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Triple A says gas prices expected to flatten, drop slightly

MIND, GAS PRICES CONTINUE TO RISE, BUT SOME RELIEF MAY BE IN SIGHT. ACCORDING TO TRIPLE-A, THE NATIONAL AVERAGE FOR A GALLON OF GAS IS TWO DOLLARS AND 80 CENTS– UP 20 CENTS FROM JUST A MONTH AGO. IT )S SLIGHTLY LOWER IN NEW MEXICO AT TWO-75. THE GOOD NEWS? FOR THE SUMMER DRIVING SEASON, THE U-S ENERGY INFORMATION ADMINISTRATION FORECASTS PRICES WILL STAY RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE, OR DROP SLIGHTLY. WHILE THE DATA IS GOOD NEWS, SOME DRIVERS ARE SKEPTICAL. It might just be because i do more driving in the summertime, but I )ve noticed in the summer the prices tend to go up and since it )s only April it )s probably going to keep going up. Usually in the summer it kind creeps up until like July and then it might start dropping down so I have a feeling that it )s probably gonna climb up some more still. THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA HAS THE HIGHEST PUMP PRICES. THE LOWEST ARE IN BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA. .TONIGHT…Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid

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