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Talking Tom and Friends – Angela’s Heckler (Season 1 Episode 20)

Aw, yeah! It’s holly jolly time, y’all! Who’s
ready for the big Christmas concert? Well, that’s later… But right now,
let’s get some dress-rehearsal-style applause for Angela! Thank you! Thank you! Alright, guys. Here’s a Christmas song
my grandmother used to sing to me when I was a little girl. Now there’s just one
thing I want for Christmas. Here’s some things I like
about Christmas… presents! True that! Mistletoe! Uh-huh! Candy canes! Canes of candy! But you know what
I hate about Christmas? What’s that? Reindeer! Reindeer? Reindeer! Stomping on my roof! Stomping on my roof! Eating all my carrots!
Pooping on my snowman! Filthy, nasty reindeer! Get off the stage! Oh no! Why? Is there a fire? Your singing stinks as bad as your feet! A heckler?! In my club? You better show yourself
before I throw yourself. Sorry, Angela, I feel terrible about this! Then why are you doing the worm? Worms can feel terrible. Angela, why are you so
upset? It was just a heckler. No, Tom, it was more than that. Much more. It brought me back
to another time I was heckled… Filthy, nasty reindeer! Pooping on my snowman!
Pooping on my snowman! Get off the stage! Your singing stinks as bad as your feet! Who would do that? Who
would heckle a sweet, little girl singing a nice song about Christmas? Well, all the doors were locked,
we’re the only ones here. And I was on stage, so
you know it wasn’t me. So… So that means the heckler is… one of you! Oh! That’s my new ringtone. I for one, am shocked and appalled
that someone would heckle Angela. Well, you shouldn’t be,
considering the heckler is… you. Oops. Sorry. A simple Internet search of “Tom”
and “heckler” shows that you, Tom, received not one, not two, but three
after-school detentions for heckling. And one of them was
at a Christmas concert! Tom, you heckled? How could you? That was a different time! I was
young and desperate for attention. I never stopped talking.
I was a real blabbermouth. Couldn’t shut me up! I would just
go on and on and on and on. Tom! The point is, that was a different
me. Okay? I would never heckle Angela. I wish I could believe you. You can! Angela, wait! I have to find the real
heckler and clear my name! Luckily, I know everything there is
to know about solving mysteries, thanks to my favorite show, “Professor
Bloodhound and Constable Larry.” You know, that show where the characters
spout British cliches to try to sound smart. Indubitably, old chap! Without having done any actual
detective work besides wearing this hat, which I fancy, I can conclude, with some
degree of certainty, that the heckler is… Ben! If that’s your real name… You have no idea
what you’re doing, do you? I’ll ask the questions here! Yes, Professor Bloodhound
will ask the questions! Ben, is it or is it not true that you
recently developed an app called… The Hecklematic?! The worm hath turned! Well, yes I did, but… And what does the app do? Well, it heckles. Ah-ha! I mean “ah-haa” (British). Crumpets! It wasn’t me! I only made that app
to train myself to deal with hecklers while I’m doing stand-up.
Look, see, okay, here. Why do magnets win beauty pageants?
Because they’re so… attractive! Boo! Your comedy is terrible! Boo!
Get a real job! You’re awful! Ginger… that was a heckle! Oops! What? Oh, you think I’m the one
who heckled Angela? Well, you do enjoy heckling. Right, Inspector Bloodhound-Tom? Ginger, of course! It’s so obvious, it hurts! It wasn’t me! I’ll prove it to you. Hank, let me ask you
something: you sleepwalk, right? Sure, every night. And while sleepwalking, you scream
at anyone who crosses your path… Of course… And what was your favorite
part of Angela’s performance? I don’t know. I fell asleep. Oh, crumpets. Ah! This is ridiculous. Tom, your
investigation hasn’t proven anything. And you’re the only one who’s
ever heckled at a Christmas show. So as far as I’m concerned, you’re guilty. Please, Angela, you’ve got to
