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The Role of Sleep in Patients with Chronic Pain

(soft music) – Our research focus is on sleep in individuals with chronic pain. I think it’s really great
for undergraduate students to get involved with research because it’s such a different perspective on learning and contributing to science. Our goal is to improve patient outcomes by improving sleep
quality in these patients. And I’m interested in this topic because chronic pain is prevalent and increasing among older adults, especially as we see more aging in the Baby Boomer generation. And we also are currently
battling an opioid epidemic and we see a significant
use of pain medications in this study population. When you think of hard
sciences and laboratory work there’s much more to it. And you make really great
connections with the faculty that you’re working with
and populations in Buffalo. We hope that using interventions such as mindfulness-based stress reduction and cognitive behavioral therapies can reduce reliance on
these pain medications. The most meaningful part
was definitely working with the participants and
hearing their stories. We really got to know them personally and it made all of this data
and the numbers come to life. You remember that you’re
doing this for the people that are part of this study.

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