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The Vomiting Machine

My name is Grace Tung-Thompson
and as part of my PhD studies at North Carolina State University,
we developed this vomiting machine to show that viruses are aerosolized
during a simulated vomiting event. This is important because evidence from outbreaks suggests that projectile vomiting produces aerosols containing human norovirus. This is the vomiting machine, constructed at one quarter scale of the human body. The vomitus is located inside this chamber. There’s a pressure gauge on the outside
that detects the pressure inside of the chamber. This is the chamber that contains any aerosols. Then this is the SKC biosampler that captures any virus that is aerosolized. So I’m pressurizing the stomach chamber… and then… (barf) These experiments have implications for better understanding of the transmission dynamics of human norovirus and for risk modeling purposes, both of which can help in designing effective infection control measures.

5 thoughts on “The Vomiting Machine

  1. She's one tough girl to be working around something so vile.  I could never do it.  In fact, I worry excessively about my family members or I getting that virus.  It's the WORST!

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