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Upset Stomach Remedies From Nature: Plant Polymannans

Optimal functioning of your entire body depends on adequate nutrients. A critical step to prevent premature aging,
the decay of our cells, and diseases. Is to ensure that all necessary nutrients
are present in our bodies at all times. Although the quality of the food we choose
to eat is very important. It is even more important the performance
of our digestive system. In order to benefit from healing nutrients
our bodies must be able to digest and incorporate vital nutrients into our trillions
of cells. The assimilation of food totally depends on
the health of our digestive tract. A healthy digestive system is our gateway
to prevention of diseases and healing. An unhealthy digestive system leads to starvation, premature aging, and death. A plant that provides vital nutrients to empower
healthy digestion is Aloe Vera. The inner gel of Aloe Vera contains hundreds
of nutrients and healing molecules. One of the most important of such molecules
are complex carbohydrates which are known as polymannans. They are long chains of sugar molecules linked together. These complex polymannans are NOT used as source of calories as sugar would be. Rather they are incorporated into cells in all vital areas of the body. Polymannans are like vitamins because thebody cannot make them in all their forms.
So they are essential carbohydrates. They perform a variety of important functions
throughout the body. Remarkably, these molecules are vital for
the healthy functioning of digestion. Another vital function of them is to promote
a strong immune system. Specifically, the ability of our cells to
recognize and destroy abnormal or invading cells. Polymannans also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe Vera is the richest food source of polymannans. But to be effective these molecules need to
be absorbed intact. So their careful extraction from the Aloe
plant is critical. And consequently you need to be very watchful
of the quality of the Aloe product you consume. Not all Aloe Vera products are the same.
To learn more about the optimal extraction of Aloe polymannans, make sure to click on the link given below this video.

One thought on “Upset Stomach Remedies From Nature: Plant Polymannans

  1. This songs like a remediy for upset stomach that works overime. I need something that provides fast relief and is natural.

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