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The 6 Foods That Kill Bad Bacteria In Your Gut

Hi Everyone, Ken here, and in this presentation
I’m going to show you what foods you can eat to ensure you have a healthy gut so that you
can have a better immune system, and reduce tons of different types of infections. This
food can also help you accelerate your fat loss. The bad bacteria that I mentioned before could
actually be one of the biggest reasons why all the diets you are doing and exercise you
are doing are not actually giving you any results. In my PaleoBurn program, we actually reduce
consumption of tons of the bad bacteria producing foods and increase the amount of food that
gives you good bacteria. Let me go ahead and just tell you what kind
of foods you can eat that will help you. But first a quick warning: tons of the food that say they have the good
bacteria are flat out lying to you because during the process of making it, they kill
most of the good bacteria. On the labels of many yogurt and dairy products,
they’ll say it has tons of probiotics and microorganisms that are good for your gut.
While this can be true, most pasteurized products kill off all bacteria, good and bad, so you
essentially don’t get what you think you are buying. Also, most yogurt you buy at the store has
too much sugar, which remember, feeds the bad bacteria. So, it really is best to stay away from most
commercial yogurts that are pasteurized. Most items that have good bacteria are fermented.
And people have been eating them for thousands of years. Though only recently have we stopped
eating them as much. Especially in many western cultures, we just
don’t eat enough of this stuff. Here are some examples: Sauerkraut, fermented cabbage,
squash, carrots,
oninions, turnips,
eggplant, cucumbers,
milk, kefir
An indian yogurt called Lassi Raw Yogurt
Buttermilk If you eat more of this stuff, you will increase
the amount of good bacteria in your body and reduce the amount of bad bacteria.
But honestly, you are going to need to eat a ton of each of these items to really get
the amount you need for a healthy gut. It would take you hours and hours of eating
these foods to really get the amount of good bacteria to outbalance the bad bacteria. For
example, you would need to drink six 12 oz containers of kefir each day every day to
really get what you really need. Kefir is a fermented milk.
SO you can see that it would be a lot of these foods you would have to consume to get the
amount you really need. Now, alternatively, there is something else
you could do that takes just one minute per day to get the healthy gut you want, improve
your immune system, and reduce and prevent a lot of different infections….but I’ve
saved that segment for tomorrow… Remember, the best action you can take today
to increase the amount of good bacteria in your gut is to eat more fermented food….this
will always be a good choice…. And then tomorrow I’ll tell you about the
one minute gut cure in the next video! Now another quick warning here….you may be already
taking what I’ll reveal in the next video and that’s ok because I’m going to I’ll show
you why 99% of the supplements out there are inferior and don’t give you the benefits they
claim. I’ll also show you what I use, and you know
what, I’ve tried everything and found what I use works best for me, my family, and friends. Check your email tomorrow for the next presentation. Leave me a comment below and let me know what
you think. To your health!….See you tomorrow!

100 thoughts on “The 6 Foods That Kill Bad Bacteria In Your Gut

  1. I was drinking a lot of "Kefir" I bought in the grocery store for a while until I noticed that it was pasteurized AND loaded with sugar…..you really do have to  read the labels even on stuff that claims to be miraculously good for you.

  2. Salesman. He just wants to sale you stuff. Look at all the bullshit pills on his desk. You don't need any of it. We didn't evolve to eat his miracle supplements. If you want to know about a healthy gut with healthy flora and a properly functioning immune system, keep looking. This isn't your answer.

  3. criminal knowledge you've given out there ,really. Fermented and putrefied foods are toxins to our bodies. !!!! Look out the facts of chemistry and physiology/biology.

  4. actually . . . . if you do a comprehensive cleanse, like the master cleanse with enemas, then change your diet, breaking free from a western diet and all the junk foods and fast foods , , , , it is easy to balance out your body and promote the good bacteria. then stay away from the "poisoned" foodstuffs of the usa, including gmo's and any semblance of them, keeping from giving the bad bacteria from gaining control again.vp biden now says he is working on a cure for cancer . . . hahahahaha . . . . why not just prevent cancer by outlawing all the poisons food companies pour into what they call food and outlaw any and all gmo's, even for animal consumption, and clean up our meat raising and processing . . . . as this is where our cancers are coming from!!!WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey, The best success that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most helpful diet that I have ever tried.

