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The Bombardier Beetle And Its Crazy Chemical Cannon | Deep Look

The bombardier beetle is one of nature’s most
improbable creatures. For some, it throws a monkey wrench into the
whole idea of evolution. This beetle is a walking powder keg. That cloud you see is the result of a lightning
fast chemical reaction inside his body. When attacked, the beetle sets off the explosion. Releasing a boiling hot, stinging poison that
sends his enemies running. He can even aim it. This potent mixture inside the beetle… is
made up of three main ingredients. Mix the first two of them together…and nothing
happens. But throw in the third, and boom. So, the beetle has a trick. He keeps these
ingredients separate inside his body. From an evolutionary standpoint, that’s what’s
interesting. In fact, people have been scratching their
heads over this for decades. How did this complex system evolve over time? Wouldn’t earlier generations of beetles have
blown themselves up, like a bunch of amateur bomb-makers? To some, this beetle’s very survival is proof
that the whole theory of evolution is wrong. But it turns out there is way this system
could have evolved gradually. Remember that third ingredient? It’s an enzyme. It’s like a spark. It sets
the explosion in motion. And enzymes…evolve. At first, maybe this one wasn’t so dangerous.
But gradually, it became more potent, more specialized, more explosive. As the beetle’s body changed to contain it. Scientists at UC Berkeley are trying to figure
how this system came together. They think one of those explosive chemicals
evolved from the same raw materials as the beetle’s shell. That happens a lot in evolution. It’s called
“exaptation.” One body part repurposed for something else. The improbable bombardier beetle. Living proof that what doesn’t kill you, only
makes you stronger. Hi again. At’s Amy. I hope you think Deep
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100 thoughts on “The Bombardier Beetle And Its Crazy Chemical Cannon | Deep Look

  1. Came for the information needed for a plausibility calculation. Will be subscribing for the totally unnecessary Willhelm Scream you put in ?.

  2. Lol. How did it evolve? Seems like a complex system like that would have a complex creator behind it. like maybe God !!

  3. Who's not here from sam o' Nella and clueless about what everyone is talking about

    …..just me…k then

  4. Listen ladie this beetle didnt evolved to this for this is what god created. god gave this beetle a special feature.

  5. I had a beetle on the outside of my window screen, I ran a lighter back and forth a few times burning it, I noticed it moving so I ran the lighter across it one more time and POOF the beetle completely incinerated into one puff of smoke, never seen that before

  6. Is it really difficult to accept that there is an Intellectual Designer and Creator behind every organism?

  7. It really does debunk the 19th century evolutionism story tho. Hail the Bombardier Beetle – King of Kreeping things Kreation

  8. How about a stench thing that slowly evolved into the separate chemicals that scare danger away, and just slowly made the system more effective

  9. Does the beetle Injure itself if the liquid gets on itself? You can see it hits its own legs quite a bit.

  10. God makes some of the best things for us to see and satin comes and tries to take God out of it because he is mad because he can't do that. God bless all.

  11. I certainly do not believe that the earth and everything in/on it was made in 6 literal days – but creatures like this cause me to believe that an intelligent designer rather than some lifeless force was responsible for such marvels. Many creatures, including ourselves, are way too complicated to be the product of evolution. I have found that Science and belief in a Creator can be compatible to reasonable people. While that is my opinion, I respect other people's opinions as well and appreciate videos like this one. Thanks so much!

  12. evolution is the circular hole, bombardier beetle is the square peg. instead of following facts and evidence, they check out into imagination land and weave a tale of hypothesis and wishful thinking.

  13. Z4, Use TM43!
    (Z4 is a Bug-type Glitch Pokemon and TM43 is a Bug-type version of the move Explosion that it can learn.)

  14. -when the two chemicals touch each other?it explodes

    Me,a World War Two plane addict: oh it basically is the fuel of the messerschmitt me 163 komet

    Others: wat

  15. Every single one of us is here because og Sam O’nella
    EDIT: Ofcourse that’s a joke, with quality this good it’s a wonder i haven’t seen this yet

  16. Evolution is wrong, Human and other creatures/plants are so complex that only a Intelligent mind could create such a thing.

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