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100 thoughts on “Stop Eating Oatmeal For Breakfast! Oats Are NOT Healthy

  1. Totally agree with micronutrient and hormonal balances. Is this true, oats are gluten free and have high protein? Excess eating of this is bad, just like too much water can be toxic, but complete abstinence from this….hmmm

    Not everything we watch is true, so still not sure about this,

  2. so I googled do oats contain estrogen? this is what I got: Like seeds, whole grains contain anti-estrogen polyphenols and also phytoestrogen nutrients, so an individual's response varies. The following whole grains can be eaten in a variety of forms, including breads, pasta, and cereals: wheat. oats.

  3. Oats are healthy! This guy makes no freaking sense, what does he eat pills? he wont live long!? Oats are healthy but dont choose those with fruits inside sugar and stuff those make you fat choose classic simple oats with nothing added no flavour buy your own fruits and nuts you wont even feel the need to eat in the next 3-4 hours on me its 4-5 hours depends on body type i lost 7kg in a month without a strict diet eating oats in the morning choose nut milk like almond or coconut i just stopped eating sugar/sweets and fried food and exercise at least 30min a day not necessarily gym again it depends on your metabolism eat protein and fibre oats are quiet high in protein add nuts and fruits rich in fibre it will increase your metabolism im not soo good at english explaining but im sure you guys understand what i mean

  4. Mr. Walker, I read in an article in Google by a doctor which name I can't remember, I read that grapefruits also promote impotence and, or effeminate aspects in men. But if I not mistaken, I also heard from you recommending citrus including grapefruits, to promote your manhood. What can you tell me about that sort of contradiction? I do support your work since I do believe in it, unlike many common others. I do understand your work to be genuinely useful and real in the uncommon and exceptional aspect which it factually is. So, I encourage you. And please tell me what can you say about this contradiction with grapefruits?

  5. What a full of bullshit you are? Just go hell please! Because you have nothing to do in this world except pretending that you went to college. You are dead boring too looking like a porn star from the 80s. True.

  6. A conflicting prospective, "By eating this high fiber diet, you can reduce diabetes": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYKXNFIOfn8

  7. There's a saying that too much of a good thing is bad for you. Any other healthy food sources must be eaten in small dosages because if you don't, you will have some outrageous side effects. The thing is, men has been eating wheat and grain over 10,000 years but they wasn't pigs like America. I'm still eating oatmeal despite these claims. Just don't be a glutton, this goes for ALL diets.

  8. Totally disagree…all these studies are over dated..from 1970😅😂…this guy think he is fit because pump iron at the gym everyday…truly he is not as fit as he think…lot of stiffness and tightness in is body just by looking at the way he move.
    I have been eating organic scttish oatmeal all my life…I am 56 year old…I have no cholesterol…no estrogen level..no thyroid problem..
    I do yoga every morning.. swimming every day..and kitesurfing and surf….
    My diet is 80 percent veggies and grain…and 20% meat….
    Also I juice and fast weekly…
    So I will keep eating my oatmeal in the morning with my berries and my veggies soup ..😆😅😂
    And the red wood supplement he talk about are made with bovine gelatine cap….so not the healthy either😂

  9. Iv learned over the years that marketers do a good job making you feel inadequate just like this channel. Good channel to stay away.

  10. And you’re a doctor ? Right ?? No ? I guess it’s not worth watching 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. Do you know more than doctors and PhD's ?
    Why do you confuse people?
    Your stomach and body can't handle oatmeal.
    It doesn't apply everyone.
    Don't lie and don't tell me this garbage.
    Oatmeal is the best thing ever created.

  12. It seems that you just want to put every type of food in a bad light so you can sell your informational pack on your website.

  13. I think this video is quite excessive in what it is claiming. I have been eating overnight oats on a daily basis for 2 years now. If it has any effect on hormones then why is my period just on point always? Any hormonal imbalance throws the cycle off so…?

  14. Grains are only fit for cattle feed. All wise people know this. 🧐 🧐 🧐 I have eaten oats in the past. And, yes, they do make you feel bad. This is not just a story, it's a reality ! Wake up people ! 🥶 😳 🤪 😵

  15. Eso significa que hay que cocinarlo o ponerlo a remojo (lo mismo pasa con almendras y legumbres, por eso se tuestan y ponen a remojo,… Elimina 95% del acido fitico….)

  16. I just saw another video with researched evidence that said oatmeal is Excellent! I can see why the world is either naive or confused.

  17. So basically, you’re another carnivore who wants everyone to eat a meat only diet?!….Never gonna happen!!….😂😂😂

  18. Oatmeal can not have any food value because during it's numerous heating stages during processing, it couldn't possibly have any nutritional value. Think about it. But, it is a cheap product that the masses have been indoctrinated to believe is very good for you while the wealthy few in control eat steaks. Same type of ingrained indoctrination concerning 'democracy' and 'capitalism', both have never existed, except in the brainwashed minds of the braindead oatmeal eating masses. But, a 100% Corrupt, Inverted-Totalitarian, Police-State Government, has and does exist. HooHa!

