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Turns, Reversals and Rapid Bleeding – Flight Quick Tips #10 (Arma 3 Helicopter Tutorial)

Welcome to Flight Quick Tips #10 …Reversals, Turns and Rapid Bleeding of Speed now I’ve been asked a surprising number of times so much so in fact, that it’s probably my
most requested flight quick tips and that’s “how do I turn so quickly?” or
“how do I drop all my speed by turning?” So in this flight quick tips I’m going to try my best to show you how I do that. and let’s start by talking about
reversals a reversal is a turn that is meant to reverse your direction of flight, preferably as fast as possible the first type reversal I’m going to
cover is a “SAR reversal” also known as a stall turn (Hammerhead) It gets its name “SAR Reversal” becuase search-and-rescue helicopters often have to follow a very strict
preplanned flight path. so if they believe they spotted something and they need
to reverse direction the want to do that without having to
deviate from their flight course it’s also probably the most simple
reversal you can do that allows you to turn on a dime now because it’s a rather easy reversal, and
because you’ll be flying back on the exact same flight line it can be extremely useful when doing strafing runs because when you use it with strafing runs it basically allows you to return
exactly on the same flight line allowing you to massively reduce the
amount of time it would normally take to to line back up on your target now I did imply that I had another
type of reversal but to be honest, this next one is more accurately just how to do a sharp turn now this type of turn can also be used to bleed off a large amount of speed… extremely rapidly so hopefully this will explain the question
of “how I bleed off speed so rapidly by turning?” Now to do this it’s actually rather kind of easy to get the hang of with some practice So how you do this, is you roll your helicopter almost completely sideways then you pull the cyclic all the way back to start turning your nose will also start climbing upwards a little bit to counter this, and also to give you turn a little extra speed You’re going to want to bring your anti-torque pedal all the way in the direction your turning towards the ground. in this case, I’m going to put full right pedal now to manage and keep yourself level and pointing towards the horizon, you’re going to want to roll left or right slightly to make sure that you don’t start pointing into the sky, or nosing into the ground now the best way to practice this is really rather easy and it’s just to load up up a helicopter into the editor, and start turning in place. with enough practice, you should be able to do this indefinitely Once you think you have a good understanding on how to do this you can then practice doing U-Turns to bleed off all your speed while in the air. Once you’ve practiced that a bit in the air, you can try to see about bring that way of bleeding off speed into your landings. Now since this is like I said just a sharp turn you can also use this for reversals, or just general flight if you need to turn rapidly.

65 thoughts on “Turns, Reversals and Rapid Bleeding – Flight Quick Tips #10 (Arma 3 Helicopter Tutorial)

  1. Love your videos. I hope to be half the pilot you are someday but I imagine I have thousands of hours of practice ahead of me. Keep em coming!

  2. Its great to see this in a video Guide as I always use this, but kind of learnt it by intuition and logic. Great video thanks 😀

  3. love it.need to practise that, i guess i have to plug in my joystick again , mouse and keyboard wont cut it i fear.

  4. @Im Twister It's not easy to explain over a comment, but I'll try.
    1. Turn the airframe to about a 45 degree angle in the direction you want to turn.
    2. Pull the Cyclic (Flight Stick) all the way back to start turning.
    3. Add full left or right pedal depending on the direction you are turning (left pedal for left turn, right pedal for right turn). This will give you a little extra speed throughout the turn, and also keep your nose from climbing.
    4. You can keep level and on the horizon throughout the turn by slightly rolling left or right.

  5. Hello Patchwork!!!!
    AWESOME TUTORIALS! I was wondering where you got that green hud in the hummingbird. And you can really handle that Advanced control thingy well!

  6. I'm glad to see you're still pushing these out.  I've subbed, looking forward to more quick tips and especially some more tactical/protocol based videos as well.  This very maneuver gets me in trouble with the AFM and vortex ring state in online servers.  I can keep myself out of trouble when practicing SP but it's the added pressure of ruining someone else's day where I find myself running out of talent.  

