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The best process when you catch the fish! – Tsumoto ultimate bleed out method #03

First of all, we need to cause immediate brain death. (this fish is already dead) There’s a line next to the gill, and up here. The brain locates above the line. And like this, it’s done. Same for most of the fish. Next to the gill and above the line… There’s the brain here on the soft spot. Just nail here. Other area is hard so you will feel it. After that Alright let’s say you just caught the fish and have done what I have just showed you.. Now how to bleed out fish completely You might not have these tool when you are fishing so… Use this kind of knife. And then we cut the gills. You see the film? Just nail here so blood comes out. And you cut the gill. You can cut the opposite one if you want. So it would be like this. And you cut the tail. And look closer. Here is the nerve hole. And this is the ventral aorta. If you want to paralyze the fish… From here, insert the stainless wire (Ikejime wire) This is how you paralyze fish. But you must cut the ventral aorta. Stick your finger into the gill and hold fish and shake it in the water. You can let a lot bleed out and you see the color of the gills are faded. That is a good sign. Like this, you see? The color is faded. You can finish fishing and head back and the fish will still be limp. Still blood is coming out. See? No blood is coming out, just water. And the next Chop off here. Here, at the end, the gill is connected. And look here also. Cut off this part. And the stomach. Like this much, just so your finger can go through. And cut off the bowel. And there is a film here also so you cut it. And push out the organs. It’s done. And you drain the water inside and put kitchen paper into the body to absorb the water. I will show you more in the other videos. Like this one, 5 days would be perfect to get matured, I would say.

4 thoughts on “The best process when you catch the fish! – Tsumoto ultimate bleed out method #03

  1. Absolutely outstanding! I first heard about this method from "Fisherman's Life". I'm glad I found your channel too, you guys are absolute masters and make this process look so smooth.

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