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The 100 5×06 Sneak Peek “Exit Wounds” (HD) Season 5 Episode 6 Sneak Peek

Gross! Madi. The infection’s passing But this is gonna hurt Are you sure you don’t want Jackson? Jackson’s tending the injured and the others in med bay. Let’s do it. Madi’s a big fan. She’s heard every story about the girl under the floor who saved the human race. Now, what’s your story? You survived six years of radiation? What’s your secret? Synthetic night blood, like me I took her to Becca’s lab, Shared my bone marrow to keep her alive. You’re lucky Clarke found you. Ready to move? She needs another day to rest. She needs to be with her people. I’m done looking my wounds. Let’s go remind the others what we promised them. The Hundred all new this tuesday at 9/8 central on the CW This is Colonel Diyoza offering peace. She’s recruiting. Shoot anyone who tries to defect. You murdered your people. I executed traitors. Only a fool fights a war they can’t win.

100 thoughts on “The 100 5×06 Sneak Peek “Exit Wounds” (HD) Season 5 Episode 6 Sneak Peek

  1. Omg I'm already a Madtavia fangirl lmao
    I really hope Maddi is gonna bring Octavia to the side of "good guys"

  2. Wait I thought Clark found Madi after the radiation pass and noticed that she was a real night blood. I don't remember Clark ever giving Madi synthetic night blood to keep her alive from the radiation so I'm wondering why Clark would like to Octavia? Just wondering.

  3. Clark should be worried…
    Looks like Madi will become like Octavia…
    Octavia will see herself in Madi.. Young Badass looking for someone to train her! The way Indra trained Octavia.

  4. For those who are confused, let me clarify something: Clarke is lying through her teeth here. She doesn't want Octavia to know that Madi was born a Natblida because she doesn't know how Octavia would react to that information. She might see Madi as a threat to her reign; she might try to groom Madi to be her successor. Neither of those outcomes are desirable, and especially not in Clarke's eyes.

  5. 1. Clarke lied about how Madi survived. 2. She doesn’t like and is worried about Madi idealizing O and O embracing it. With that arm shake thing.

  6. Love how fangirly Madi is being, though little worried about the Nightblood thing. That shit never stays buried for long, especially when your species is limited to 1,500 people and your friends are about one percent of that.

  7. Maddie is going to have to choose between Clarke and Octavia… I can see them fighting for Commander …

  8. I love Madi ❤
    If she has to choose between Clarke and octavia I really hope she would choose Clarke, but with the 100 we never know, right

  9. Now Octavia, be sure to set a good role model for young nightbloods. That means no unnecessary stabbing

  10. I think that Clarke is going to help Diyoza at some point, she doesn't like the way Octavia is doing things and I think that O is the villain as much as McCreary. Madi is in danger with her and Clarke will do anything to protect her, even get Diyoza help (who is the only one that have a cold head, O is cruel and passionate, too much, and McCreary is a fool dangerous idiot, while Diyoza is trying to made her people survive, like Clarke). I can't wait to see the things happens 0.0 And yes, i hate Octavia this season, this is no the badass octavia, is cruel and selfish… even Indra seem to not like that Octavia, that blodreina.

  11. Up untill the last season Octavia was so fucking badass in this season she's just fucking stupid, she's till badass in battle field but she got too cocky and fucking stupid she doesn't think at all

  12. The actors have done so good not acting like teenagers anymore, like I really feel like I haven't seen them in six years. And Madi is so adorable, protect her at all costs.

