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This Drink Can Help You Lose Weight Fast, Relieve Joint Pain and Inflammation

Drinking pineapple juice is a habit that can
greatly improve your health, since pineapples contain several nutrients and antioxidants. They’re rich in bromelain and vitamin C,
both of which are needed for several of our body’s functions. That’s why, if you drink pineapple juice
every day, your health will improve in several different ways. Here are some benefits of this recipe: 1. It prevents inflammation Bromelain contains strong anti-inflammatory
properties. It helps our body get rid of toxins and prevents
the inflammation that affects our tissues and organs. The daily consumption of pineapple juice will
supply your body with bromelain which will help treat sport injuries and sicknesses such
as arthritis by reducing inflammation and pain. 2. It promotes healthy weight loss Due to its high diuretic power, pineapple
juice lessens swelling and helps fight water retention. It also reduces the urge to consume sugars
and fats. One of the substances it contains, thiamine,
converts carbohydrates into energy and boosts the metabolism. 3. It gets rid of liver and intestinal parasites Bomelain contains anti-parasitic properties. Some studies show that eating pineapple for
3 days in a row on an empty stomach kills worms. 4. It strengthens your thyroid Pineapples are rich in iodine and bromelain,
which help treat several different autoimmune diseases and alleviate the symptoms associated
with thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid gland). 5. It balances electrolytes The potassium found in pineapples strengthens
your body and balances your electrolytes, allowing you to avoid cramping and exhaustion. 6. It gets rid of heavy metals and toxins Pineapple juice contains enzymes and antioxidants
that cleanse your body of all heavy metals and toxins. 7. It facilitates digestion Bromelain stimulates your body to digest proteins
more effectively. 8. It strengthens your teeth and your gums Pineapple juice contains calcium which is
vital in the formation of your bones and teeth, and vitamin C that fights infections, and
is essential for our teeth and gum’s health. 9. It improves our vision Beta-carotine, present in pineapples, is very
important for our vision. A study shows that 3 or more portions of pineapple
per day, can reduce the risk of age related vision problems such as macular degeneration
(ARMD), one of the main causes of vision loss in elderly people. 10. It protects against cancer The American magazine Planta Medica published
a study, comparing the effect of bromelain with a medicine used in chemotherapy, 5-fluorouracil. Researchers found that the anti tumor effects
of bromelain surpassed the effects of 5-fluoracil. How to make pineapple juice: Ingredients 1 liter of water
1 medium sized pineapple 6 mint leaves Instructions Put the water inside of a glass jar with a
lid. Peel the pineapple, and cut it into small
squares and put them in the water. Add the washed mint leaves. Close the jar and let it sit in the refrigerator
for 8 to 10 hours. Drink your pineapple juice throughout the
next day. The first cup that you drink should be on
an empty stomach. When the mixture is gone, don’t reuse any
of your ingredients. Make a fresh batch with new ingredients.

10 thoughts on “This Drink Can Help You Lose Weight Fast, Relieve Joint Pain and Inflammation

  1. Do what I do: peel pineapple, boil the skin with ginger and water. Reduce until boiled out. Cool and sweeten with a can of pineapple, or brown sugar and eat your pineapple. Haha!

  2. I like pineapples. I also like apples in general. P.s: Is there any relationship between "pine" and "apple" that leads to their offspring – "pineapple"???

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