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Video: Gas prices tumble in time for Thanksgiving road trips

Thank You Adam as a lot of families get ready to hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday there is some relief at the gas pump gas prices have dropped another six cents just this week in fact consumer reporter Marilyn Moritz found some prices have dipped below the two dollar mark drivers feeding their tanks ahead of the turkey feast have reason to give thanks 16 dollars gas prices that don’t gobble up the wallet take a look $1.99 a gallon at this i-10 Sam’s Club two bucks at this Leon Valley cutie it seems like it prices have fallen 32 cents in just the past month meaning if you have an average sized tank you’re saving five bucks on every fill-up does it make a difference especially this time of year the average price in San Antonio is now 224 a gallon on par with last year fueling the drop a stockpile of oil supply and lower demand causing oil prices to tank in recent weeks and it all comes as Texans are expected to travel in big numbers the vast majority of them will be hitting the roads 3.8 million people will be driving Thanksgiving plans what are you planning to do drive back home and keep counting those blessings energy experts say gas prices should continue to fall into December Maryland moretz case at 12 News

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