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The Ring (3/8) Movie CLIP – Nose Bleed (2002) HD

But the big box here’s
a warhorse. Totally analog. She’ll read to the very edge
of your tape. Just don’t force her or
she’ll get pissy with you. Your tracking, your monitor,
your printer, if you need it. So, uh… What are we watching,
home movies or something? I’d really
rather watch it alone. Really. Whatever. (whirring) (sighs heavily) Come on… (soft high-pitched humming) Come on. (humming intensifies) Lighthouse. Shit. Hello? Somebody? (tape deck whirring) (grunting softly) Damn. (slow whirring) ♪ ♪ Something you needed help with? (fly buzzes) Hey, you… You got a… Ya…

59 thoughts on “The Ring (3/8) Movie CLIP – Nose Bleed (2002) HD

  1. shit that happened to me the other day while watching some home movies, am i cursed or is it because of too much blow?

  2. I watched the movie backwards and at the end, I made a phone call and the person on the other end said "Syad neves." Then my fever went away a week later.

  3. Anyone else peep that she held a fly in her hand and then wiped her bleeding nose with the same hand and fingers. 😷

  4. ik this movie in really and hold and so is the video but i think the reason why she got nose bleed is cause when she almost killed the fly she got the same damage so maybe if she really did kill the fly she would of died too cause u just dont get a random nose bleed out of no where

  5. Rachel picking the fly from the screen was forshadowing Samara coming out of the TV screen after seven days.

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