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Taking Over-the-Counter Painkillers

Over-the-counter painkillers doctor
anti-inflammatories yes, no, maybe, depends on the situation? Yes, for sure
well the answer is depends on the situation everyone is different
everybody is different every bone is different every injury is different
anti-inflammatory medication is a very important it’s a very important factor
and it has very good benefits in people there is usually and one of the things
that’s really becoming a hot topic in medicine in general not just orthopedics
is combinations of drugs combinations of treatments not just drugs elevation and
ice in combination with an anti-inflammatory can have a much better
effect than taking a bunch of anti-inflammatories and not doing any of
the other things or even the combination of two different medications that are
much safer medications than a big opioid or a big narcotic to take away your pain
too much much much less strong medications but when they work together
they have a much greater effect. So glad you mentioned the ice don’t
underestimate ice— It’s incredible— It is and some people just say no it really
can— It works it works ice and the other thing actually believe it or not
people forget elevation I tell patients all the time don’t underestimate how
much better you can get with 30 minutes of putting your foot up or 20 minutes of
putting your hand up above the level of your heart that will have a greater
effect than any pill you can take at this moment.

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