  13. That was sweet and awesome.. I love how Octavia took the time to tell her “from the ashes we will rise” and even gave her an arm hug😍😂


    she’s lying so octavia won’t know she’s a true nightblood, but let’s just watch gaia come and mess it all up

  15. I'm really looking forward to seeing Madi next episode her story seems to be going in a really interesting direction

  16. I used to hate Octavia and I do mean hate 😬 she was a pain in the ass to me basically a brat but this season I love her she's badass and Unapologetic, hardcore, cold, strong she's matured believe it or not and she's broken but I love it (she actually has a storyline this season guys she's not just Bellamy's bratty little sister) the trailer says the theme for this season is there are NO GOOD GUYS JUST SURVIVORS 😎 and the show so far has stayed true to that everybody this season has their own story nobody's innocent ( except for Bellamy and his crew but they were in a "safe space" for the last 6 years pretty comfortable if you ask me😌) so I'd like to see anybody go through what she's gone through the last 6 years and still come back out a Saint🤣 if that means I'm making excuses for her I guess I am I can't be mad😆…for now☺( and here come the hate comments🙄 but f*** it it's a tv show😜) now for Echo……..( trying to find a reason for her character to exist besides being Bellamy's girlfriend 🤔 any ideas?😅 serious question😑) I don't hate echo I just really don't care 😒

  17. I found it interesting that O kept Clarke as her personal Doctor over Jackson. I also think she knew Clarke was not telling the truth, but let it slide for some reason. This scene also reminded me of how all other grounder leaders kept Clarke at their side.

    We also know that Octavia sees that Clarke made her a hero to the young Nightblood so that might effect how she views Clarke now. Plus, O probably knows Clarke is truly just protecting the child.

  18. Clarke lying about Madi being a true nightblood really shows how much trust she has lost in Octavia and how she thinks ( and most likely right) that Octavia would be willing to kill her or do something bad because she thinks she may challenge her reign which i doubt highly because i dont think Octavia is Ontari level of madness

  19. I'm sure Blodreina knows Clarke is lying about Madi being a synthetic Nightblood. She knows Gaia will try to take her from Clarke and raise her as a Flamekeeper would. She does know or find out soon, in the season 5 trailer, I saw Blodreina tell Madi she "knows what it's like being the girl under the floor". Madi will remind Octavia of her childhood. I just wish Clarke wouldn't have lied. Everyone knows Praimfiya killed everything and everyone in it's path. There's no way Clarke could've found Madi, got her to the messed up lab and saved her in time, or there would've been other saveable people out there too.

  20. I do not know … but this season look…as that very dark !, and it seems to me that Clarke will be the "architect" of his misfortune, having deified Octavia in the eyes of Maddie,the has put "as a lamb for the slaughterhouse"; at the moment that Octavia wants to get rid of Maddie, is innocently blinded by her mother's own words, will go like a lamb to her, that will put in contexts what Bob Marrley said (Bellamy)in an interview forum, about "That even we have not yet seen the worst of Octavia" What worse than taking advantage of the worship of an innocent person towards you, to… hurt him ?; I think Clarke is going to be Commander like so many of us we have waited , but not of a good way, but for the force! will Kill Octavia, in revenge andlater kill Gaia and take the flame, and will become COMMANDER!!!, although that way it will be very sad …

  21. Is it only me that doesn't like the new Octavia as much as I liked the old one. I mean she just so heartless, and I thought her heart and her caring about others was what made such a good character and trying to balance that out with becoming a warrior.

  22. Is it only me that doesn't like the new Octavia as much as I liked the old one. I mean she just so heartless, and I thought her heart and her caring about others was what made such a good character and trying to balance that out with becoming a warrior.

  23. I totally agree with Clarke for lying about Madi being a true nightblood. She doesn’t know how Octavia will react to the news and doesn’t want to risk it. Madi is Clarke’s daughter and the only person she had for 6 years, so if something were to happen to her Clarke would blame herself & would be revenge hungry. I could be wrong and just made this up, but I swear I heard somewhere that Jason said Madi will survive this season, so that’s a plus!!

  24. Yeah everybody is a villain on this show. Octavia executed less people than Clarke killed or tried to killed in order to save her people but I think this game is never gonna be fair so can we just stop. This is exactly what this show is about everyone is trying to save their people in order to survive and I think O has done it pretty good. We can argue who is the bad guys here but I think we all can look at the bigger picture and that is the fact that Clarke and Madi are alive, space crew is alive, 2/3 people from bunker are alive what for me is really good number and new prisoners are reminding at some point the 100 in first season.

