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The Doctors Show discusses the  Gas Leak in Porter Ranch with Dr  Anvar

everyone wants to feel safe when they’re
in their own home but in one Southern California town all the precautions in
the world couldn’t have prepared them for what they’re now facing a large
number of residents from the San Fernando Valley angered about a major
gas leak they called on SoCal gas and Mayor Eric Garcetti to shut down that
facility I have terrible headaches my daughter experienced stomach pain my
son’s gun nose bleeds it’s just really bad I want them to move quicker and I
want them to cap this leak immediately ranch is officially in a state of
emergency tonight Governor Brown made that declaration today just after two
months after that gas leak was discovered there I’m not sure what the
delay was but I am glad to see it happen the gas leak is now one of the largest
environmental calamities ever recorded in the state thousands of residents have
evacuated and schools have been forced to relocate
Wow please welcome consumer advocate and author Erin Brockovich I want to ask me
because you’ve been on the ground what is your personal account of what’s going
on um a lot of confusion a great deal of frustration a lot of time has gone by
they’re still not getting their questions answered and most importantly
the ongoing assault if you will of this gas and what’s happening to people’s
health concerns for the children elderly people who can’t get out those who are
relocating or now coming home to finding animals have died so as this can use to
build number one is black taking too long and great concerns about
their health Wow so just to kind of get an idea of what’s really happening so
pretty much all of us across the country could be living on top of gas pipelines
is that correct and oh absolutely it’s an entire infrastructure in this country
and it’s a failing infrastructure I’m here on the Porter Ranch situation more
than half of the wells out there this isn’t an oil and gas field are over 70
years old this is a critical well that they knew five years ago was a problem
the safety valve that would have prevented this was removed and never
replaced so there’s no VES that’s why they can’t just shut it down we can’t
just shut it down because that’s what confuses me I’m not you know I’m a
doctor battle and how these leaks occur and can’t be shut down so it sounds like
the safety valve where they could have said okay we have a problem here we’re
shutting it down that’s not possible and and obviously as Rachel said these these
pipelines are all over the country I’ll soldiery it’s to be presumed or at least
postulated this can’t be the only place in the country this might be the biggest
week that we know right but but what are your thoughts common might this be in
other places because this make no mistake people shouldn’t just think this
is oh that’s a southern horny a problem oh no this is not a Southern California
problem we’re already aware of these issues across the United States
especially in areas where you have a lot of oil and gas and we forget Los Angeles
has a lot of oil and gas and to answer your question there earlier this this
breach is 1.5 miles down and so they have to be very careful how they address
this issue you’re looking at the second largest natural gas reserve in the state
of cornea if not the United States there’s some 5.5 billion cubic feet of
gas under there under pressure how it is we come in and build communities on top
of sites like this with no emergency ends in play and not thinking that a
sensitive receptor the community would in fact be harmed if such a situation
happens take want to bring dr. Bardia Anvar into the conversation because
you’ve been treating resident in the community what kinds of things
have residents been dealing with health wise we’ve been seeing a range of
symptoms that we otherwise normally wouldn’t see this time of year some are
saying when they wake up in the morning and brush their hair hair is falling out
rashes all over the body headaches that don’t go away migraine headaches all the
membranes mucous membranes such as your know your throat highly irritated like
very fiery sore throats breathing problems respiratory problems people
have said that they’ve passed out in their homes and had to go to the
emergency room and so we’re trying to manage all of these patients and
developed asthma chronically even though they’ve left the area and we have to see
them to me i’m sure a lot of fear as well because there are so many under and
i think one of the one of the issues here and public health officials are
saying yeah the odor is sickening but unlikely to cause any long-term effect
the really is that they don’t no one really knows now is it fair to say that
it is just say that and you know I I tell people this is like an onion and as
you peel back the layers you’re gonna learn a whole lot more and the more you
learn in the closer you get to the truth is smellier it is this is an oil and gas
field we know there’s benzene out there there’s reports now independent test
homes with levels of benzene we’re waiting on all of our test results to
come in and you know I have a sulfur sensitivity and I’ve been out there four
times I’m on my second round of steroids I’ve got a chronic bronchial condition
we can’t get rid of since you’ve been out there I’ve been out and you’ve only
been a fourth time imagine what this community’s been going through day in
week after week month after month and there’s no relief in sight the the
closest they’re looking at being able to shut this off is the end of March and we
won’t know the long-term effects we now have crewed up with azizi shut it off
it’ll still be sitting there keep the surface right we think it’s just
shutting it off is just part of what I’m says that that’s the excellent question
in their paper intrusion that I think we look at that could be happening and it
not only Porter Ranch this is we have a low estimate of a hunter
than 87 million pounds of methane already being released into the air if
we keep going at this rate we could be looking at 500 million pounds and so
this is going beyond porter ranch so we’re now getting reports in chatsworth
and northridge and parts of Granada hill so the magnitude of this in real is
enormous and there we do we do have to go but are there any short-term
solutions oh my gosh haha or is is the main thing you’re fighting for obviously
to get the people in this community to help they need but just making sure this
doesn’t happen again well absolutely and that’s one thing that we’re looking at
asking in the law that we cannot continue to make these kind of mistakes
over and over again that costs too high we need to learn we did reach out to
SoCal gas they said no further comment dr. Anwar Eric thank you so much you

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