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Two Minute Tip – Life Changing Stencil Spray – No More Stencil Bleeding, Taping or Moving

hi everyone welcome to hedgehog hollow
today’s 2-minute tip I think is life-changing for us crafters who love
stencils particularly when you like to work with a more delicate stencil like
this one because I was using one the other day in a genic a video and when
you have those kind of delicate areas you can easily kind of get that stencil
leakage underneath and you don’t get that nice crisp area and it really also
depends on the medium you’re using but thermo web have released pixie spray and
pixie spray is a light adhesive that you can use on the back of your stencils to
let them a deer down and it stops all of those kind of issues where medium can go
underneath your stencil well how do you use it super simple
take your stencil and let’s remove it out of the packaging this is the cargo
sleeve from Brutus Munroe that I’d like to store my stencils in and you only
want to spray it in something now it could be an old couple’ box I like
working in a splat box because I can collapse this down and I just pop it in
my kind of bookcase unit and it’s really easy to store and the worst thing you
want is a decent overspray because I have some on the surface behind me and I
cannot get rid of it so make sure you spray into something give your pixie
spray a good shake make sure in a well-ventilated area because there’s
tons of warnings on the back of it so just make sure you have lots of
ventilation and give it a good shake and then you’re going to want to spray
backwards and forwards give it a reasonably generous coat just like this now so I can see that I’ve got a nice
coating on my stencil and then if you read the back of it it says spray 12
inches from your stencil apply adhesive and then allow about a minute to dry now
I found I didn’t need a whole minute but you can kind of gauge that and again it
depends on your surface depends on your stencil I found the humidity makes a
difference all those kinds of things make a difference the best thing to do
is just kind of touch the back and you’ll feel when it gets tacky mine is
starting to go tacky already kind of feel the center see when it’s kind of
getting to that point and what you can do is you can pop it down onto your
surface here also of course means no more taping anything down but you can
see there’s no flapping around my stencil is nicely a deal onto my surface
and it’s a lightweight tack tooth so it’s not going to be anything heavy
that’s gonna rip your paper all of those kinds of things it is again and it still
allows me to move everything around so I’m going to take my Gina cable it’s gel
so I’m going to open this one up it’s not a beautiful gel inside there how
gorgeous does that look and I’m going to take my nouveau silicone spatula because
this is one of my favorites to work with less is more in this case and we’re just
going to pop it down now normally when I worked with a stencil this thin you can
have issues because it has such thin areas that that stencil would start
moving on me and you could wreck it up particularly when some lines go this way
and some lines go this way it can be really really difficult to work with but
pixie spray is going to stop all of that which is what I love so again I’m just
using my silicon spatula and the other great thing about the silicone spatula
is it eliminates a lots of waste you can see how clean I can scrape my stencil
and again I’m not worrying that my stencil is gonna move which would be my
other concern because the pixie spray is holding it in place covered and I just kind of work systematically
and I’m making sure my stencil gets really clean really really clean and
then I’m just going to move this off of here and I’m gonna pick up the excess
that’s on my glass mat I’m gonna apply that to my cardstock and again I’m going
to pick up just a little bit more paste or glitz gel I should say and when I
work with a stencil I like to work in areas so I’ve worked in this area now
I’m working in this area and then I’ll work in this area and I use a little bit
of medium at a time and of course you can always put it back it also depends
if you’re mixing colors because if you’re mixing colors you’re gonna want
to work with a little bit because you’re not going to be able to put back any
excess whereas if you’re not mixing colors of course you can put back any
excess because nothing’s going to get contaminated so again making sure it’s
nice and clean put back any excess again the great thing about silicone is you
can get it super super clean on the edges everything looks good pop my lid
back on because I am the person who would spill this everywhere and then
we’re ready to peel off our stencil and you can see how easy this peels off its
gonna hold my edge and again you can see that really detailed stencil I have no
bleeding because everything stuck down perfectly which is what I love I mean
look at that amazing detail I’m gonna hold it like this for you but you can
see look at this area down here I did get it a little bit thicker up here but
that’s not bled underneath the stencil that’s actually on top of this dense
it’s just where I’ve got a really thick piece but nothing here has bled
underneath the stencil at all which I would have had had I not had my pixie
spray down so I am in love with this pixie spray I think he is absolutely
awesome I can my stencil down it’s not going to move
and if you want you to be able to do multiple of these that pixie spray was
playing around with it earlier I could stick my stencil down multiple times
before my pixie spray kind of ran out so to speak and it didn’t do any damage on
vellum I tried it on some delicate surfaces and on some of the tonic
handmade papers it worked really well on those two and you can’t really wash off
the adhesive but you can use a little bit of goo gone on some kitchen towel
and it came off that way so you can do that but it’s not going to do any damage
to your stencil either so I am in love with pixie spray links of course are in
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thumbs up I’ll see you again tomorrow happy something everyone bye you

79 thoughts on “Two Minute Tip – Life Changing Stencil Spray – No More Stencil Bleeding, Taping or Moving

  1. So my question to you is, if I store my stencils in page protectors in a binder are they going to be a mess getting stuck in the page protectors? I love the idea of not having to try & tape down the stencil. Thanks for another great tip!

