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The Link Between Reflux And Constipation – 1 Minute Baby Tip #10 ❤️

Hi everyone, Christian Bates here from Calmingcolic.com. So, the link between reflux in your baby and constipation – both can make your baby really, really upset. As you know, if you have a baby who has constipation
and or reflux, so they’re actually very, very often linked, and it seems to make
sense that if that baby’s constipated it’s kind of….that poo’s building up, and
then coming up here, and it is….it can cause pressure within the abdomen, so we call it intra-abdominal pressure. This can come from the back position so if the baby’s arching back, they’re squishing their tummy; if they’re up in a
frog and they’re getting really tight, that’s squashing the tummy. But
constipation can as well. If there’s loads amd loads of poo in the tummy here, you can imagine that coming up, because this is where the valve is. It’s not like it’s
necessary pushing all the way up, but that tummy is then compressing their
stomach up and making that reflux worse. So if you look at the
research, there really is a link between constipation and reflux – they kind of go
together. Because of this pressure and they do experiments on adults where they
put a tight belt or a band around the tummy and the reflux gets worse! So,
translating that across to the baby, constipation can aggravate the reflux.
The constipation is actually a bit easier to fix, so I would help the
constipation and try and get some relief from the reflux. That doesn’t always fix
the reflux completely, but it can be one of the things. I go through quite a lot
in my book about fixing the colic, fixing the constipation, and then that can help
the reflux which we cover in here as well. So, I’ve now put on the website the
complete package which is £9.99 and you get the full book, six or seven
other ebooks I’ve written – reflux and helping you with your diets, and all that
kind of stuff. But my tip for this would be: help
the baby’s constipation. Get the poos moving better and
then that can actually help with reflux. Okay? Thanks!

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