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We use to get together for Thanksgiving. Alex family, my family, and my parents. And, um, our ladies were my, or the wives were talking about um, some of the symptoms their having with
their legs and they all tributed to maybe be getting older and, and various other factors. And also talk about just a appearance of their legs. And uh, the more we talked about it and around that time Alex and I we’re
talking about varicose vein disease and how we might
be able to incorporate into our general surgery practice. And it’s almost as if a a light bulb went up. And if
our wives have issues and, and their general in good health and their active, um, then, there must be a significant men, both men and women who have similar symptoms, that they’re not realizing that it’s, that can be corrected. And their Venus health could be improved and the general state of health could be improved by what is available. And, so that’s were I had a snowball effect in terms of our due diligence about um, incorporating that as part of our practice.

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