  25. I honestly don't think Octavia will be a threat to Madi when they find out she's a true nightblood, I think it'll be Gaia. She's played it smart the last 6 years, stayed close to Octavia, but she's made it clear she wants a natblida commander. No matter how ruthless Octavia is, she said it herself.. Her blood is red, and it always will be.

  26. this preview has got me SO EXCITEDDDDDDDD I'm so eager to see mama!Clarke and fangirl!Madi!! 😀

  27. I think Octavia is worried if Madi is a born nightblood that her people will see her as a possible commander since Octavia barley got accepted as a commander because she's isn't a nightblood!

  28. It would be in Octavia’s best interest to protect Maddi, and if she had any heart left, she would do it to help Clarke

  29. Oooooo I think Clarke is jealous of Octavia because Madi is looking up to Octavia and not her OOOOOoooooOOOO!!!!

  30. When Clarke injected herself with nightblood there was one extra syringe with nightblood left. What happened to it? Did Roan might take it?

  31. I love ALL of the characters, and I understand that we’re definitely gonna have conflict in terms of all the new alliances that have been formed and different objectives of all the characters. But damn! I cannot wait until they all truly reunite as one. The same goal and the same intentions, especially with the character growth of all of them. I mean think about it, Clarke seems to have compressed the Wanheda in her, Octavia is even more badass, Bellamy turned into a rational dude and raven, well she’s still Raven Reyes! When they all find their loyalty again, I feel sorry for whoever’s gonna stand in their way.

  32. I really hope some point in this season Clark has the line 'stay away from my daughter' maybe not to Octavia I just think it would be really cute

  33. I. LOOOVE. MADI!!! I really hope she makes Octavia come into the light a bit more this season too.

  34. Who the hell is Octavia's possible advisor or second in command because I haven't heard her name and I'm seriously hating her since she seems to be happily aiding in Octavia's mental decline

  35. I am scared for Madi with THIS Octavia now.. I don't trust her anymore.. But I still hope that in a joined force (Bell, Madi, Clarke, Kane, Niylahs moral compass side) they can make Octavia 'see the light' again this season.. (you saw SOMETHING in her eyes/face at certain points in this episode, Marie is really good at that (Jess too btw. Heck they all are XD), that gave me slight hope again.. But I'm still scared of her and not fully convinced at all but at first I really started to lose hope and now I got a TINY bit back..) She needs an intervention still. though..

    Talking Jess/Niylah, I was super happy to see her in this episode and that she is alive (still am). LOVED that. However.. I both like and dislike this 'new' Niylah. It is hard to explain.. I was sad, hurt and even a bit dissapointed that she was willing to betray Clarke in this situation due to her not being the same character I love dearly in past seasons.. Then again what 'caused' this shift is also one trait I love and value in her, her loyalty. Those loyalties are shifted now but non the less, that trait is still there. Also, she genuinly felt sorry to need to betray Clarke. Also another trait I love about her, her compassion. Her core traits are still there, her moral compass too but it is partly 'clouded' by this loyalty to a cold leader. That's why I won't give up on her yet, I refuse. I really hope that now that the whole 'true nightblood' thing is out towards Octavia, that she becomes closer to the character I have loved up till now, this underrated character and COMPLEX character. I don't know whether that's gonna happen yet but I still have hope so to speak.. Too bad she mostly doesnlt have much screen time for mor character development.. I REALLY hope to see more of her in this season..

    Did my explanation make sense a bit?^^; xD

  36. I just hope that madi knows about Clarke's life and how they called them 'The Wanheda' I mean it's Clarke! She doesn't talk about herself. Maybe madi didn't know about her and the only stories that she told was about only about her friends and so there is, madi being fangirling. I want her to looked up more to Clarke than anyone else!

  37. And maybe madi will become Octavia's second and I hope she won't betray Clarke. I hope that she still choose Clarke over Octavia.

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