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“Sweat More In Training, Bleed Less In War” – Study Motivation

the way you begin each day sets up the
way you live each day I mean the Spartan warriors set it so well sweat more and
training bleed lessen war and if you want to be literally undefeatable in
business literally unstoppable in life you really want to dial in your morning
routine and so you want to do things like starting the day sweating because
that releases BDNF brain-derived neurotrophic factor that repairs brain
cells from stress you want to sweat because that’s going to increase your
metabolic rate which is going to give you energy and we live in a world where
energy is even more valuable than intelligence you want to in your morning
routine take the time to write in a journal so you actually can detect your
values reconnect with your goals each day get to know yourself even more
because awareness is the beginning of transformation and you want to get your
morning routine right so you take some time at the front end of your day to
learn because as you learn more you know you’re gonna achieve more and as you
understand better you can achieve larger as a basic principle the determination
to achieve excellence in your various fields of endeavor you’re gonna be
deciding as the days and the years unfold what you will do in life what
your life’s work will be and once you discover what it will be set out to do
it and to do it well if it falls you’ll love to be a street sweeper
sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures sweep streets like Beethoven
from Paul’s music sweep streets like Liam teen pricings before the myths of
Metropolitan Opera and sweep streets like shakespeare
poetry sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will have
to pause and say here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well if you can’t be applied on the top of
the heel beer scrub in the valley but be the best little scrub on the side of the
real be a bush if you can’t be a tree if you can’t be a highway just be a trail
if you can’t be the Sun be a star for it isn’t my size that you win are you fail
be the best of whatever you are you know I didn’t have as many personal
relationships as I probably would have liked you know I put personal
relationships aside you know I had girlfriends where it was like me or your
business and I you know I was like what was your name again you know you think I’m kidding so it probably
took things to an extreme but yeah I gave up on personal relationships in a
big respect because I really was on a mission and once I once I realized I was
good so when I sold my first company I bought a lifetime pass on American
Airlines and my goal was just a party with like a rockstar in as many
countries with as many people as I possibly could then I went back and got
involved in the streaming business and I remember sitting there and telling you
know we had probably 10 employees and look the streaming thing I think is
gonna be really big and so we really have to focus and there’s gonna be some
sacrifices and if you’re willing to make those sacrifices let’s go and if you’re
not I understand you know you make your own decisions and I was willing to make
those sacrifices and you know it all turned out great in the long run but
during that time wasn’t always wasn’t always easy and wasn’t always yeah it
was tough sometimes I asked everybody to not think in two to three-year
timeframes but to think in five to seven-year timeframes to not think about
when somebody says to me congratulate Sam azan on a good quarter which is a
very common thing to say you meet somebody they’re being nice they looked
at your financial results for the quarters of a good quarter I say thank
you but what I’m thinking to myself is that quarter all that those quarterly
results were actually pretty much fully baked about three years ago and so like
today I’m working on you know a quarter that is going to happen in 2020 not next
quarter next quarter for all practical purposes is done already and it’s
probably been done for a couple of years and so if you start to think that way it
changes how you spend your time how you plan where you put your energy and and
your ability look around corners gets better so many things improve if you can
take a long term by the way it’s not natural for humans so it’s a it’s a
discipline that you have to build the kind of you know get rich slowly schemes
are not big sellers on infomercials you know it’s and so that’s something that
you have to sort of steel yourself for discipline and teach over time firstly
can you tell us are you authenticating to have an experience in life of being
successful I don’t think that success is like a lot of people believe it is and a
trendy really successful person I think that everybody’s always struggling and
what happens is you know you just struggle at a higher level it’s like
learning how to ski or play some sport and you’re just kind of doing this
higher thing but it doesn’t feel like that it just feels like I’m struggling
and I think it’s and and it and it’s a good feeling I the way I think of it is
I’ve always thought that it’s like in order to be successful in life you have
to cross a jungle or you can stay on the other side of the jungle and not cross
the jungle but if you choose to cross the jungle the jungle has all sorts of
things that can do your harm and bite you and everything along those lines and
so the West best way to do that is to go into that with people who can see things
differently and watch themselves and struggle to make it to the other side
and then what I’ve discovered along the way is that it’s always a struggle and I
enjoy being in the jungle I don’t want to get to the other side I don’t want to
get out so that’s what it feels like to make an entrepreneur is someone who
thinks differently someone who recognizes and understands opportunity
but combines that recognition of opportunity with solutions and then in
the end it’s all about curiosity I’ve never met an entrepreneur who was
successful who wasn’t extraord gnarlie curious I’m just not patient
there’s no place for patience in business you know patience in life means
things happen slower than they could so if you’re gonna be on this planet for 70
years and things happen slower than they should at the end of 70 years you’re
gonna have less aren’t you less experiences less time less money
less of everything so let’s all hurry up man and get more out of life that’s my
view so patience is not mi crazy we all wake up the same every day we both wake
up and things don’t go the way we’re like there’s not just the university
when you’re younger but there’s also the day-to-day realities like do you run a
business and I run a business and you know this this you have a problem with
your accounting software and then you are having problems with with Skype this
morning right like there’s also those minor situations and how you choose to
deal with them determines whether you’re gonna have a good day or a bad day just
in the same way that other situations determine whether you’re gonna have a
good life or a bad life and how you choose to respond like if you if you
know Skype wasn’t working and if you said like if you got mad you know if you
decided that this was horrible if you got really frustrated
it might not only would that mess with your attitude but then it doesn’t help
you with the situation that you then have to deal with which is them okay how
am I gonna find a solution and how am I gonna do this interview and how am I
gonna get the best out of it like I’m giving a talk right let’s say I’m giving
a talking from an audience I don’t control the audience I don’t control you
know with the weather I don’t control any of these things but I do control
what I bring to that situation so I want to focus the entirety of my energy on
doing the best possible job and salvaging the most out of gear a
specific productivity of pieces or anything that is like really added
your life you know I’m one of those guys who like toys around with different
productivity systems and what’s frustrating I know it’s not like one
system is better than the other system at our stick you with it so one thing
that I found that helps me a lot is just planning out my week
I’m sitting down Sunday is usually a good day for that looking at the week
ahead planning out the big important things the things that you know are
non-negotiable non-negotiable and scheduling those out and it’s scheduling
around everything else around those big big box yes that’s one of the things
that’s helped me out a lot and then also everyday just reviewing your calendar
and your to-do list you know at the end of the day see what you got done and see
what needs to be done the next that’s helped out a lot

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