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Sundance 2019. #12 Midnight Session/Sessão da Meia Noite – Wounds [w/ English Subtitles]

Hello, Conexão Sundance
followers, Razão de Aspecto, CinemAção, getro.com.br, Wanna
Be Nerd and Correio Braziliense. We’re for another midnight movie: Wounds, by
Babak Anvari. Get ready to cause irreversible damage to your soul, because
the midnight session begins now. Wounds is directed by Babak Anvari. It’s
not necessarily obvious to the audience to know who Babak Anvari is. His
first movie is called Under the Shadows, available on Netlix.
It was produced in Persian, he has Persian ascendence, but was raised in
the UK. His new movie was produced in English, it takes place in New Orleans and is based on
a tale. Wounds has some very unique features. Firstly, the star is Armie Hammer, from
Call Me By Your Name. You may be wondering: Is Armie Hammer starring a horror movie? That’s
exactly what it is and I believe that’s what makes the movie outstanding, especially because
he plays a handsome and shallow character that ends up in a descent of entering a dark world, until
the movie ending, which I’ll not tell what it is, but I can tell that… our heads. The movie’s
premise is very interesting. He’s a bartender. One day a group of young people forgets a
cellphone, he keeps the phone and he unlocks the phone to find out who it belonged to and
sees some murder pictures and stuff that seems like satanic rituals and they begin exchanging
messages with him. He doesn’t quite understand what’s happening and doesn’t believe it at first.
From that point, he goes into a descent of seeing and feeling things, as well as having hallucinations
and going into a descent process until the end. The movie is also starred by Dakota Johnson and
Zazie Beetz. It’s a very impressive movie. I’m not a person who’s easily impressed with
supernatural horror movies, like I was impressed with Hereditary last year, for example, which doesn’t
happen very often. But this movie is really good has some very scary sequences. On the other
side, it’s not a movie that you’ll watch expecting jump scares and explanations in the end.
It’s a movie that’s an experience and you have the same questions as the main character
regarding what’s happening and you get as scared as him and that’s what matters. It’s
a very disturbing movie, I can tell you that. However, since this movie did not have the
surprise effect the first one had, I think it’s a bit inferior to Under the Shadow, so I’ll
give it 4,5/5. But Babak Anvari is becoming a great horror director. During Q&As, he said
he didn’t want to make a second horror movie, he thought he had already made a genre movie,
etc, but then he got this book and enjoyed it. On the way out, I managed to talk to him, not to
interview him, but I did take a picture with him. I told him: ‘Look, keep on making horror movies,
please! For God’s sake, do make a third horror movie, because you’re the most promising guy
in this genre, along with Ari Aster. So, that’s it. 4,5/5 for Wounds.

One thought on “Sundance 2019. #12 Midnight Session/Sessão da Meia Noite – Wounds [w/ English Subtitles]

  1. Eu adorei esse filme. Ainda mais pela sensação Lynchana que muita coisa me passou. Até a própria interpretação que já consegui tirar me foi satisfatória. No entanto, confesso que já era de esperar que o grande público não fosse gostar. Mas fico embasbacado com a quantidade de ódio que o filme tem recebido. Bem parecido com o efeito Eraserhead 😆

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