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Spotting and Bleeding  During Pregnancy: When to Worry | Parents

Bleeding in pregnancy is something that you
should always talk to your doctor about. And as concerning as it can be, it’s not always
as severe a situation. First trimester bleeding is really, really common and it’s always important
to call your doctor for first trimester bleeding. If you haven’t yet had an ultrasound, then
that will be the first thing that your doctor is going to do. We need to make sure that
the pregnancy is in the right place in the uterus and not in the tubes like an ectopic
pregnancy. If you’ve already had an ultrasound and you’re bleeding, then we know it’s not
an ectopic pregnancy, but we need to make sure that the bleeding hasn’t affected the
pregnancy. And if the bleeding doesn’t persist out of the first trimester, then chances are
it’s not gonna affect the rest of the pregnancy. The second trimester, any bleeding, brown,
red blood, spotting, heavy, you really do need to call us. Different causes behind that
bleeding can be placental problems. There can be placenta previa. There can be preterm
labor. Closer to full term, there can be something called placental abruption and all these can
be potentially serious. Patients get closer to full term and they’re starting to go into
labor, it’s not uncommon to have a little spotting as the cervix is softening and priming
for labor. So sometimes that will be the first sign of labor beginning and is nothing to
worry about. Plenty of patients call with bleeding and this isn’t always a doom and
gloom situation, but the important thing is to come in for the appropriate testing and
to make sure that everything is fine at that point in time.

3 thoughts on “Spotting and Bleeding During Pregnancy: When to Worry | Parents

  1. Why is she smiling? Any women in this situation is scared straight and is looking for reassurance. Not some grinning lady talking about something that can negatively impact their pregnancy. I don't even trust what she says. If you notice bleeding go to your doctor immediately.

  2. hi! pliz help me am pregnant n I was bleeding so I went for scan n i was told am not pregnant it was complete abortion BT when I tested it was positive again piz help me am just 4 weeks.

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