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Tyler Perry’s Madea Oscars Prank Wound Up on Beyoncé’s Instagram

-You know, I just saw you
at the Oscars. You were looking great
over there. But thanks for flying
all the way over here to talk about
the play and the movie. I just saw this photo. This is backstage
at the Dolby Theatre. -Yeah. -Now, this is a photo —
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -That’s —
-Uh-huh. -That’s Madea holding
a bunch of Oscars. -Right. -Why is that on the wall
and how did that happen? -All right, so they have all
of these pictures in this room that was my dressing room. They’ve got all these pictures
of Sean Connery and all these other people
holding their Oscars, so I did a fake one and put it
up behind the column, and I’d be like — -But this is
when you did your tour. -Yeah, this is right — this is
before the Academy Awards. So I was like,
“By the time I come back, they’re gonna take it down.
Somebody’s gonna notice it.” I go back in that room.
It’s still up. It’s still up. Still up.
[ Applause ] -That’s Sean Connery
right there. -Sean Connery. -It’s so funny.
-Yeah. -I love that you did that,
though. -We bought our Oscars across
the street at the novelty store, right across the street.
[ Laughter ] Yeah, yeah. -I saw also because I follow
Beyoncé on Instagram, and she posted a photo
with you and the awards. -Yeah. She saw it first.
-She saw it first. Yeah. -As soon as she walked
in the room, she noticed it. She said, “I wasn’t back there
when you took that picture.” -What made you think to do that? -I was just like, “Hmm, some
prank here. See if it works.” And it’s still up. -She’s holding
a bunch of Oscars. I mean — -[ as Madea ]
She won a whole lot of them. [ Laughter and applause ]
She won a whole lot of them. -Like six Oscars.
-Yes. -What would she say
if she won six Oscars? -“Well, first I want to
thank these Spanx for holding everything
together.” [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] Yeah, that’s
right. That’s right. -Now you’re doing
the Madea’s Farewell Play Tour. -Yeah, yeah. -The whole character, Madea,
started with plays. We talked about this
when you’ve been on the show. Now you’re going around
to all these theaters because this is farewell. You’re saying goodbye
to this character. -Farewell tour, yeah.
It’s been great. We’ve been sold out with
35 shows and we were sold out. That’s why I was at
the Dolby Theatre and we did — That was on a day we did
three shows, all sold out. 10,000 people came to see
in that one day. It’s been insane.
-Oh, my God. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] -You have to feel that love. -Yeah. Yeah.
-People love you. I want to get into the movie
because, man, I just loved this
from start to finish. But I want to talk about this
tour because you do this thing, and you have people like Jay-Z
and Beyoncé coming to see you. -Can you believe that? -Does that trip you out
when you’re doing this play? Did you ever see someone and get
nervous and get intimidated and go, “I don’t know
if I can go on”? -Not “I don’t know
if I can go on,” because I need to go get
that money, but no. [ Laughter ]
No, no, no. The only person that really
freaked me out was Prince, just when he came to the show.
-Really? -That was the most intimidating
moment, yeah. -How did it all happen?
Did you see him come in? Did you know he was coming? -Yeah, because I got
a call earlier. He said, “I heard you’re doing
‘Purple Rain’ in the show.” I was like,
“Yeah, I’m just playing around.” He’s like, “Do it again,
I’m gonna sue you.” [ Laughter ] No, that’s what he said
on the phone. I had never talked to him
before. The phone rings,
it’s an unknown number, I answered, and it’s him. “Do it again,
I’m gonna sue you.” I said, “Uh, yes, sir,
Mr. Prince.” And he goes, “And I’ll be there
tonight. I need 10 tickets.” [ Laughter ] And so I’m like, “Is he serious?
Is he kidding?” So he came,
and it was time for me to do “Purple Rain” in the show,
and I didn’t do it. I looked out at the audience at
him, and he gives me this nod. So I sent the microphone out
there to him, and he started singing
“Purple Rain” from the audience. Worst mistake of my life.
[ Laughter ] -Why? -Because I couldn’t get
the audience back, man. Prince — He wrecked the house.
[ Laughter ] He’s like, “I will teach your
ass to never do my song again.” [ Laughter ] Yeah.
-Yeah. -He owned the room.
He owned the room. -How fun was that? -It was incredible.
It was incredible. Yeah. [ Applause ] -He had a great sense of humor.
Prince. -He did. He really did.
-Every time he came on here. -He really did.
-Let’s talk about the movie because this is the final
“Madea.” This is the family funeral.
-Yeah. -Why is this the plot line
for her final one? -You know what, I tried it
two years ago before “Nobody’s Fool”
and before “Acrimony.” But I just left it in the can
for a while because I wanted to — I didn’t
want to go “Boo!”, “Boo! 2”, and then another “Madea.” So I took a break
and now it’s coming out. But a funeral, listen,
some of the funniest moments ever have happened
at black funerals. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Jimmy, have you ever been to
a black funeral? -Yeah, I think — yeah. -You should at least go to
at least three or four of them. Because it’s just —
-Really? There’s humor involved. -Oh, my God, man. So much — and I’m thinking, somebody’s got to put this in a
movie so I just spoofed it all. I spoofed it all. -But it’s also good.
There’s emotion in there, too. But I got to say I don’t know how you do these scenes
with yourself. You act really funny scenes —
you’re yelling at yourself. Laughing, making a joke. Dude, you’re playing
three characters at once and I go, “This is insane.”
-Yeah. -You realize
that you’re the only person that could do stuff like this. -That’s crap.
You do this show every night and you do some amazing skits.
Are you kidding me? Come on, man.
-No, but nothing like that. No. [ Cheers and applause ] Well, basically,
can we set it up? Because basically what happens
is Madea is not dead. -No, Madea is not dead.
-It’s someone else. -Somebody in the family dies, who was out taking
sexual stimulants and — [ Laughter ] And you’ve heard those warnings
of commercials. -Four hours or more,
call your doctor. -Exactly right. So he had one of those that
lasted many, many, many days even after his death. [ Laughter ] -Honestly, it’s insane.
It’s so funny. I want to show everyone
a scene here. This is a clip. Here’s a scene from “Tyler
Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral.” It’s out this Friday.
Take a look at this. -He was a fine man. -He don’t look bad. -Yeah, worked out all the time.
Ain’t eat nothing but salmon. -Maybe that’s right. -And grain drinks
and stuff like that. -He done got dead and I’m able. -Didn’t eat no pork. And look at him.
We outlived him. Layin’ there dead and we still
alive, still kicking. That pork got us kicking, dawg. -Bacon ain’t never hurt nobody. -Baby, why he smiling? Y’all put the smile
on his face? -He seemed like he was a happy
man in his final moments. It stuck. We’re sorry. Apparently he was taking
some sort of stimulant. We’re having some trouble
keeping it down. -What is “it”? What you talking about,
the lid on the casket? -Mm-hmm.
-Move. It’s still up. [ Laughter and applause ] -It’s funny.
Tyler Perry, everybody!

