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Venous Reflux Disease Symptoms | Vein Doctors & Specialists

Venous reflux disease the symptoms can range from having no symptoms at all, to the other in the spectrum. Which is significant leg swelling
discoloration at the the skin particularly in the lower limb foot and they can develop ulcers as a
result of having venous reflux disease. And it could be life limiting in a some significant way. And, you always want to be able to treat
them sooner rather than later, cause it is much more difficult to
deal with the issue as a disease progresses to, uh, that end of the spectrum. And so, if you have any significant symptoms or you even if you don’t think there are
significant, as it pertains to your legs, whether it be the swelling or the achynes order restless leg syndrome
or some numbness, and tingling that seems to go on, on a fairly regular basis. Then I would
recommend that patients get screened for venous reflux disease. Venous reflux is a progressive disease
and so if it goes on for decades and it’s never
been addressed then it could potentially lead to their
inability to, uh,walking long distances, or having to be confined to a wheelchair,
because have significant leg swelling. Granted those are very extreme cases but that potentially could be the
outcome of untreated venous reflux disease.

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