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Tennis Elbow Cortisone Injection | Auburn Medical Group

hey dad thanks for joining us Tom comes in because his lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow has been acting up and we’re going to look like give another injection for sorry LOL it’s all right now so I’m not going to do the test like we did before but the classic tests i’m pushing right here on this prominence what you’re resisting pressure here and that really brings it out he says that uses this muscle the extensors of though the risks here to do this attached back here to the lateral epicondyle of the elbow and that tendon if the the conservative treatment of course is just putting a band around right about here way down from where the problem is because we don’t want to pressure on that bone for pressure on the muscle that helps to allow your risk to select because muscle contracts here and pull the wrist up without pulling on it anchor point here if we put one of those tennis elbow bands on but they don’t always solve it we do things like this party rios we told old yes frost just getting started all right right here right yeah all right we’re going to put the medicine right over the bone their first the anesthetic you can see it filled up the skin you okay yeah yeah and I’m going to show hopefully after we’re done you’ll be able to show why it was that we use two syringes not all the doctors do is your doctor going doesn’t do this but we do have a reason for it and it’s usually not necessary and usually probably doesn’t make a difference oh look at that even with putting in the the the medicine through the needle the anesthetic we still got some cortisone coming through that track my hurt you no no I’ll now right yeah what we have is a discoloration of the skin from the cortisone that is why i do that two-step technique trying to avoid having the corazón get into the skin where it can cause discoloration so there there is a reason to do it so it within a Oh probably six hours or sold and said well we’re often and you will be sword against sword and kicks in the following days 22 week hey thanks for joining us it’s nice to have Tom come back and show us a complication of previous procedures dad thanks for showing what I did wrong thanks appreciate that if you like these videos please subscribe and hit the bell icon get notifications until next time talk we’ll always some people actually come back thank you for vitality you stay and good

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