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Story Time: The Night With No Gas

Story time! Let’s set the scene. I’m in a smart car with my good friend Harrison. We’re driving through Nevada, the worst place
in the world to drive through. A sign says “74 miles to gas” and we still
have half a tank so we figure we’re fine! We drive what is definitely at least 90 miles
without finding a gas station. And then we come upon a place that looks a
lot like the Harbinger’s place in Cabin In The Woods. I don’t know if you’ve seen that movie but “I don’t think it knows about money” – very applicable here. So we’re looking at this gas pump that does
not appear to have worked since at least the 70s. And we’re not really sure what to do because
we are really close to empty. A white truck with a closed top pulls up. A guy gets out and he asks if we’re in the
same boat he is and we go “yup.” So we walk around this weird little former
gas station and we try to find some living human who might
be able to help us. A man in a double wide behind the weird gas
station tells us that the next gas is 34 miles away. He tells us that the pump is apparently not
working. Put a fricken’ sign on it! And he will not sell us gas in any form. So we abandon that mission and we get back
on the road and pray for something? So we follow that white truck and watch as
the gas goes from 0.8% to 0.0%. As we’re driving along, extremely stressed,
since they’re in a truck and we’re in a smart car, we figure it’s pretty likely that they’re
going to run out of gas before us. So we decide that if they pull off the road
before we do, we’re coming back for them. So we carry on, counting the miles, I’m gripping
the steering wheel in terror. Again, this is nighttime in the middle of
Nevada. Very “Hills Have Eyes.” We go 14 miles on that 0.0 gas. Both our smart car and the truck make it! We get out and we high five the dude and the
woman in the passenger seat is like “we were watching your lights the whole time, we said that if you turned off, we were gonna come back.” And we were like “we said the same thing!” We filled our gas tank and I will never drive
anywhere with less than a half a tank of gas again. So that’s my story! As a reminder, I did say that sometimes I was going to make videos that are not Uber and Lyft related. I hope this does not deter you, I think they
might still be fun for you. If you like the things I’m doing, I do have
a Patreon account. I also have a website and some other cool
stuff. Feel free to reach out to me in some of the
ways that I’ve provided in the description. Have a good day, drive safe, always fill your
gas tank, bye!

66 thoughts on “Story Time: The Night With No Gas

  1. I love your videos…I totally thought you had quit youtube. So glad you're back though.. 🙂 By the way I ve been wanting to say that I hope your eyes have healed well from the surgery.

  2. Iraq, Yemen, North Yungas Road, Bolivia, known as the “Road of Death”, Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines, Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan are much worse than Nevada.
    Near Turret Point AZ, you have to turn off your AC or your car will over heat.
    Next time take some video of your experience to accompany your narration.
    Im sure your audience would love to see it.
    Safe travels!

  3. That's funny you just made this video because I drove 3 Uber XL trips last night with less than 10% gas. LOLOLOLOL.

  4. If you’re driving in New York City it’s also smart to fill up before you go in because there aren’t many gas stations and it’s really expensive!

  5. Love your videos I got a trip to Nevada as well when I got there my app stoped because I could not work in that state kind of sucked i I thought I could but different laws

  6. Heck it's related to your main topic. Just remind yourself to fill up before you reach 1/2 tank when driving. Never know when you might get a ping for a long ride that might put you in hours of traffic. 🙂 … oh and always carry a small can of gas on long trips through the unknown Nevada desert. 😉

  7. Ya that’s why I always check my gas app (GetUpside) so I know where the nearest stations are. I never let it get below 1/4 of a tank.

  8. Ugh!!! Have too many stories like this myself including giving Uber rides. Glad your story has a happy ending 😄🔚

  9. Munckim. When I went on a roadtrip to Yellowstone. I always filled on gas when I was half a tank plus I had extra gas on the red jugs. In the trunk. Better to be safe than sorry. ⛽

  10. I've done the same thing with a tour bus loaded with people.

    By time I was able to get fuel, I was on vapors.

    All of the gas stations that night on Interstate 4, heading to DISNEY in ORLANDO were closed, didn't have DIESEL, or I couldn't easily get to them from the highway due to heavy construction that night/morning.

    I ended up finding a gas station in Orlando after I dropped my passengers off at DISNEY.

    I ended up putting approximately 700 dollars of DIESEL FUEL into my motorcoach.

    I should have filled up in GA, but I was tired from driving from VA. BEACH, with a RICHMOND VIRGINIA pick up, several long stops on the way down, and bad traffic, all eating away at my DOT HOURS OF SERVICE.