believe me! I’d never heckle you! Guilty! Angela’s honestly like the single
most amazing person I’ve ever met… If she think’s I’m the heckler, she’ll never fall You think I’m in love
with Angela? Oh, come on! Okay, righto… Ah… Look, I know
we’re stumped, but I promise, we’re going to find
this heckler… somehow. Hey, whenever Professor
Bloodhound’s stumped, he and Constable Larry always do two
things: have a spot of tea and then return to the scene of the crime… Oh, that’s dreadfully good! As a servant of the Crown, I
demand to see the security footage from Angela’s rehearsal! Aw, yeah! Follow me! Uh-huh. Zoom in there, if you please! Zoom that in. Enhance! Make it so. Ah-ha! Hank, I’ve got a feeling
I know who our heckler is… Jolly good work, Inspector! Boo-ya! Look at him! He’s doing the running bloke. Yeah. I have a different
dance for every mood! Right now I’m surprised
and kinda hungry! I’ve gathered you all here
at the scene of the crime, so that I can reveal not only
who heckled Angela tonight, but who heckled her way back when
in kindergarten… because you see the two hecklers in question
are in fact one and the same. Oops, sorry, I’ll put it on vibrate. And these bikkies, which I believe
you call cookies will prove it! Wait! Who’s that?! Hold it right there! Okey-dokey. Ah-ha! I knew it! Ladies and gentlemen,
may I present to you… your heckler! Santa?! Ho-ho-ho-ho. Guilty as charged. I knew it. I mean like
I didn’t know it but I like knew it. What?! Santa, why would you heckle Angela? Have you ever really listened to
the lyrics in her Christmas song? Filthy nasty reindeer pooping
on my snowman, pooping on my… Okay, I guess, you know maybe
out of context, those lyrics could sound a bit anti-reindeer. I’m sorry. Wait, Tom. How did you know it was Santa? Well, think about it. All the doors
were locked, which means the heckler had to find another way
into the club, like a chimney. Oh! There’s a chimney right there! Right. Stay with me, buddy. But what about the robot voice? You mean this voice? Ho-ho! Just a gadget that
the elves made for me. I’m sorry I heckled you, Angela. The important thing here is that
we solved the mystery and now we know for sure that
I’d never-ever-ever-ever do anything to hurt Angela’s feelings. Ever… Good. Now do you think you
can still play the Christmas concert? Let me tell you about the
dopest Christmas I ever had! Getting heckled by Claus, So… it’s Christmas Eve, bro.
You going to tell her how you feel? Whaaat? I mean, I think she’s,
uh, super swell and an upstanding citizen, but- Tom, I’m Santa Claus. I know when you’re sleeping,
I know when you’re awake, and I know when you’re lying. No… eh, no. No. Oh hey Angela, hi! I’m so psyched I can perform again!
And it’s all thanks to you, Tom. I got you a little something. You did? You didn’t have to do that. And I think it really sums up how
much you mean to me… Oh, gotta go. Oh! “Just Friends Forever…” Huh. Well, the “just” part
seems a bit unnecessary… Get some of that funky you, yo! Reindeer stomping on my roof, stomping
on my roof, eating all my carrots pooping on my snowman,
pooping on my snowman. Filthy nasty reindeer
pooping on my snowman.

100 thoughts on “Talking Tom and Friends – Angela’s Heckler (Season 1 Episode 20)

  1. WOW! I really loved it at the end where Angela performed her real Christmas song that was soo super amazing!🎅🏻🎄🤶🏻☃️❄️

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  3. omg at the end what the hell was ben doing like what type of dance is that i was laughing so hard i fell off bed/chair and rolled over the floor,when i saw santa i was laughing so hard again i was crying hard and i cant stop laughing xD

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  6. Pooping On My Snowman Filthy Nasty Reindeer Get Off The Stage Your Singing Stinks As Bad As Your Feet Filthy Nasty Reindeer Pooping On My Snowman Pooping On My Snowman Get Off The Stage Your Singing Stinks As Bad As Your Feet

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