  7. Hey I have a question. So recently I have decided I want to join the aviation(pilots) section of the arma unit im in. Now I have never used a joystick so i have been learning all my flying w/ mouse and keyboard w/out trackir/tracknoir. I was wondering if you knew of any good joystick for a beginner? Or at the least can name me off some requirements I should look for in a joystick and how much of a difference will trackir make for someone compared to not using it? Thanks for any help. Great videos btw keep them up they really help!

  8. Can we have a little explain about you keybord and mouse shortcuts ? How you play ? Really good job, i'm learning many many

  9. Ok thanks dude and love your videos and would like to become better at flying helicopters!!

  10. Very nice Video, i am following your channel now for a while and I do think you deserve more Subs. I have one question, would you know what could cause the collective only to work "half way"? What i mean is that I can only fly half speed without dropping becasue it seems that when i use my collective mapped to the throttle I can only use half of the collective up or down.

    Thank you for your time!

  11. What map do you practice all your helicopter landings and flying in?
    if its in the workshop could you give the link please thank you.

  12. This isn't necessarily about the video, but about you yourself.
    I noticed and love how you reply to almost every comment and make high quality videos. Hope I can get good at flying a helicopter eventually! Thanks for all you help and keep up the good work!

  13. Hey Patchwork, i saw that you are using a Saitek x55. Ive got the same Joystick, but in Arma 3 ive got a little probleme: If i cycle forward/backwards/etc. with my keyboard, my helicopter does faster motions than if i do it with my joystick. Also in Cockpit View the Joystick of the helicopter ist just turning about 20% when flying with the joystick, compared to the motion of the keyboard. This results in an very slow turning speed, now i wanted to ask if youve got the same "problem" or if this is a feature in arma 3 for more realistic flight? I tried it with the AFM on or off, no difference. Ty.

  14. How do you handle players yelling at you over pub matches, it always seems that their is that one back seat pilot. FLY HIGHER, STOP LANDING bla bla bla.

  15. i know this is a bit of an old video to be asking, but what is that hud from? is this a mod or an internal arma 3 hud? also please forgive my ignorance. 🙂

  16. Thanks for the vid dude. However I was wondering if you could do the footage with the guages showing along the bottom. Its very hard to know what you are doing with the throttle when doing this and othe maneuvers. Also a quick vid on doing a transition from very high to ground level as fast as possible would be great. Nomatter what I do I just end up plowing into the ground.

  17. Hi patchwork i would just LOVE if you made a quick tips about air combat in helis i just can't fight in helis as i just get alot of unecessary speed. Thanks!

  18. I want to know what monuvers are used to make border line sharp turns. for very advanced like this guy ( mainly at 4:25) https://youtu.be/nyXX2-Z_MAs I know theres got to be something, in our K-38 training one of the simple tricks to get your jetski to turn on a dime harder than you can hold on art high speeds was to jerk a right then heav left. a simple trick that that whips you around in less than a second at full speed. now with jetski you work on 2 planes but with heli your on 3 or 4. im guessing its with combination of tale rotor, roll, and yanking the stick into yur cock, but can you give me a presise answer of how he can make a 140 kph turn in a 10 ft radius to a full stop. this is a level of adjility i been trying to learn for quite a while. please help

  19. What is the recomended speed to be touching down at? whenever i go into editor to practice, i always end up blowing up on landing. is this because of my angle of the speed i dont know. but just sort of a recomendation?

  20. Very good instructional. Could you direct to me to 'any' info re. AH v Jets?I can deal with all on multiplayer except those f$&@#£ jets!Plz help me 😑

  21. thanks a lot for the tips. i have been learning to fly in arma and your videos have been extremely helpful

  22. Also it seems if you have your collective in neutral (in SF mode), it's way easier to stay in the air while turning, instead of pulling on the collective…

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