….? It's alleged that in Taiwan he was in intelligence agency. When Bruce collapsed May 1973 he went to top Los Angeles medical center for tests, which couldn't find anything wrong. Yet when he returned to Hong Kong, it's possible someone was slipping something into his food/drink or hash brownies.

    After he died, Linda Lee hosted dinner at her home. The stuntmen, etc. were discussing foul play. She said, "Do you really want to know the real reason he died?" Or something like that. His brother Robert thinks it was murder, as did student James DeMile.

    Hong Kong police and triads in those days were hand in hand. Two officers told a BL friend that they thought there was a cover-up. Lo Wei had Triad connections, and of course he lost much face with Bruce Lee, as did Raymond Chow. Shaw Brothers willing to finance a lavish movie starring BL "Name your price." BL planned to bring HK's top stuntmen to the US … so there would be a talent drain from HK. Then with Warner Bros, more pressure from whoever wanted to control BL. It does seem now that Chow would have lost his golden egg, plus losing face to Shaw Bros…. same with Lo Wei.

    If he was murdered, then he was weakened or passed out … I hope there's a film that shows what cowards do.

    At least there is a God. People who don't believe in a God of justice will have no justice. But these cowards will face their eternal fate.

  30. Glaube, nicht das Raymond Chow und Betty Ting,das zusammen geplant haben könnten, aber warum nicht sie rief ja auch direkt Chow an anstatt erst denn krankenwagen,ist schon komisch alles.


  32. Yes he was ..he was Hit on the head before getting grappleing twice and I am old now but I went on a date with the man that send to killed master Lee.. I was send to go out with that Man by Bruce Lee second cousin because he said that he suspected him and it was a week later after Bruce Lee death I was only 16going on 17 years old.. I'm retired from my job I was a school aide.. and have work all my life I didn't know who to go to because Bruce Lee second cousin desapear after that and I was never able to get to see him again.. I'm truly sorry but if I get a chance to talk to his family members I be glad to tell them thank you so much for letting me share this with you..

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