  19. This makes literally no sense i use oatmeal for pre workout and the days i don't use them i feel way more less energetic and kinnda can't lift that day or get tired faster and then this guy comes and says BS like this

  20. Oats contain a healthy balance of fats, proteins and carbs, oats also contain a good amount of vitamin B6 that helps stop the production of estrogen…and a whole bunch of other crap that help testosterone production…. don’t know what bullshit this guy gobbled up

  21. So you ready stuff. Why don't you try eating it and figure it out for yourself.
    You're funny. You got to wake up? Lmao

  22. Oh snap, I'm eating oats as I type this…actually I just finished it all. Should I vomit it or something? I'm not encouraging bulimia, he said I shouldn't eat it…

  23. You check out people who survive with only water and oatmeal, they are stronger and well build… come on bro… If like that, white rice we should not eat.

  24. Well funny you didn't include all the other papers that talk about the benefits of starchy foods and how the oats are consumed while adding other ingredients (dairy is one) that is the problem.
    Not to mention the paper you have included on effect of Avena Sativa when combined with fluoride which is a major RED flag here does low sperm count.. surprise well I'm not it's not the oats its the fluoride.
    I would recommend you look into the massive amount of research a Dr John Mcdougall has done for decades and he's hated by many Doctors since he can basically fix many issues society has today.

  25. This son of a bitch just make this video for view dumb ass ugly ass bitch ass mother fucker don’t know shit about it just shut the fuck ain’t nobody gonna listening or take a advice from u mental

  26. This guy Christopher walker is a nut mike tyson been eating oats before he was born and he was the baddest man on the planet

  27. I am going to stick with my heart surgon and he highly recommends oats for heart health and for breakfast along with flax seeds

  28. food that is contained in plastic And plastic water bottles is bad for u too hell Even the air that we breathe because It's polluted


  30. Any man concerned about estrogen should stop drinking cows milk and eating cheese. Dairy is full of mammalian estrogen, which has much more of an effect on humans than phytoestrogens from plants. I hear guys at the gym talk about how terrible soy milk is because of estrogen. Meanwhile, the drink a half gallon of milk a day and down whey protein. Idiots.

  31. yeah we don't want more feminine qualities in men lol, gotta man up man up!! Microwaves are murder and precooked oats which is what you showed. Get educated, oats are full of minerals vitamins and cancer fighting phytonutrients

  32. I just Googled your abstract "effect of Avena Sativa (Oats) on spermatogenesis and Reproductive Health" and you're totally wrong guy.. it is said that spermatogenesis is affected by fluoride and that oat actually helps to prevent fluoride toxicity.. oh my god stop spreading false informations

  33. To not get emotional over this. Oatmeal is not a food anyone should consume unless their body is not as efficient as it could be. In fact the only reason we require to consume for example nuts and seeds is because due to inefficient nutrient absorption in the system. To people whose bodies aren't able to properly absorb fats they require high levels from nuts. We can easily get the fat we need from fruits.

    If we are talking about an all natural diet. We are frugivores. The misconception of we can eat everything is based on unhealthy bodies. Just because we are able to process something doesn't mean it is effective for our bodies. The most efficient way to live is to first eliminate all the unnecessary toxins from your fat cells and clean your colon. After that nutrient absorption becomes readily available.

    Though third world countries eating only grains due experience malnutrition. You shall not experience such noticeable negative drawbacks from oatmeal on a balanced diet it is just that your system could be cleaner. The same goes for boiling vegetables. You are destroying nutrients in the process but if you consume boiled vegetables on a daily basis you are not going to experience negative drawbacks. It is just that your life could be better if you avoided a few things, cleansed your gut. It only appears to make sense that fresh fruits, salads as in the animal kingdom are the most efficient in our bodies because all other forms destroy nutrients. FOR SOME FRUIT AND SALAD MAY NOT WORK BECAUSE OF AN UNCLEAN SYSTEM.

    The philosophy of my life – Eat whatever you want, know the consequences. If you want to go for a burger, go for a burger you are free to do whatever you wish with your body. The man is just spreading information about why oatmeal is unnecessary due to phytate which is an anti nutrient and in diets with only grains has been linked to cause malnutrition. I just checked research from nih.gov and the guy is just spreading what researches observe. And of course you are going to experience benefits from oatmeal if you consume cooked foods, junk foods and so and so forth. A bit too much of a drastic example – if you go from smoking 10 to 5 cigarettes a day you are going to be healthier.

  34. This video is pseudoscience. Here is the evidence that oats is good for you:

  35. over 2,000 years of eating Oats. Small (random) scientific evidence v huge worldwide scientific evidence. This is merely click-bait

  36. Why we should stop breathing as the pollutants in the air. Fed up of these Naysayers. I just baked my banana 🍌 and oat cookies for breakfast and I bet you I am going to eat them😊. There also plenty of studies stating oats are good for you 👍. Guys eat well, know your body and do what works for you.

  37. Why are foods that have served our ansestors as nutritious, foundational foods suddenly become unhealthy.. Plant estrogens & Human Estrogens are very different and any correlation drawn between the two is just misinformed.
    Increased estrogen levels has been clearly linked to meat consumption & has been accepted as the #1 reason that people have an imbalance in hormonal secretions.
    The effect of Phytic acid is something that the body compensates for after regular consumption (ie: 2 to 3 servings)
    Stop scaring people with misinformation .

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