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This Mushroom Starts Killing You Before You Even Realize It | Deep Look

As humans, we have an innate attraction to
nature. A childlike curiosity. But beware of what you find in the shadows. In Northern California, something deadly is
popping up in the forest. This poisonous mushroom is known as the “death
cap.” Donna Davis: The forest was just damp. Perfect. Donna Davis went collecting mushrooms one
day in 2014. Donna: It’s very magical when you’re there.
It really is quite like a treasure hunt. I felt confident enough that I knew what I was doing. But she didn’t recognize the telltale cup-shaped tissue that grows on the bottom of the deadly mushroom. And she mistook young, egg-shaped
death caps for something she could eat. Donna: And I made mushroom soup. It was amazingly
delicious. One cap has enough toxin to kill a human being. Donna: The next morning I felt really tired
and I took a little nap. For the first six to 12 hours you feel OK. But meanwhile, the toxin is quietly destroying
your liver cells. Donna: The next thing I knew I was in emergency
care. Death caps spread the same way other mushrooms
do. Just like this harmless oyster mushroom, a
death cap shoots hundreds of thousands of spores into the air. The spores drift into the shadow of California
live oaks, where they grow filaments that attach to the trees’ roots. Each fungus filament
is about the width of a human hair. Under the microscope, you can see how the
white fungus envelops the tree’s pink root tips. This is called a mycorrhizal relationship. The fungus feeds on the trees’ sugars and
gives it nutrients in exchange. It’s good for the fungus and for the tree. And that’s how the death cap snuck into California from Europe on the roots of a decorative shrub, in the 1930s. Researchers aren’t sure why the death cap
has evolved to be so lethal. What exactly is it protecting itself from? Humans — we’re just collateral damage in
some battle that we don’t understand. Scientists like Anne Pringle, from the University
of Wisconsin, are doing genetic testing on death caps to see how long they live. If death caps have a short lifespan, it might
be enough to pluck them from the ground so the spores can’t spread. Less opportunity
for people to eat them. Donna: I remember closing my eyes and seeing like
this beautiful path. And all of a sudden everything got really dark. And I thought, “Oh, I’m not supposed
to go down this path.” Donna survived. But death caps killed two
people in California that year. Donna: It is really brutal. Nature has its
own rules. Do you love seeing weird and wonderful scenes
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100 thoughts on “This Mushroom Starts Killing You Before You Even Realize It | Deep Look

  1. ive been dosing 5-6gs on Penus Envy's and i had the same thing happen to me.. a "path" unfolded before me.. but it surely told me.. "im supposed to go down this path"

  2. Feed a man a mushroom, he goes full for a meal.
    Feed a man a poisonous mushroom, he goes full for the rest of his life.

  3. came here again.. even though i jnow i have watch this, but pretty picture always tempt me to watch it one more time

  4. Here's a golden rule when it comes to mushrooms if you find them out in the wild for 10 they're all extremely poisonous you shouldn't eat wild mushrooms if you want mushrooms go to a convenience store and buy portobello mushrooms those are most likely going to be safe to eat. I say most likely because I don't want to give 100% chance but let's say 90% chance 95% chance of being safe.

  5. Never try and eat any Amanita mushroom. If a mushroom has free gills and have white spores and a swollen base and look like an Amanita…. DO NOT EAT!!! BE CAFEFUL

  6. How can you say humans are just collateral damage? Are we somehow above the laws of nature? I mean, you have to kill the mushroom and eat it for it to hurt you. It's not like we just pass by and drop dead.

  7. "why have death caps evolved to be so lethal'
    or, maybe their just a poisonous mushroom. why is poison ivy so bad?

  8. "Attraction to nature". Speak for yourself. I hate nature. I vastly prefer staying in an air-conditioned, bug-free room built by fellow humans, to going to that parasite-infested hot mess called nature.

  9. So Donna (eats anything) Davis ate multiple caps and survived?
    Is it due to cooking them ?
    Should we rename them , "may cause death caps"

  10. Moral of the story


  11. Bruh we have gigantic and even whiter ones that are neonish green but mostly white an their about six inches in belarus

  12. wish I could taste that soup! maybe its also delicious made from fly agaric…so I can hallucinate before eding up somewhere nice 😀

  13. Lol what if that mushroom was in Minecraft? Say thanks to the ppl who ate that mushroom so we would know what it could do to u

  14. Ok but who makes soup out of random mushrooms that they find and don't identify from the forest? She seemed knowledgeable enough to navigate through forests comfortably but she never learned to not eat everything that she finds? That's survival 101

  15. This narrator sounds like she's dirty talking with us. Something about her voice and the way she speaks really turns me on.

  16. I'm watching this while eating mushrooms way past the sell by date!
    But what I really wanna know is – who else had the soup? 🙂

    …those two deaths you mention…

  17. In Europe we know them very well and his white twin brother. She was very lucky to survive. There is one rule in picking mushrooms. Only pick what you know.

  18. Don't mess with european mushrooms!^^
    Yeah there is our most poisonous
    mushroom in germany and it exist two other "death caps". These here ist the green one version.

  19. 03:26 Yes you moronic hippie, nature has it's own rules. That's why you should protect your society and your culture, since that is all that separates you from the howling pit of chaos that is the law of nature, because nature is always waiting to take us back into the fold.

  20. I really thought from the title that this mushroom has a poison that could kill before even ingesting it. Turns out it's just a normal poisons mushroom nothing special at all

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