    After spending the night in GA, I underestimated how far I could get with the fuel I had.

    I enjoy your channel!


  11. it sounds like sweet millennial justice.

    more bawling in your videos is delicious. so make sure you do more of them.

  12. Funny story but little bit of advice always keep a small Jerry can of gas to keep you going if ever you run out.

  13. Other than pronouncing NV wrong and 0.0% of gas implies that the vehicle is already completely out of gas, this was fun! But to never go below half a tank… it's said that you can never be too careful, but this proves that claim as false. Just wait until ICE vehicles are illegal to be driven on the roads. Before that, dealerships will 'soon' begin selling only all electric vehicles.

  14. Loved the video great story telling I like hearing stories like that also it made me laugh when you said hills have eyes pretty funny

  15. I think i would make it a mile before my car stalled and the only thing in the desert would be poisonous snakes lol Have you considered videos about different apps you use for Uber/Lyft to make life ez er?

  16. I'm glad I didn't get to that when I did a roadtrip through the Yukon in Canada several months ago. There are some parts where you go 200 plus miles with no gas station

  17. You were so lucky !,I'm happy it was a happy ending! And i can give you an advise, when your tank is close to half,half or a little lower than half,fill it up before you go home. That way you're always ready to run any where. Pd,love your videos,i have to check it out your website,and last thing,why do you think the summer it's been so slow? I only drive pt and it's a small market (Lehigh valley,PA) and I'm making half of what i used to($) thanks,take care );^)>

  18. Could Munchkym literally be any more cute and likable? Seriously, stumbled across this channel when looking up Uber stuff and even knowing I decided not to drive I still subscribed to the channel and watch the vids because I love the positivity. Keep it up Munchkym!

  19. 1:00 duh. call AAA. That's what us old people do. They bring you gas. What a concept. Best $60 I spend each year. I bet all you millennials who drive Ubers have no clue about it.

  20. You probably already know this: you can get ad revenue from youtube after you get 4000 viewing hours and 1000 subscribers.

  21. I always fill up when I reach a 1/2 tank. to me it's common sense! I worked with a guy that would never fill his tank !! The best part of it was the company paid for FUEL !, it cost him nothing other than always worrying about running out of fuel !!!!!!! WHEN IN DOUBT, FILL IT UP !!!!!!

  22. i heard a story about an uber driver in boston running out of gas on the freeway with a rider in it 😛 your story is not nearly as bad as that and is interesting—now you should have Twitch on and streamed it!!!

  23. Hey I’m trying to use your referral code for Uber, but there requesting that I have your phone number and email. I found your email on your profile. Is it possible that I can get this from you? I’d greatly and appreciate it and not save your information nor share it with anyone! You can have my number if that makes you feel more comfortable, I’m in Florida. I love your videos and they have helped a lot!

  24. Hey i live in idaho and i was wondering if you could contact me because i have questions about driving for lyft in idaho. I also live in idaho and am having trouble adding a car to my app. Anyways hope you see this and message me back! thanks! 🙂


  25. I’m scared to Uber because I think someone might try and claim I vomited in their car or something and I can’t afford to pay $250 for that.

  26. I was coming back from Atlantic City and I was on empty on the New Jersey turnpike and it was three o'clock in the morning and the station pumps for some reason where closed until seven. They said the next station had working pumps but that was over 20 miles away and I had less then a gallon of gas and was not sure i would make it so I had to sit in my car until they opened up the pump.

  27. I've only ever gone through Nevada on I-80 and even that is fairly desolate and you have to look for the next gas exit once you get to a half tank.

  28. i was doing a drop off in the area the night of the October 1 route 91 Mandalay bay massacre im las Vegas last yr. yep shot fired, victims on my car etc… I picked up a girl involved in sex trafficking, I've had convicted felons in my car,

  29. Oh man, I know that drive :). Before we actually moved to Jerome, we used to drive up to Wendell at least twice a year to visit my grandpa. That drive along the 93 is pretty desolate. One year my dad and uncle hit a deer on that road in the middle of a snow storm (yes, to those not in the know, it does snow in Nevada – especially the Northern end of the state). The impact damaged the the radiator, so my uncle and father, who were both master mechanics and machinists, got the idea of packing snow in the radiator to get to the nearest town (which I think was Ely if I recall).

  30. #1 one I have read that when your car gets to that 0 miles on the gas, you still have about 50 or so miles left. Second and not to sound like some creepy old man I keep coming back to watch your vids cause your just so damn cute.

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