  6. "if there's gun hanging on the wall at the beginning of a play – you can bet it will shoot by the end of it". Same goes about these marked bottles " just standing there". But good things were said – getting probiotics from fermented (non-salt and unpasteurised) foods is KEY to any diet – omnivore or even raw vegan.

  7. Please back up your statement about having to eat (6) 12oz containers of Keifer each day. I dont think you understand bacteria ratios very good.

  8. Over the years I have developed a terrible auto immune response to dairy, (not to mention a list of others) where I suffer from massive non stop sinus driven migraines up to a solid 5 days which puts me completely out of order. Every now and then I have cheated and through trial and error I have been making my own yogurt which also boosts my probiotics and calcium. Along the way I have discovered that it also helps to bypass my dairy allergy and right now I have 20 liters of milk fermenting on my kitchen counter. I have discovered that just 2 – 3 heaped teaspoons of yogurt is all I need before consuming any dairy meal and magically I don’t get any reaction at all. Shows what you can find out if you play around with your body and experiment. If I eat the shop bought yogurt I do react. The bacteria in my home fermented yogurt somehow seems to grab the unfermented dairy and converts it before it gets a chance to leak out through my gut wall into my bloodstream, unless it protects the gut wall at the same time. This provided I have drained the whey well to the thickness of Greek yogurt or cream cheese.

  9. he looks way overweight for a guy with that much of good gut bacteria .
    don't think anyone would ever buy what he is selling

  10. You ask us to leave a comment….here it is: This video "bites"! Nobody can blame you for trying to sell your stuff, but at least try the approach on others on here, where they produce a valid and informative segment without the need for teasing! Yes they also invite people to their websites and whatnot, but they don't use cheap tricks!

  11. Liar! You only want to SELL your product.

    KEFIR is more effective, delicious, and easy to make at home that your "PALEO DIET"!

    You only have to drink ONE 4 oz. GLASS of KEFIR in the morning and another at night.
    (That's all, not several glasses like you said!)

  12. Hmm … eat mushrooms and their mycelium (exemples : shiitake, reishi). That will increase friendly bacteria in your gut.
    Or use mycelium powders.

  13. Hello doc I have h pylory stomach bacteria I take anti biotic so know is ok to take yogurt with my medication please help me this my second test showed positive so know I'm taking antibiotics again what should I do can I take yogurt with my antibiotics to help restore my good bacteria

    ation thanks


  14. been so busy redoing a shower my fridge got really low and ended up eating mozzarella cheese string and raw onions . next thing I notice chronic burping gone .
    anybody notice that?

  15. you are evil to wait til tomorrow to tell the next thing to do to help when there are people who may need your info today. the love of money is the root of all evil

  16. Why on earth did you put the title to a video about kefir? Perhaps because your products are dedicated to stupid people?

  17. Good Bacteria (PRO-BIOTICS) can be purchased at your local health food store.
    Ask the clerk for the best quality and the one that provides the highest number of good bacteria strains

  18. It says that he's going to talk about foods to avoid he never mentioned foods to avoid or foods that interfere with the bacterial balance in the stomach// foods to avoid or all sugars all breads all cakes, beer interferes with intestinal Flora. I take a probiotic that I buy at Whole Foods it's by ReNew Life and it has 50 billion one little capsules super easy you can buy any brand but most brands don't make potent capsules …..people that have bad breath or that have gas, and smelly gas are in desperate need of probiotics, I feel sorry for all the guys that want to drink beer often because it really will mess with their Flora and wreak havoc in their colon……

  19. moron how would you know about bad bacteria . or candida , have you ever suffer from .leaky gut …i am telling you. you dont care about helping others i see is all about money..

