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Stop the Bleed Campaign

Stop the Bleed’s a national campaign that’s designed to take
lessons that we’ve learned on the battlefield, from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,
and now we’re bringing that back to benefit the American people, and so what we learned is that many of the lives that were
saved and that could be saved were actually saved
immediately after injury. And they were often saved
by non-medical people. Bleeding can kill someone in as little as three to five minutes, and so this is something
that a first-aid provider, someone who’s there immediately, can really intervene to save a life. People have generally not responded to bleeding emergencies,
but we have seen people responding in areas like
after the Boston bombing and we want to give
people motivation to act, and then when they do act, we want them to be able to understand the difference between life-threatening and
non life-threatening bleeding, and we want them to be able to apply pressure to stop that bleeding. Going into that work and figuring out the best evidence to guide
civilian practice on that has been really an exciting
challenge to be a part of. (upbeat music)

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