100 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s Madea Oscars Prank Wound Up on Beyoncé’s Instagram

  1. I cannot believe he’s no longer doing Madea movies only to do more serious movies and a movie about the Holocaust 😭😭😭

  2. I’m going to be so sadddd watching Madea’s funeral, because I’m going to be thinking about it being his/her last movie 😭💔 thanks so much for everything you have done for your fans !!!!

  3. I don't want Madea to retire. I Love her so much. Someone I worked with told me I needed to see the plays, and this was before the first movie, and I've been a fan ever since.

  4. Jimmy gonna act like eddy murphy, Martin never played multiple characters in a movie. Lol. Nutty professor anyone? Big momma’s house? Norbit? Lol. Come on. If anything Tyler was probably inspired by those guys from early on

  5. @The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon- Tyler Perry is a tremendous actor and I love him BUT he's not the only actor or first actor to play multiple roles in a movie. Eddie Murphy was. Eddie Murphy did it with the Nutty Professor 1 & 2, and Norbit. #FACTS

  6. 4:32 ummmm……Eddie Murphy was the biggest one to play multiple characters in a movie. Hellooooo The Nutty Professor


  8. Jimmy, Tyler Perry isn't the first person to play more than one character at the same time. Eddie Murphy & Martin Lawrence are the masters at that.

  9. Mr. Perry, I liked your new movie, it was funny, but the over acting was sub-par. Please, Do Not Put Beyonce in nothing she can't act either. She needs to stick to performing on a dance stage and make her money. (Wow does she over charge for concerts crazy. But really like the humor. I hadn't laughed so hard in years, really since the hurricane.

  10. I was at the theater and allot of people that look like Madea. Next left and right front back. I felt like i was the only one that doesn't look like Madea. But this movie make me laugh so hard that i didn't care who was there. I was by my self and it was a good movie in the end the lady next to me said , wasn't that wonderfull? He's hilarious! I'm like oh gosh he's the best. I always watch his movies . i don't wait for somebody to come join me.It was a good crowd that day.

  11. Say what you will about a man in a dress but he has made, touched and employed MILLIONS off that dress!

  12. I love madea but he always does the voice change at some point and every damn time it takes me by surprise. .

  13. He is so creative. His story is inspiring. This Madea movie was the funniest of all of them. I could not breathe from laughing so hard!

  14. i dont get tyler perry. the 3 minutes he was in gone girl were awesome and showed he can act. why the FUCK is he making nothing but those madea movies

  15. I'm so sad that Madea is not going to be around anymore. He should go to any awards he wins as madea, dress as Madea. That would be so cool. You should tell him to do that…

  16. Robin Williams also played multiple characters in a movie. So did the Wayans brothers and Eddie Murphy. Still love Tyler Perry though and I’m really saddened this is the end of Madea 😭

  17. No Jimmy he was not the first person to play multiple characters, Eddie Murphy played a whole damn family…get it right!

  18. I remember watching Madea plays as a young kid.

    My family and I would watch plays like Madea’s Class Reunion, Madea Goes to Jail, Why Did I Get Married? and much more.

    People have always had controversial things to say about Tyler and his sexuality as a result of him playing a woman, but you have to admit that he’s a multi-talented man with a niche for writing and directing.

  19. Madea hands down the best comedian women and a badass! I sure as hell won’t forget to show this to my kids! I was just a little kid watching Madea having me laugh my ass off all the damn time. Tyler did a great job of showing that families can be dysfunctional at times but it can be most of the funniest moments. For that thank you Tyler for all those years of laughter with Madea,Joe, and the rest of the characters. Made my life 100x better.

  20. I love Tyler Perry & madea. Idc what ppl say or think. He is so good, he loves jesus & I thank god that somebody told me about him

  21. man Tyler Perry tought me something in this interview… with the story of how Prince came to one of his shows, and he gave Prince the mic and he ended up taking over the entire show… this is a life lesson to us. don’t ever let someone get a little bit of your spotlight, or they just might take over your entire show.

  22. LilKingKeith
    Thank you! I truly enjoy Tyler Perry and his multiple characters he can play! However, no one should say, “he does it better” and Mr. Perry should have corrected Jimmy!
    Eddie Murphy does it better, which he took to the next level from Jerry Lewis!!!

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  24. I love all the Madea movies.I wish Tyler Perry would continue making more movies,cause Madea is so funny and hilarious. I saw Madea family funeral and Lmao! It was funny as hell.

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