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Ulcerative Colitis Cured – Ayurvedic Treatment & Diet With A Real Testimonial

Good evening Prashant ji Hi, good evening. You are here in Mumbai camp with your wife Hansa. Correct Can you just tell our viewers about the whole case history & how the treatment gone? Yeah, sure. So I am Prashant Mirchandani and I am based out of Mumbai itself, belongs to Rajasthan, but for the last 12 years I am here in Mumbai with my entire family. My wife Hansa as you can see, she was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in March 2017. And after that we started allopathic medicines. As you all know that allopathy has only 2, 3 things, one is Mesacol that they will always ask you for. Yeah every second patient is using that. Yes Mesacol and the drug name could be different but the salt after all is Mesacol, either a tablet or an enema and if it doesn’t help then it goes for the steroids. And continuous steroids they will simply ask. These are the only things. I searched on the internet, YouTube, everything about this problem, because the major issue which I think, everyone will accept, that everybody says that what is this disease? This disease is not in the entire family, we are not aware of this particular kind of disease and the problem is that how come it is happened to me only that was the first thing we also thought. As a patient, because my wife was suffering so I was also suffering. Actually it is a family problem. Nobody had this and nobody was aware that such kind of disease also exists in the world. But then we understood that OK, this is the disease we have to fight. But from the day one, I was very clear in this after my research that in allopathy not a single doctor can say that it is curable. You are right. Even I’ve checked with all big Doctors, Surgeons, everywhere, you know I am in Mumbai so many big doctors are available there. But the thing is that nobody says that it is curable. So we decided instead of, we will not go for the steroids we will immediately go for some Ayurvedic doctor. We searched for an Ayurvedic doctor, now the problem is; this Ulcerative Colitis is a disease in which you know even many Ayurvedic doctors are also not aware of. Yes, they are also confused. Yeah, they confuse it with IBS, so we started with Ayurveda, but that did not help. For 2, 3 months we took Ayurvedic medicines as well as allopathy but that did not help. Finally, we stopped Ayurveda, then that was a local doctor from Mumbai itself, but then what we did, we started allopathy, continued allopathy, Mesacol same but the problem was continuously happening, and it was persisting continuously like we were getting relief for 2 months and after that it used to happen again. After all, at the end I decided, because I was checking YouTube and all. I finally found that Planet Ayurveda is working which is an expert in this. I checked on multiple videos. I checked on everything, I searched on net and then I decided, no I had 2 options, one was either I go for steroids or again I trust an Ayurveda doctor So I said no, when the Planet Ayurveda itself at least from the videos it was looking that they are expert in this disease. I was not aware that you are expert or not. From the testimonial video. Absolutely, I still remember the date, it was 26th of December, 2017, I first called up the Planet Ayurveda call center and I requested that I want to talk to Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Your call center people simply said that he is busy inside, but he is going for some foreign trip tonight itself and he won’t be able to speak to you. I requested please ask him that there is an Ulcerative Colitis patient and it’s an urgent help I need. Thanks to Dr. Vikram Chauhan, he immediately came out and spoke to me and he said why are you so worried first of all, you should not be worried at all, about this. This is not a disease; you should even talk to me. My entire medicine is even on the online, you just simply buy the medicine, my team support over here, you can check with these guys also, the whole support team is here, you can talk to them and they will give you a diet chart, follow that diet chart strictly and take my medicine, nothing else you need to do. I am telling you exact date I remember because you suffered a lot, 28th of January, the entire problem went off. 28th of January, 2018 Yeah 28th January, 2018, so in one month and 2 days exactly it took. She used to go 7-8 times a day to the washroom, with mucus and blood every time, chronic pain in the stomach, this all went off totally. From 28th of January, it was like, she used to go to the washroom twice a day. but without any problem, and after 10, 15 days it becomes once a day.

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  1. Sir muzhe Dr se bat krke apni problem btani h ilaj lena h muzhe pet m jln hoti h or kante jaise chubte h alopathy m koi fayda ni milra mera weight loss hora h continue plzzz sir 9680489025 contect plzzz sir I need help bahut preshan hu sir

  2. May god give more growth with thousands of years to planet Ayourveda for giving the best treatment to the patients 🙏❤️

  3. Very nicely explained its true never feel low or sad that you are not able to eat everything just give your body the right food and try to keep your mind and thoughts in control. My personal experience planet ayurveda is really good whoever is going through same problem donot waste time just start your medicine from planet ayurveda.Life is beautiful dont let this disease take over all your happiness and peace.

  4. never seen such kind of generous person in my life …. true humanity salaute you ma'am and sir also great work from Planet Ayurveda

  5. Sir I cured by watching your videos and only followed diet chart thank you do much sir I was no abled to buy medicine.

  6. Sir cured by your video tips and only followed diet chart.i was not abled to take medicine. thank you very much u r god

  7. सर मेरे आतो मे छै महिने से सूजन है।चार से पाच बार मोसन होता है।आव भी बहोत आता है।
    लेकिन मोसन मे कभी भी खुन नही आता है।मै पैलैनेट आयुरवेदा की कौन सा दवा ले सकता हूँ

  8. Search for diet chart for ulcerative colitis recommended by Planet Ayurveda. Also search at our website www.planetayurveda.com for our distributors worldwide and to get guidance about this disease

  9. Sir m ulcerative colitis patient hu or mere y problem 8 sal s h…iski madicine chal rhi h pr koi asar nhi ho rha.Dr. iske liye mesacol od or wysolone tablet d rhe h pr inse parmanent ilaj nhi ho rha h ..mere pure sarir m weakness aa gai h..sir m is problm s bhut presan ho gai hu…iske liye muje treatment bataye plzz

  10. Sir my job is trackmainter in railways . Is it unsuitable for ulcerative colitis patient bacause it involves very hard work. Please reply sir?

  11. Sir mere dad ki large intestine sukad gayi h ..kya ye bhi colitis hi h? Really confused😔…aap iske liye planet ayurveda ki kaunsi med suggest karenge…unko stomach me left aur right dono taraf pain rehta h..please reply kijiye sir …m really really worried for him and i wnt him to get cured unka abhi abhi lymphoma theek huwa h through chemotherapy bohot weakness h ..please reply i would be grateful to you
    Kind regards

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