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100 thoughts on “Trump: We all bleed the same red blood

  1. If you have information about the whereabouts of these fugitives, immediately contact your local ICE office (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) or call the national hotline at 1-866-DHS-2-ICE as soon as possible!

  2. His words are beautiful. However, the mirror does not match the figure. I have seen friends and fellows who bleed the same red blood be mocked, scorned and dismissed by the sultry mouth. Silver I cannot trust, no, but only the movement of hand and the motions of the ink on parchment that sends our blood siblings to fall. the dirt under their feet, tears them and curses, The syblings having no remorse. they plea for freedom of the red blood patriot, drownded by cursed. By what manner are we to smuther our weeker brother in the mud? What manner to the sister that refuses her shelter and her child of royal red. Dults we be if we choose not to recognise all of our brothers and sisters who bleed the royal red and damn the patriot to the waste land.

    Bring them in. cherish them. Love them. We can be stronger then ever. We will be stronger then ever, if we just let the red blood patriot in.

  3. This speech falls short of context therefore it is classified as verbal shit , sorry i am not fooled by words and fake passion you can fuck yourself

  4. Trumptard is manipulating others it's obvious, the supporters are not really that smart because a man that discrimantes others and has no experience with the government lmao trumptards just go poisoned by trumptards words

  5. If he gets money out of politics aka ban Lobbying to political parties he will get my vote πŸ‘Œheck colonize mars morally and tell aliens(Space ones) to F off if they bother us still and I'll campaign for him haha

  6. We do bleed the same blood, but for your fucking policies that dehumanize other people, you don't act like we do.

  7. Same old…. same old… and the sheep cheer and applaud lost in the mire of repetitive lines while the puppet master feasts on the adulations… Ah.. well tomorrow is back to getting to the truth about the Russian links… Stay focus oh watchful media… stay focus…

  8. cnn was threatening to not go to the white house Correspondents dinner and then got salty that trump himself wasnt going. lol, cnn hypocrites

  9. This doesn't apply to CNN of course, as they are run by lizards from the Andromeda galaxy most of whom aren't even Christian.

  10. HIGH QUALITY LYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. They should tell Trump that it's very important that he just concentrate on making rally speeches for the next 4 years and leave running the country up to the adults. Trump just loves giving rally speeches to the poorly educated.

  12. What a load of shite. You know he's desperate when he start to go to the NRA and invoke god as his witness. He talks about we are all one. If he believes the crap that's coming out of that Teleprompter it's confirmation he's mentally ill.

    This guy is the most divisive president there has been. Is he oblivious to himself and what he says? The man needs to take a long hard look at himself for a reality check.

  13. 🌍🌎🌏🌏

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  14. See Trump throwing those gang signs. Pointer to the thumb close into your body, up then down the back up again.. and the finishing with down.

  15. Haha You got slammed inn the ass again CNN, The clinton news nwtwork aka the mother of FAKE NEWS as everyone sees you as!!!!

  16. Why can't trump just cut himself then? He's all talk but no go. What kind of president does you Americans have?

  17. Go and have a war in comments meanwhile i will build my bunker in Europe and prepare for war between Trump and Korea..

  18. Look who's talking! The one who is ruling out entire polulations by sending some of the most ridiculous statements about the Islam. Spreiding fear and hatred.
    Why doesn't Trump live by what he is saying?

  19. CNN is Fake News. That's a fact!

    Liberals hate strength and freedom. CNN is a far left, biased, anti America, propaganda machine that attacks Republicans and Trump daily while praising democrats and Obama daily.

    Death to liberalism! Death to fascism, feminism and globalism. And death to being politically correct. 1000 deaths ..

    May God forever bless my beloved United States President, Donald J. Trump.

  20. LOL Trump avoids situations where he'll be confronted by the other 65% of Americans. He wouldn't throw out the first pitch for MLB because he knew what would happen. He stayed away from the WH correspondence dinner because he knew what would happen. He throws these ridiculous pep-rallies for himself because he needs to hear the cheers. He's an insecure shell of a man. Sad.

  21. This guy is soooo fucking Hitler-like. At the same time, this goofy Bastard is the most incompetent for the position of POTUS EVER!

  22. I am sure the trumpeteers will be upset that trump included Blacks, Asians, Muslims, Palestinians, American Indians and more as equals to his Orangeness and Steve Bannon's whiteness.

  23. Oh looky it's the treasonous deconstructor con man in thief doing what con men do… again! DA comrades.

  24. You have never bled for anyone Trump, fuck you.Β  I find you a disgrace, a racist and a con taking Americans for a ride.Β  If your choice in attorney general is an example of how you feel then don't spout lies abut all being the same in blood. I served, I know the color of blood is same for all, not just Americans. Fuck you Trump, you are is disgrace.

  25. He just talking shit, he ain't believable, he just saying what people want to hear!. Trump The Dump can Kiss My Brazilian Ass, and Trump The Dump can Burn In Hell for All I care, his Bitch Fake speech Ass!

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