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WANTED: Crohn’s End – Official Trailer (2016)

♪ (SLOW DRIVING MUSIC) ♪ She was ready to cut me open. I’m like whoa! You know, it’s like… Let’s just slow this down here. You’re not seeing stories of hope
and perseverance. You’re seeing stories of people
suffering and dying. This is no joke, Crohn’s and
ulcerative colitis. People die. People lose their intestines.
People have miserable lives. They also suffer horribly from
the drugs their given. And when those drugs didn’t work,
it put me over the edge. I don’t have enough energy
to engage with my family. I don’t have enough energy to work,
climb a flight of stairs. I’m on the floor retching.
What kind of life is this. The thought of living like that, forever.
Why would you want to? I do not think it’s right to tell people
the disease is incurable. But changing your lifestyle, changing
your diet, changing some things you do. It’s definitely rewarding in the future. I can say I feel better than I’ve
ever felt in my entire life. But it wasn’t easy. I received a package in the mail,
that contained hookworm larva. And I infected myself with them. ♪ (MUSIC LYRICS) ♪
My health increases. self-defeating thought processes have been deleted. Narrator: Chances of getting blue skin
from colloidal silver are so slim, but when you research it,
it’s all you see. I don’t have the joint pain that I
used to have with Crohn’s disease. I used to have strictures. ♪ (MUSIC LYRICS) ♪
I’m my own gold, my own vision. I take control, take a hold of my life.
Hold it tight like a knife. Slit the jugular of motherfuckers who try
to struggle against me. Prevent me from execution, I rid the world
full of my pollution. Turn the noise up. This boy has just…
♪ (MUSIC FADES OUT) ♪ JAY: You know if everybody actually
voiced their opinion, and said, ‘Hey you know what? We want a change,
we want that cure.’ You know? I think that’s important. If everybody thinks their too
small to make a change, well that’s the first mistake. Because,
I guess you’d say, as a group, or as a combined effort we’re not small.
We definitely dominate, we could change the system. ♪ (MUSIC LYRICS) ♪
You feel this? You feel me? You hear this? You’ll heal when you hear. A man at the top of his game.
Unstoppable, running like a freight train. Are you afraid of brains that perceive the
invisible systems that imprison individuals who say they’re invincible?
I say that is inconceivable. I will make them perceptible

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