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Super-Sized Model: Hubby Loves My Eight Foot Belly

GAYLA: I have been told that it is a perfect belly. COMM: They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… GAYLA: Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey. COMM: But housewife Gayla Neufeld has managed to do the opposite – by using her 8ft titanic
tummy to find love. LANCE: She already had a big belly and that was just the bonus on top of all her other
beauty. COMM: And her portly paunch has lead to a successful online modelling career. GAYLA: Softest belly this side of the Mississippi. GAYLA: When I was younger I wasn’t proud to be fat, but I didn’t know that you shouldn’t
be fat, I mean I was fat, my mum was fat and my favourite sister was fat. GAYLA: As I grew up going to school was the hardest thing. My family didn’t bully
me so much, as did the kids at school, I would walk by and they would do “boom, boom, boom,
boom” with every step I took or you know fatty, fatty, two by four, couldn’t get through
the bathroom door. COMM: Despite getting stick for her size, Gayla managed to turn her curves into a career. GAYLA: I have been modelling for 3 years as an SSBBW model. Basically what SSBBW means
is BBW is a Big Beautiful Woman and SSBBW is kind of like a happy meal or a value meal
at McDonalds or whatever, you supersize it. And so that is what I am, I am a Super Size
Big Beautiful Woman, they are usually over 400 pounds. GAYLA: I actually have a great following of men who really like my belly. GAYLA: I have had doctors, lawyers, bodybuilders which really amazed me because there were
lots of body builders. I have had just all over, men from all over the world that’s
what made me actually fall in love with who I truly was. And it was life changing for me. COMM: Despite having her pick of the fans, it was truck driver Lance Neufeld who captured
her heart. They met on the internet in 1999 and soon went on their first date. LANCE: The first time I ever saw her was when I drove into the truck stop and parked and she
came to pick me up in Odessa. To take me out for supper and she knocked me over
with all her beauty. GAYLA: When I pulled up I was like “oh my god, he is so cute, so cute” and he got
in the car and he said “your pictures online do you no justice” and I was like aww that’s
so sweet and I just blushed. COMM: Although it’s a big plus for Lance, Gayla admits that her 96-inch waist brings
its fair share of problems. GAYLA: Having a big belly it makes it really hard to find clothes that fit. It makes it
harder to drive – my steering wheel is imbedded in my belly to some extent. I have to have
seat belt extenders for my vehicles. My knees haven’t met in years, they’re complete strangers! *Laughs* GAYLA: There are trouser tribulations that come with it so I consider it my handicap.
I do have arthritis of the knees, I’ve taken many falls over the years COMM: But there’s one place Gayla’s immense size isn’t causing problems – the bedroom. LANCE: No not really. The only thing we miss is she would used to do it
on top and she can’t do that anymore, that’s about the only thing in our sex life that
has been different, but most of the other stuff is just as good as ever. COMM: Despite the problems, Gayla has finally been able to embrace her waist. GAYLA: I allowed the world to dictate to me what I was supposed to look like and who I
was supposed to be. And by taking a body positive image I have empowered myself to be who I
am and to enjoy my life. GAYLA: If you can’t love your body for who and what you are, then you can’t expect anybody
else to love your body for who and what you are.

100 thoughts on “Super-Sized Model: Hubby Loves My Eight Foot Belly

  1. That would just be uncomfortable to carry around to me shoot I wish I could sit my boobs on the dresser every night 😂😂

  2. It's amazing how everyone carries weight differently. She doesn't have large legs, arms or hips, but carries it all in the tummy. Good on her for loving herself as she is. #bodypositivity

  3. Im sorry being big is not beautiful nor is it healthy,people need to stop encouraging their partners to look like this because"its beautiful"its not

  4. I don’t care about what anyone looks like, but this is like watching a drunk or a heroin addict saying they model Vodka or model with needle sticking out of their arm cause it’s “beautiful. She’s a food addict, period. I’m happy she’s not upset about her looks, but she’s killing herself with food, she’s unhealthy and advocating for extremely over weight women is sending a message that her addiction isn’t a big deal. She’ll be bed ridden one day, become diabetic, end up with sleep apnea and breathing issues among a host of other issues. Finally, what does this cost the insurance company to keep her alive? It’s crazy.

  5. Probably have to use a crane, to have sex, this will catch up to her one day, she is a a nice lady though 🥦🍑🍓🍈🤔🍎

  6. When your partner is willing to do something that isn’t good for you BECAUSE THEY LIKE IT….you need to leave. This man doesn’t really love her. If he did, he would do what was best for her health.

  7. Everybody hey as what they called beautiful or being attractive I see a lot of men do like her being big beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  8. ive been doing it all wrong. instead of feeling like an ugly disgusting fat monster..i should just embrace it and become the hot air balloon genetics always wanted me to be!

  9. "My knees haven't met in years, they are complete strangers" 😂 😂 😂 omg she is so funny. She seems like such a sweet person !!

  10. She's disgusting typical housewive and loser husband. It seems like anyone can be a model these days. Stop stuffing your face🤮

  11. This isn't body positive it's just ruining your body making it work harder to keep yourself alive… I'm all about being positive but I see no beauty in this; I feel bad for you, you shouldn't have done this to yourself. My bones are literally deteriorating on them self… Do you know what I'd give to have a chance at a normal body? While someone like you was gifted with a normal body and you just go and waste yours?!!?!?! That's disgusting to me.

  12. Why is it hard to understand that fatness is bad for your health is death threatening . If your overweight you need to lose weight for you not for people

  13. I hope she never stops loving herself. I do hope that she decides to make more healthy choices for herself, because she deserves to lose the weight if she does decide she wants to one day. Body positivity can be, and is generally a great thing, it's better than self hate; but at the same time, I think we have to be self critical to an extent if we ever want to be better. If she's found true happiness where she is, she can keep going on that way if she wants to, and I'm happy for her – but I can't help but to think that she'd be happier in the long run if she had the resources necessary for treatment. As a bigger woman, she faces a mountain of challenges every day, and I feel for that. I wish people were nicer, especially here. But like I said, I hope she changes her mind about where her true happiness lies, and realizes her full potential. I don't know her personally, but I'm writing this out of just genuine concern, and I don't mean any offense to her or anyone who's bigger.

  14. There are two things, being fat but healthy and being fat and unhealthy. I mean it's alright to be fat, but what I mean it's that as long as it is healthy.

  15. She is deceiving herself with what she claimed to be a positive image of herself. She is in such a sorrowful stage that she didn’t even know she needs help. She is being destroyed..

  16. All I can do is shake my head . You are a beautiful person. I just just worry about your health. It's great that you have found love. You seem happy. I wish you a wonderful life.🤗

  17. i don't understand how this could be offensive to anybody. all i see are two very happy people who are very happy together. he loves her, she loves him, and she loves herself. they are such a cute couple and i wish them the best! <3

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