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The technology that has been developed and is being
developed, even as we speak, has rapidly changed how we treat vein disease for the patient’s in the
past who, were reluctant to have any major surgery
for their vein disease. Now a relief to find out that there is a
very effective outpatient procedure done under local
anesthesia and that has been a basically a revolution, and that’s why
that, the treatment a vein disease has a rapidly become more popular in today’s
day and age. One of the first patient’s that was
treated here at this office was my wife, uh, who has been complaining for years about her leg achiness, discomfort, and heaviness, and
within two days after the procedure, she noticed a market improvement in her symptoms
overall. And, felt like that she has a new lease
on life and is able to be up on our feet much, uh, much longer
periods without having the discomfort, and since then she’s had both legs performed, procedures performed, in both legs and
she is very happy with it, so I have personal experience in this procedure. Um, uh, I worked on my wife, who, can that’s a, that can be sometimes a, a challenge but she’s a happy patient and has
had an excellent result.

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