  2. Alexandra, YOU’RE GORGEOUS WITH OR WITHOUT GLASSES!!! Thanks so much for sharing the Pixie Spray! CHEERS to you & Dr. Greg!

  3. Does the Pixie Spray leave a build up with repeated use? For the overspray have you tried : a single edged blade to scrape off, nail polish remover, alcohol?
    Thank you for the video!

  4. First time I’ve seen you w/o glasses! I loved them on you as they enhanced your cuteness. Truly. But I suppose change is inevitable. And we all will get used to “the new you!” Thanks for the recommendation of the Pixie Spray to adhere thin stencils down. I’m not sure if I like the overspray though. But from time to time we do have to use some stuff like this. Have a good week!

  5. Almost bought that the other day… maybe next month! I need all the stenciling help I can get. I have been trying to find the video of the tv show you were on… How cool is that? I want to see that.

  6. Very pretty with no glasses & wow I didn’t know Gina k had gel pastes ! Thank you for sharing 😊

  7. I love it so much. Had a Brutus Monroe stencil that I tried and tried to get to work and FINALLY had success with the PS. Brilliant! I also love the Glitter Glitz Gel, but find that my paper warps really badly, even the 110lb paper. What do you do?

  8. I'm loving stenciling more and more, especially now that I have begun cutting my own drawings into stencils… The only question I would even have is, does that spray leave the tack on the card after it is removed?

  9. I love all ur videos! May I say on a personal note how beautiful u look!!!! Love seeing out from behind ur glasses! Such a stunning beauty!!

  10. Had not heard of this spray. Many thanks for the demo! What about washing your stencil? How did that work out? Did residue from the glitter stick in the spray on back? Did the water deactivate the spray? If not, how did you wiggle it back into its storage envelope? Thanks again!

  11. Good Morning I am interested in buying the Gemini Heat/Foil press. My question is “Will the Gemini Heat/Foil press plate work in the Cuttlebug or the Empress”?

  12. No glasses and purple hair… you look adorable! I NEED these pastes! I saw Rina use them the other day and was dying! Ahhhhhhh!!! Good thing my birthday is in 11 days! BUT, can I wait that long?! 🤔😁😀😆

  13. I have a question… I thought your spray box was just a cardboard box but you called it something else and I couldn’t understand what you said but I did hear you say that you can fold it up for storage. Please explain. And by the way you look beautiful today 💖💖💖

  14. WOWEE! WHAT A FABULOUS PRODUCT! Bleeding = ALWAYS A CHALLENGE when stenciling~~~so THIS PRODUCT IS DIVINE! I LOVE that you shared it’s uses, the papers you can stencil on AND PIXIE WORKS plus the way to CLEAN THE STENCIL without damage! TFS this WONDERFUL new product! HAPPY STAMPIN’ n’ CREATIN’! :-))

  15. QUESTION, Please…Does the Pixie Spray leave any RESIDUE on the project? It'd be rather hard to think that the P.S. could be so resilient as to be used multiple times but NOT leave some "left-over" on the project's paper surface. Thank you for your input. >> Also, has anyone tried the KRYLON EASY TACK REPOSITIONABLE ADHESIVE 7020? Acid-Free, NON-WRINKLING, Low Odor; Says it's "moveable throughout the life of the bond". I bought that one for just this purpose, but haven't had the occasion yet to use it. <<

  16. Anyone watching here from the UK know where we can buy the spray? Because it is an aerosol, it can’t be shipped from the US by post to individuals.

  17. Great. Would it work on top of acrylic paint? And what kind of board are you working on, do you have a link for it?

  18. Are there any UK stockist? I have checked Amazon + eBay + Craftstash and there is nothing on any of them, thanks

  19. Love this because I avoid stencils for that reason. You can use orange oil or I use Goo Gone which we have in America but Amazon sells it. It takes the strongest adhesive off everything. Does it build up on your stencils? Thanks

  20. That may be but since I haven’t tried any spray adhesives yet I found this video very informative. Rather than criticize her for being nice to put a video out there how about you do one and let the ones like yourself do the same to you. Or better yet with the click of the mouse just move on to other vids and let the rest of us enjoy

  21. 😱😱oh my gosh, this changes everything. Thank you for this video. Just what I was looking for, because my Inks are always bleeding and my stencil image is never crisp!

  22. I accidentally found your video and so happy I did. Now, I just have to find out if this spray is in the US and where I can buy it. I did Subscribe and gave a THUMBS UP! I HAVE to buy the Gina K gel to. That is one fabulous color! Thank you.

  23. I have a question what is the difference between pixie spray and just plain low tack adhesive spray by krylon

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