  20. just another sales pitch…. even if you take a tablespoon of kefir, it will multiply in your guts so stop your bullshit that you need a container of it. Get your facts right.

  21. don't get affected with those NEGATIVE COMMENTS. Thanks for sharing us this video and giving us reminders about our health. Keep on going.

  22. who cares about the next video, you misrepresented the title of this one by not talking about the 6 foods……wasted my effing time!

  23. Food — probiotics — do NOT kill bad the bad gut bacteria. They can outnumber them, however.

    Or was that title just link bait?

  24. Im suffering terribly with autoimmune symptoms, also lately stomach ache and nausea just after eating, have gone onto a juice mainly and brown rice diet, I must have leaky gut, I have taken PPI's (prilosec) for 22yrs and I assume the chronic low acid levels have allowed bad bacteria to migrate and feed on partially digested food there and release toxins that have hurt my gut, I have tried coming off prilosec but I get pains and acid reflux from hell when I try stopping but I know I have to stop somehow cause my leaky gut seems to be getting worse, the list of foods I react to is getting longer and foods I can eat getting shorter, I became gluten intolerant 6yrs ago, then dairy intolerant 3 yrs ago, recently corn, most packaged foods and now kefir, sauerkraut and yogurts and even probiotic suppements, I did some research and found out that many fermented foods have good bacteria that are not so friendly as they increase histamine release, some are supposed to reduce it and some increase it.
    And so take Glutamine, Collagen and bone broth then … I hear someone cry out. Those 3 give me weird autoimmune symptoms as well, my left ear becomes bright red and hot as hell for hours, I did some digging and found an autoimmune disease called relapsing polychondritis that affects the cartilage of the ear and other parts of the body, can be fatal, from my limited understanding Im getting a certain inflammatory reaction to those 3, it could be the Lead or heavy metals in bone broths seeing as I dont react to chicken or muscle/organ meats, and cabbage I can eat and juice so Im okay with glutamine but maybe the amount of glutamine in bone broth is massive compared to cabbage.
    How can I heal?

  25. You know the more I study up on pro biotics, and gut flora, the stranger it all gets, but its all so interesting. Heres my take on it all so far. And take this as just an opinion, believe what you want. First of all there is no per say good or bad guys in relation to gut flora. This may be our biggest mistake as of yet in the study of gut flora to call these good and those bad. Allow me to explain, when there is a variety of gut flora this seems to provide the most benefit. When there is more of lets say some kinds then others then bad results seem to come about. Its really as simple as that, Because they all compete in the gut against each other, and they all offer us some advantage when in proper numbers. So the good guys if they exist keep the bad guys in check. All tho I dont think its about these being good or those bad really. To many of any one kind can be a bad thing and variety benefits us most. So if we can learn how to use that to our advantage to benefit health, it would surely be a good thing 🙂

  26. These foods actually do work, but we all have different amounts of bacteria or fungus in the gutted this means we have to figure out how much good bacteria we are to consume individually.. thanks

  27. I love buttermilk but if I drink it in the evening it causes my asthma to flare up at night, sometimes pretty bad. So I've stopped drinking milk in any form.

  28. You wasted my time, with old news.
    But let me guess, tomorrow you will tell us about this new in improved item that will fix everything. No Thank You.


  29. Lol…what bullshit, nice try, maybe you should try selling used cars instead.

    So, according to this guy, all of the dietary probiotics, and the vast majority of capsule form probiotics are inferior and/or impractical compared to whatever the hell he is pushing.

    Next he'll be trying to sell us some beachfront property in Utah.

  30. I find this bad breath remedy “Kanzοzο Zato” (Google it) really astounding. Right after reading everything in the book, I had been really amazed by it. I had no idea what was causing my stinky breath. Following this process helped me realize not just the cause of my disorder, but its solution too. My breath was really improved right after following every little thing in this guide. .

  31. Good speaking voice and nice looking guy, but I feel like video was a promotion for another video which will try and sell me something

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