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Suffering from a Leaky Aura? You’re in Luck! | The Nib | Topic

Hi, I’m Gwyneth Paltrow. Stressed out by the internet? Are you suffering from strange
symptoms that you just can’t
explain? Such as: Leaky aura? Meme imbalance? Hashtag neurosis and nano
fatigue? You could be suffering from
CRISIS SYNDROME or, DICS. Conventional doctors don’t
believe in DICS. I suffered for years until
I was diagnosed by a wellness
blogger with a specialty in
mindfulness! That’s why I developed the
Digital Detox System Guaranteed to cure
your DICS by cleansing the virtual
toxins out of your devices. Simply apply the Digital Detox
Serum to your devices up to 10
times daily to remove pesky digital
worms, toxic DMs and spam e-mails. Order today and we’ll
throw in a free revolutionary new DICS
suppository, just gently inserted into
your device’s USB yoni
every night to strengthen your
motherboard’s pelvic floor. Call now for incredilbe low
price of just $19.99! I feel so cleansed! Try the Digital
Detox System today and feel as
great as I LOOK! Fake-news-sucking
leeches sold separately

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