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Venous Bleeding (Child)

(logo beeping) (bag crumples) (birds chirping) – Ah, (exhales deeply), ouch. – Okay, now let’s talk
about venous bleeding. The characteristic of venous bleeding versus arterial is that
venous is dark red and oozing whereas arterial is bright
red and spurting or pulsating. But the management is gonna
be virtually the same. In this case I don’t
see any impaled object so I’m gonna go ahead and
take my four by four bandage and I’m gonna apply direct pressure right over the laceration, the wound. I’m gonna hold direct pressure and I’m gonna try to control that for the next two to three minuets. In most cases, because venous bleeding is under negative pressure, it will begin to clot
and stop pretty easily. Unless they have a bleeding disorder or on blood thinning agents. If it does leak through I’ll
take a second four by four, or a gauze bandage and
I’ll apply that as well. Now I can see that the
bleeding is under control I can actually bandage it in place. I’m gonna take my roller gauze. I’m gonna start at the
point of the laceration and I’m gonna start to wrap this. As I wrap around her hand, I’m
gonna go in between the thumb – [Girl] Thumb. – and then cross it over, exactly. Cross it over right over the wound, come back around and
I’m kind of zigzagging and then once I come
through the thumb again I’m gonna cross it again. This puts just a little bit more pressure right over the bandage
to hold that wound closed and to keep pressure over the wound. Now, unless this starts seeping through we’re gonna be in pretty good shape. But if it does start to leak through we’re gonna add more bandage
and wrap it even more. Unless this patient actually
is showing signs and symptoms of a life threatening emergency,
this is probably something that can be brought in
by a private vehicle. But if they are pale, cool, sweaty, having trouble breathing,
they lose consciousness, that’s a 911 call. If the bleeding will not stop and we feel like we’re losing
so much that they’re going into the first signs of
shock, that’s a 911 call. But in most cases especially
when it’s a venous bleed, it’s easy to control and
get them back on track.

100 thoughts on “Venous Bleeding (Child)

  1. What annoys me is that people NEVER use their COMMON SENSE when watching these videos! So many people go like, "She's probably dead by now, OMG Just save her!" Really??? These are FAKE! They are ACTORS!

  2. The child could at least act like a real child who just sliced her hand open…. I mean, all these techniques are not going to be performed a perfectly still child just sitting there letting you do your business… IN a real case, the child will be crying, trying to pull away in pain, etc.

  3. you people in the comments are idiots… seriously OF COURSE IT IS FAKE!!! Why would they make that scene just for a stupid youtube video

  4. What happens is that's she got hurt and when she gets hurt they call someone for help when they do that he might come and film it on what happens

  5. you said if you turn pale but black people don't turn pale think about it how do we know we're okay exactly what we just get a little lighter I have xima so you can't tell if I get lighter like duh

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  7. This shows you that you should never do something without your parents permission.you might hurt yourself or someone else

  8. That bandage was not as close to sterile as possible. It was kept outside its packaging for too long, and touched by the non-sterile glove prior to application. Since this injury was not life-threatening, a slower but cleaner approach would have been feasible.

    I like this channel, very good videos, but in this case, I suggest to be a wee bit more careful.

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